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Al Mehwar on Torching of Baha’i Homes in Egypt

On the 2nd of April, the Al Mehwar TV reported on the tragic torching of Baha’i homes in the Egyptian village of Shoraniya. Originally posted by

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25 Responses to Al Mehwar on Torching of Baha’i Homes in Egypt

  • DarrickEvenson says:

    And whomsoever disbelieveth in Islam shall not have his deeds accepted by God on the Day of Resurrection; not the least thing, as befits the Truth, shall in any way be accepted.
    (Sayyid Mohammed Ali Shirazi al-Bab, a Baha’i Prophet, quoted from:: Qayyamul Asma, Surah Mulk, verse 13)

  • Bahaidefender says:

    The journaist Gamel said to the Baha’i woman on the news program:

    5:42 She is an infidel who should be killed.

    6:16 Go build a country in Israel

    6:24 You are a Zionist

    1) Khafir (Infidel) means one who disbelieves in the Prophets of God. Baha’is believe in all of them.
    2) Israel will not allow Baha’is to become citizens of Israel, but they do allow Muslims.
    3) Baha’is do not support Zionism or any nationalist movement, not even Arab nationalist movements.This is forbidden in Bahai Holy Law.

  • Bahaidefender says:

    If the Muslims of Egypt don’t want Baha’is, they should let the Baha’is leave or allow them to dwell in their own city, but they should not allow Baha’is to be murdered or when their homes are burned, to not punish the perpetrators. I doubt that even 10 Muslims convert to the Baha’i Faith in Egypt every year. Less than that do. Most Baha’is there have been born as Baha’is, and their ancestors had been Christians before and not Muslims.

  • Bahaidefender says:

    Probably 100 per cent of the Baha’is in Egypt whose homes were burned, and forced into the street, were born as Baha’is and were never Muslims. Is it ok for a Baha’i to change his religion to Islaam, or for a Christian to change his religion to Islaam, without death? Or does it apply only to Muslims? Every Baha’i is a Muslim in that they accept the Revelation of the Qur’an, but they do not believe that the Muhammad the Apostle of God was the final Messenger. Baha’is are Ghulat Muslims.

  • miahba2a says:

    What a liar that Gamal is!

    He did say it verbatim “she’s someone who should be killed.” He first said it indirectly “whoever changes his religion should be killed” then said it directly “she’s someone who should be killed”

    Search for a video titled “Legislation of killing Bahais in Egypt by a Journalist” or replace the part of the URL with


    at 5:42 of that video. Rewind a little bit, and watch him say it in different ways.

    I can’t believe he’s denying it. Lying liar.

  • jigglyfidda125 says:

    I feel sorry for the Bahais of Iran. Although its an abrahamic religion its the most peaceful one.

  • PeterJDeer says:

    - You’re right, “All terrorists have been Muslim” except for Timothy MacVeigh, Gavrillo Princip, Army of God, dozens of Irish protestant and catholic groups, the Ku Klux Klan, the Informal Anarchist Federation, Ted Kaczynski, Baruch Goldstein, Hutaree, the western anti-abortion terrorist movements, and hundreds others far too numerous to mention.

    Really, the notion that “all terrrorists are Muslims” is as ridiculous as “all criminals are black”. It’s just a baseless prejudice.

  • cairo4448 says:

    I don’t need to understand anything I already understand and something that I know too well already.Look I’m not saying all muslims are bad or terrorists,but all terrorists have been muslim that’s all I’m saying.I do not agree with islam I don’t like what is teaches & I don’t even think islam is a religion.It’s a stupid backwards 7th century thinking.You can choose to follow it if you want & suffer the consequences.But I have more sense than that.

  • PeterJDeer says:

    - I suggest you reread my statement. I did not say Arabs and Islam were suffering. But while we are on the subject, true Islam is suffering; individuals committing evil acts like the ones you mention are its worst enemies, and greatest persecutors, and they breed hatred and ignorance in people and close their hearts to being willing to understand or accept Islam. People like yourself, who are now actively engaged in attacking Islam rather than seeking to understand it.

  • cairo4448 says:

    I have no respect for christianity and pisslam they’re only interested in how many converts they get and nothing else.You don’t see buddhists,hindus,and others worried about how many ppl are converting to their religion every second of their life because it’s not how many ppl you have following the religion that makes it great,but it’s what the religion teaches & Hinduism & Buddhism preaches peace & to honor the parents & everyone is equal.That’s why those religions are superior.

