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Chu at COP-16: Building a Sustainable Energy Future

US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu addresses the US Center in Cancun on the need to build a sustainable energy future as part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP-16. In his remarks he highlights the need to promote international collaborations to find new solutions that will benefit us all, to use use energy more wisely and develop low-carbon technologies.

16 Responses to Chu at COP-16: Building a Sustainable Energy Future

  • superhotbm says:

    Rossi cold fusion is the way to go.

    Misguided department of energy.

  • 2110kop says:

    There is a quick simple solution to global warming and climate change. It is called Muon Catalysed Fusion. As worked on Star Scientific. NO CO2. NO Greenhouse Gases. NO Carbon Tax. NO Toxic Waste. The source is dueterium from the World’s Oceans – virtually limitless. It is cheap to produce. WE NEED IT NOW. See the website “Star Scientific Limited”, Blog “The Big Picture by Andrew Horvath”, Youtube video – “In the Footsteps of Fusion”

  • trakkaton says:

    Trillions for mass murder? Available without any discussion!
    Renewable energy? Efficiency? Don’t even try to ask, you’ll get attacked!

  • pathosbedlam says:

    Kinda Funny how the bit where the US Secretary of Energy admits that global warming was our fault, didn’t end up on the news. Why am I not surprised. But at least he is trying to be honest with us. More than I can say for most politicians. I learned more in this video about the current state of the world than anyone could do watching commercial TV for a whole year. Nice Job Chu.

  • ronmann606 says:

    Modern lithium batteries of all different chemistries Can be charged in 10 minutes easily, 4 minutes max. Old problems like energy density, cyclebility , fast charging have all been solved.

    Right now theres only 2 problems left. They need to cost less, and there needs to be fast charge infrastructure. We are almost there.

  • fireofenergy says:

    LiFePO4′s come in 100 amp hour sizes, not toy batteries like the Tesla had to use because Lifepo4 wasn’t available then (and because li-ion is more energy dense). However, they do need “balencing” when discharged at the 1C rate. The electronics could easily be mass produced so as not to cost as much as it does now…
    Bty, this newer lithium IRON phosphate lasts for 2,000 complete cycles or like 8,000 partial cycles which is why this battery is so much better than its li-ion predecessor.

  • nicspits says:

    Battery in the tesla roadster lasts for about 250 miles, we’ll say 200… Li Ion batteries can be expect to cycle 350 times (half the max the expected 700). Mind you that battery 6800 cells so individual failure threat is minimized and “packs” can be changed out if they fail.

    So 250 x 350 = 87,500. Seems like the 90,000 timing belt will change to battery change. Certainly cost more but hey, you paid 1/30th in gas for 6 years = $5700 worst case.

  • fireofenergy says:


  • fireofenergy says:

    Also what we need is competing automated solar PV plants to crank them out FAR cheaper! (America could use the extra 20,000 or so sq mi of installations)

  • fireofenergy says:

    A hundred CUBIC miles or so have already been burned!
    BAU states that another 100 cubic miles will be burned ever so faster… until only the rich can afford what’s left… Can we wait for better EV battery tech?

  • fireofenergy says:

    The LiFePO4 battery is “good enough” for 100 mile round trips.
    What we need is {competing} factories that cranks them out for CHEAP! How will that happen if “everybody” thinks something even better will come along? Good old led acid PROVES that cheap is good… It is FAR more important to develop cost effective UTILITY SCALE E-STORAGE! (Is there a materials supply issue at the terrawatt level with LiFePO4?)

  • WindPowerKits says:

    Hello, Liked the video. On Earth Day I won a green design contest for my home energy system the RoofMill. Have a look at my home wind turbine videos of installing and running Hybrid Energy Systems. Friends and Subscribers Wanted. Later ,
    Peace, Sam

  • DanFrederiksen says:

    Chu makes some very serious mistakes here. battery technology is practical now, to claim we need a 5x increase in specific energy to compete with ICE cars is disappointingly incompetent. he goes so far as to say if we get such incredible increase in density that we will only be on par with ICE car acceleration yet we’re beating those now. he further errs in calling for 5000 deep cycle life of batteries because even a short range Leaf at 5-7x density is 1000km range and 5k cycles i 5million km..

  • DanFrederiksen says:

    @MLeonBridges Steorn is insane. after the first few years of broken promises you should start to get skeptical of their claims. free energy might be possible but there are no credible claims around to follow up on.

  • DanFrederiksen says:

    @MLeonBridges Steorn is insane. after the first few years of broken promises you should start to get skeptical of their claims. free energy might be possible but there are no credible claims around to follow up on.

  • MLeonBridges says:

    I would like to know if we have any investments in overunity technology, such as that being researched by the Irish company “Steorn” and the “EBM” technology being used by “gamma group” in Hungary.

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