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Does Obama ever start on time?

Mr2can Asked: Does Obama ever start on time?

This president never ever starts his conferences on time.

I mean, wtf. Why call a conference for 7pm and then not start on time. He's like some ditzy chic that is never ready on time.

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How many things can a business do!?

Jenny Stomboly Asked: How many things can a business do!?

I have a ton of ideas for starting my own business! I have a few talents I would love to portray in one business but I don't quite know how well the idea would fit in order to be sucessful. So, I will give you my ideas and just let me know if you think there's a possibility that I can use both for my business.
First idea- I love design, art, photography, dance, etc! Love it! I had the idea to own an event company, have a nice building with several rooms for conferences, parties, weddings, charity events, and have partner with vendors, also being a vendor myself in photography, wedding planning, or rent out unique decorations.
Second Idea- I really love repurposing old items and tranforming them into furniture. lol, if you have ever watch picker sisters on lifetime you know what I mean! I want to own a very upscale style, affordable furniture home store. My husband would be my contractor to help me make the furniture. Inside the store however, I would like to have a photography studio. Even using some of the unique things made as props for pictures, and maybe partner with some freelance photographers or renting the studio out to them, etc. Also, taking photographs myself of course.
Lastly I love interior design, designing and decorating houses. This would be more of selling me, would require many credentials and time to get where I want, but my husband is helping a man start a tv show and I would try to place a few segments in the show and build more of a clientell that way. But that would be a bit of a long shot. Anyway, I love to do all the things. I would love to post art in my furniture store, love to host parties and take the pictures there too. ANyway, you have an idea of who I am. So let me know what kidn of store you think you would go into, or a business you think that would do well and what things you think would go together well.
I mostly feel like I need to incorporate many ideas and items for a business mostly cuz I get bored with doing the same thing over and over again. And I feel the variety will make more money, kind of two businesses in one type deal :)

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What do you think about the fact that Diaz got yanked by Dana White from the fight against St. Pierr

guitarman Asked: What do you think about the fact that Diaz got yanked by Dana White from the fight against St. Pierr

I am pissed at Diaz. If there was anyone out there capable of doing somewhat well against St. Pierre, it was Diaz. He has one of the best chins in all of MMA. Why would he not show up for the pre-fight stuff (the press conference, etc.)? This is unbelievable. He missed the fight of his life. What's your theory on all of this?

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New Pretty Little Liars Book Coming Soon?

Lizana Taylor Asked: New Pretty Little Liars Book Coming Soon?

so i was talking to my school librarian and she said that she had a unpublished copy of the new pretty little liars book. she said she got it a couple days ago from a conference thingy. i cant remember what it was called but she called it a ARK, cant remember what that means either but what im asking is that is it possible to have a copy?

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This is based on WORLD WAR II :/?

Stephanie Martinez Asked: This is based on WORLD WAR II :/?

the first major Allied amphibious operation was on the Spanish coast. (A.true or B.False)
- thousands of American and Filipino soldiers died as prisoners od war in Japanese prison camps. (A. True or B. False)
- The War Production Board curtailed the production of war material. (A.true or B.false)
-Ration stamps were a means of raising money for war bonds. (A.true of B.false)
- although japanese- Americans were placed in relocation camps, they were still subject to the draft. (A.true or B.false)
- at the casablanca conference, the allies decided to invade europe through the greek islands. (A.true or B.false)
-during the war, women were hired only for traditional female jobs. (A.true or B.false)
- the war was the main issue in the 1944 presidential election. (A.true or B.false)
- the allied defeat at the battle of the bulge caused a reversal of allied strategy. (A.true or B.false)
- operation overlord was the largest amphibious invasion of world war II. (A. True or B.false)
- the atomic bomb was used to avoid a costly and bloody assault on japan. (A.true or B.false)
- discussion about establishing the united nations began before the end of world war II. ( A.true of B.false).

— THANKS :) god bless YOU! <3

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Can someone help me with applying for college sports?

Laura Asked: Can someone help me with applying for college sports?

I run track and cross country.It's my senior year, and my coach has been giving me letters from colleges that have noticed my running.I somewhat understand how divisions works.The thing that confuses me are the different conferences.I was interested in one of the letters he gave me which was an NSIC division II school.I was worried about not having the ability to run at that school, but he thinks I'd be fine.The thing is, I don't want to base my college choice solely on athletics.I've already done some looking for schools (without looking at athletics), and my top 2 choices are both NCAA division II.Are the divisions between conferences similar in ability or would this be out of my league?Any info you have about college divisions would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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Are there any Video Game conferences or festivals in Wisconsin, Illinois or Indiana?

IdealIdeas Asked: Are there any Video Game conferences or festivals in Wisconsin, Illinois or Indiana?

Are there any big bi-annual or annual video game conferences, festivals, conventions, ect… within Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, or Northern Indiana????

I would love to go to a big convention or whatever they are called but I cant afford to take a plane to one of the hotspots like New York, California, Las Vegas, ect….
But I can afford a short trip to one.

And I should mention that these conventions or whatever they are called must be mostly or entirely devoted to video games and not card games or other things of that nature.

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Psychology Questions?

Kmay Asked: Psychology Questions?

Billy Spartan is a 4th grade student at Ferris State Elementary School. At parent-teacher
conferences, his teacher conveys to Billys parents that Billy has been hitting other children and
using inappropriate language. Mr. Spartan reports that Billy must be learning these behaviors
from other students in the class because he has heard from other parents that Suzy Wolverine has
also been hitting and cursing. Mrs. Spartan feels that Billy is acting out because he has not
recovered from abuse he suffered in childhood and that this must be his way of expressing his
unconscious conflict.

1. Name the psychological perspective Mr. Spartan used to describe Billys behavior.

2. Name the psychological perspective that Mrs. Spartan used to describe Billys behavior.

3. After hearing that Billy was abused in the past, Billys teacher reports the next day to
another teacher that she knew Billy was abused prior to his parents telling her because of
his behaviors in class. What knew it all along phenomenon is Billys teacher

Due to the stress of hearing that Billy was acting out in school, Mr. and Mrs. Spartan could not
handle their emotions and began arguing with each other on a regular basis, each blaming the
other for various household issues. The conflict got so bad that they wished to seek out a mental
health professional. Mr. and Mrs. Spartan look in the phone book to find a professional and
dont know if they want to see a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist.

1. Name the one main difference that was discussed in class on how a clinical psychologist
and psychiatrist differ.

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please i need help i already picked an answer just wanna know maybe im right?

boy4year2007 Asked: please i need help i already picked an answer just wanna know maybe im right?

which is NOT an interactive process

writing a novel

public speaking

posting a bulletin on the internet

conducting a conference call

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SHINee, fashion, ring ding dong?

diana Turner Asked: SHINee, fashion, ring ding dong?

Hi to all SHINee fans!
I have been looking after similar boots that they(SHINee) wear in Ring Ding Dong music video or at Oh Joonsung Drama Concerts Press Conference. Here some pictures (of the boots they wear): (it's in the bottom of the site)

do you know where I can find them or which brand it is?

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