  • cairo4448 says:

    hahahahahahahahaha omg omg what did you say? arabs and islam is suffering? lmao I wish! Right now everyone else is suffering because of arabs & islam.The original aryans iranians,afghans,indians are superior to stupid semtic arabs.Arabs ruined these countries by introducing islam.India was the only country they couldn’t convert fully I’m happy for them,but islam ruined everything.Kids are being brainwashed to hate.Muslims marry non-muslim women just to convert them.

  • PeterJDeer says:

    - Tell you what, when that happens I’ll gladly eat my words. Until then, please stop using the suffering of Baha’is to carry on your rabid little crusade against Islam and Arabs.

  • cairo4448 says:

    Shut up you’re not fooling anybody you’re just as brainwashed as the rest of them don’t be suprised when arabs take over the world and make everyone muslim and have sharia law that would make you happy right? Seeing your daughters get acid thrown on their face just because they want to go to school.Oh yes,every father dreams of that.Islam is peace,you are so right.

  • PeterJDeer says:

    - Oh pardon me, I was thrown off by the “stupid arabs they ruin everything” part.

    No, I don’t consider what you said to be true. And it’s not the only thing you’re wrong about, I’m about as caucasian as they come. And finally, the whole ‘your people’ and ‘my people’ thing? Yeah, that’s called racism. We’re all the same people bub, and making those assumptions about me without knowing me is called prejudice. And I do not mind telling you that you gotta work on that.

  • cairo4448 says:

    Oh shut up and don’t tell me what to do you know what I said is true and I’m arab.Why don’t you tell your arab brothers and sisters the same thing you told me and start with fixing your ppl before fixing me

  • PeterJDeer says:

    - Seems to me that you’re just here to vent hatred against Muslims and Arabs.

    What’s more, you’re using the persecution of my faith as an excuse to do this. I frankly find that hypocritical and offensive. You already see here what hatred does, if you want to end it, start by not spreading it yourself.

  • cairo4448 says:

    Any country that is predominately muslim does not have a rich culture,but a sick culture.Egypt was once great now it’s run by stupid arabs they ruin everything they ruined the world there’s a reason why islam is the most hated religion

  • cairo4448 says:

    It’s very,very scary that people in this part of the world think this is all normal.

  • cairo4448 says:

    Whoever changes his religion kill him? Muhammed said that,so that guy repeated it to Dr.Basma.Islam has a bad influence on people how can anyone in the right mind believe in this bullshit? Most ppl I understand are either brainwashed & are so used to it since they grew up with this belief & others don’t even know what they got themselves into,I wish more ppl would do more research on islam.The stuff you might find will shock you.

  • PeterJDeer says:

    - I was speaking of the modern ones who, while benefiting from a great ancient history, have a fine culture of their own that, sadly, has been poorly represented by cruel individuals.

  • Muhammedloveskids says:

    Im sorry but Egypt lost their rich culture ages ago, Do not mistake the current Arab Egyptians with the ancient Egyptian kingdoms. Its like comparing two complety diffrent cultures.

  • SecularPharoah says:

    Actually I saw his actual comments on the other show and since I understand arabic I know for a fact that he did ask for Bahai’s to be murdered. I really think he should be charged with an inciting violance charge not just asked about it. Unfortunatly, Egypt is way behind on secularisim. Cheers and thank God for secularism:)

  • MrBimboadama says:

    Why has the islam be replaced by the Bahai-Faith?????
    TEIL 1 watch?v=BgQdZgojOFI
    TEIL 2 watch?v=5eIgMSAIIG0&feature=related

  • DieWahrheit1000 says:

    Die Bahais tuen mir leid.Aber auf der anderen Seite,um so mehr man die Bahais verfolgt,um so mehr verbreitet sich der Glaube.Um so mehr kommen sie ins Fersehen,um so mehr lesen die Menschen dessen Prinzipien und sehen:” Mein Gott, das ist die logischste,beste Religion,friedfertigster Glaube,den bis jetzt gesehen habe!” Das wir den Glauben sehr verbreiten. Gottes Wille ist unaufhaltbar

  • ReyLoo says:

    send it to me Fareed 19

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