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CLASSICAL OPERA TECNIQUES – Voice training for tenor and singers, high notes tips

The Maestro Cananà of the Italian Association “IL BEL CANTO” explaining some classic opera tecniques regarding voice training and singing tips for HIGH NOTES during an opera. We upload this video to the international Opera “Appassionati” and tenor students working to improve their singing capabilities and Bel Canto knowledgement Vocal training techniques (high notes) to expressbetter singing high notes for professional tenors of the aria and romanza of the operas from ITALIAN BEL CANTO. The Maestro Mario Cananà explain to the tenor (THE YOUNG TENOR’s student: FABIO DE BENEDETTO – after 6 months lessons with the Maestro Cananà) how important it is to maintain a continuous training of his voice to have a NATURAL SI, SI bemol and the DO to sing arias and romanzas as vocal professional training ITALIAN LYRICAL MUSIC LESSONS for Tenors (tenori) Music vocal and voice exercises as training of music lessons in Italy. The vocal Lessons for Tenor and Soprano for lyrical singing and voice techniques of the Italian Bel Canto by The MAESTRO MARIO CANANA “The Italian Tenor Spinto” (music culture and voice lessons, in Italy) for lyrical VOICE, MELODRAMATIC opera and lyrical culture. The Maestro Canana explain, in this class, to the two tenors how important it’s to execute voice and vocal singing exercises for sopranos and tenors to reinforced voice and lyrical vocal studies. The Maestro Canana and the “Associazione Il Bel Canto in Italy” offers lessons for beginners
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