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Conference Calling with Hosted VoIP Telecoms Services

Conference Calling with Hosted VoIP Telecoms Services

Hosted VoIP services have become a routine communication tool for businesses as they provide extensive features and benefits, one of which is conference calling. Conference calling has become an integral feature leading to improved business communications. Bridging the gap between offices in different locations, conference calling allows businesses to increase productivity, function at an optimal level and ultimately achieve better returns. Who knew better business communication could propel a company from ordinary to exemplary?

Some VoIP providers have begun to offer a carrier grade conference bridge service. The product is a step upward from normal conference calling as it is a scalable and resilient service but also leads to a huge reduction in conference calling costs. VoIP conference call services are incredibly beneficial to business operations and are another example of how hosted VoIP services have led to better business performance.

Convenience and high usability
Employees often travel on business to different time zones, making the task of conference calling difficult when service providers place restrictions on possible calling times. Similarly, many businesses, especially call centers run their offices according shifts and emergency meetings are always possible at times which are out of office hours. Hosted VoIP conference calling facilities allow for calls without time constraints because the facilities are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that differing time zones, shift work and emergency meetings will not disrupt conference call opportunities.


Existing VoIP clients can upgrade their system with ease due to the versatility and high usability of VoIP telephony services. The user friendliness means that lines can be added and subtracted with ease and the system is fully scalable, allowing from one to 20 people to participate in one conference call. There is no need for high technical maintenance, time consuming training or operator assistance. The system is programmed and ready to use and guides the call members according to voice prompts.

Lower costs
With a recession in full swing, saving money is at the top of every businesses priority list. Conference calling on a hosted VoIP network is a money saving tool, not only in call and operation costs, but in the general functioning of a company.

Money is also saved because conference calling saves company time. Through the easy user features and lack of a need for training or technicians, a business using hosted VoIP services is able to function at an optimal level, completing tasks at a much faster rate than normal.

A decrease in business travel is also a money-saver. Conference calls can remove the need to travel to some locations because the same results of a trip can be achieved through making conference calls. Meetings and conferences can be held in multiple locations without the travel costs or time consuming commutes.

Better features
Conversations can be saved and sent as emails, which is another time saving feature. Saved conversations eradicate the need for note-taking and also allow for participation in conference calls when on the move for example when driving or at the gym.

A hosted VoIP conference call provider should offer their conference service in packages depending on hours at a flat rate. For example, a 20 hour package for a specific amount which is then paid each month, with the business knowing that they have 20 hours of conference calls available to them and will not overspend on their communication budget. If more call time is required, the balance can be topped up.

Conference call facilities on a hosted VoIP network have become an integral part of improved business communications. Telecoms providers offer advanced features with easy usability and lower call costs, saving companies a large amount of their communication budget through increased efficiency. Ultimately, increased business output and performance means a better professional image and reputation in a business’ respective field.

Inclarity is a low cost carrier offering hosted VoIP services in the UK which include VoIP conferencing.

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