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Conference Calls

Conference calls are made easy with Google Voice. Just have participants call your Google phone number and you’ll be prompted to add them to the call (works on any phone). Learn more at
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16 Responses to Conference Calls

  • MYKLbiz says:

    another reason i find Google Voice pretty handy, especially on my mobile phone. i’ll try this, the next time i need an impromptu conference call.

  • Prestinoiam says:

    @japsterman If you pressed the merge call button you would use double minutes on your cell phone, this isn’t a problem if you have an Unlimited voice plan with your cell carrier, but if you had 3 people on the call and talked for an hour you’d lose 180 minutes using the call merge feature, whereas you’d lose only 60 if you let Google Voice host the call.

  • japsterman says:

    Uhhh, there was a merge caller sign to the side lol, but still cool perk google.

  • ThomastheBrave says:

    My other conference call lets me record the call. How can we do that with G-Voice?

    Why can i not call into my other conference service # with G-Voice?

  • LakeRuins says:

    Doesn’t work with those automated services where you have to punch a number. For some reason the party you call doesn’t recognize when you punch a number on the keypad. That is on outgoing calls not one where you set up the conference call.

  • True2TheBlueYoViGang says:

    i wish there was a way to call via phone to ur contact list… like they should make u be able to make a 1-10 or 1-100 numbers of fav ppl that you can hit something like after dialing 2 to dial out(from landline) u shud hit something like “25#” and it should call contact #25 it would rock to hear like theyre recorded name of when they first called u two in a selection + computer said name from a-z they shud let u search contacts that are in ur GV accnt via landline/mobile… dont you all agree?

  • ethanB612 says:

    This works on any phone with call-waiting, it doesn’t even have to be a cell phone. When your call waiting beeps, do whatever you have to do to switch lines, it will then prompt you to press 5 to conference call. Easy.

  • Akiuk100 says:

    This is why i love Google Voice IT OWNS

  • cusshoe says:

    I love this Google, u will save a “player”

  • geekman314 says:

    I think you have to dial it on the googlev
    Voice site and then it connects you. I have been testing google voice and it is awesome so far.

  • SS4Gojetanks says:

    If your cell phone plan does not have 3 way calling, can you still do this for free?

  • mandylanda says:

    I tried it and it doesn’t work…it sucks because lots of people were actually trying to have a conference…maybe this only works on a specific type of phone? I definitely don’t see the UI on my phone that the video shows.

  • hadjishafiee says:

    My Google Voice doesn’t let me to conference. There is no such an option when I receive a call. Anyone has any idea?

  • karthik22783 says:

    Google Voice is an amazing service. Iwish it soner launches in india too along with the Nexus one..

  • krosaen says:

    mrprotagonis, that is how you would merge calls in general on android, e.g 3-way calling. you couldn’t do more than 3 though, so google voice adds that functionality

  • mrprotagonist says:

    What is that “Merge Calls” button for? Shouldn’t that be how you add people to a conference call?

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