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Calling Prospects: How to Make a Great Cold Call

Calling Prospects: How to Make a Great Cold Call

Article by Erica Johansson

How do you feel when making a cold call? Nervous, excited, hopeful? Unsure of what to say? Many network- and internet marketers, even the most experienced ones, face these same concerns. Here’s what you should do to make a great cold call:

Before you call, remember these persons have already visited your website. Unless they weren’t at least a bit interested in your business you wouldn’t have gotten their name and phone number in the first place. Take a deep breath, a gulp of water and dial their number. Don’t forget, the most important thing when making a cold call is excitement. If you are “up” and excited, your prospects are. You can’t act excited? Fake it until you make it.

When the person answers, introduce yourself. “Hello, is this…? Hi, this is (your name). I call you because I saw that you visited my website on making money from home. I’m only curious. Are you looking for a way to earn extra money?”

Wait for their answer, before continuing.

“What do you work with?”

In this stage, what’s most important is not the how, but the why. The three big whys for most people are money, time and freedom. They wish to earn more to have more time for their family and the freedom of doing what they want. Network marketing is often built on financial hopes and dreams. Make your prospect understand they can realize their dreams with your business.

Find their why. Asking about their work is a good start as they might add they want to work less to spend time with their grandchildren. See, you got their why. If the answer doesn’t come automatically, ask questions related to the three big whys “money, time and freedom.”

“Are you saving to anything?”

“Do you have debts to pay off?”

“Would you do anything different if you had more time?”

When you have their why, give some basic information on your business and offer to book them up on a conference call. If they have more questions, use the 3-way call where your upline enroller answers your prospect’s questions. This gives more credibility to your opportunity. If your prospect hesitates, don’t beg, try to convince. Learn to ask the right questions because you will not get a second chance to make a first impression. If you feel unsure of where they stand, ask directly: “What do you think of the information?” Tell them to rate themselves from 1-5 where 5 is ready to get started.

When you succeed, don’t forget to follow up with your prospects. You don’t want a person to feel “abandoned” after you have referred him or her. Implement these tips and you will not feel doubtful when making your next cold call.

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Erica Johansson is a freelance writer from Sweden. Visit her network marketing blog to receive “The 7 Keys to Success” by Will Edwards.Website

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