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Get the Best From Meeting Room Setup

Get the Best From Meeting Room Setup

Depending on the type of meeting you are holding, the way the room is set up can be changed. For example, a room set up in banquet style may hold up to 300 people for a standing reception but only 120 people classroom style.

It is therefore important to know your room setup needs before the event takes place so you can have everything organised in plenty of time.

The style of room setup depends on the purpose of the meeting. Meetings designed to encourage group interaction would be arranged differently to a traditional seminar where participants are listening to a specific speaker, or speakers.

Theatre or auditorium style is a popular arrangement where rows of chairs are simply placed behind each other, as you would find in a cinema. Participants are seated in rows of chairs without a table or desk so interaction is minimal.

Classroom style is better suited to meetings where note taking is required. Tables and chairs are placed in a row behind each other, all pointing towards the front of the room and similar to a traditional school classroom.


The desks may be individual or joined together but whatever the arrangement, there should be plenty of room for each individual to sit comfortably and take any necessary notes.

Conference / Boardroom style setup tends to be one large square or rectangle that will seat up to about 30 people around the edges. This style is not usually conducive to larger groups as not everyone can be heard but works well with smaller meetings.

Cabaret setup is perfect if group interaction is needed. This meeting room style seats participants in groups within the meeting-room. Each group can be designated as a team or can be from a specific department and this arrangement is popular for all sorts of group sessions.

Reception style room setup is generally more common for cocktail and canapé receptions. There are generally a few tables with chairs for those who want to sit down, but this style of room set up is geared towards a standing reception and you can thus fit more people into the room.

When making arrangements for a business meeting, remember to take care of any technical requirements. You may need a microphone for the speaker so audience questions can be asked.

A LCD Projector is generally used for PowerPoint presentations and many meeting rooms will also have inbuilt or free standing projector screens.

A podium may be required by the speaker and a lectern is handy for the speakers notes.

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