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How to Add FaceCam face cam footage to gameplay videos

This is a tutorial video on how to add footage off your face recorded via webcam simultaneously as gameplay footage to your youtube videos. That was a mouth full. This is best used in games where your face and reactions are funny and/or helpful to the viewers. Mainly games like slender, and anything that Pewdiepie plays really. Basically just horror games in general. Anyways, basically find out how you can use your webcam to capture video, and start doing that. Then once you have started recording fire up fraps or bandicam or camstudio and use it to record your video game like minecraft, fifa, call of duty, or skyrim. Then when you are done playing stop recording with fraps and stop recording with your webcam program. Then you will need an editing software like Sony Vegas Pro 8, 9, 10, or 11, or Adobe After Effects, or a program of equal or greater editing capabilities. Then use the pan and cropping functions to make the webcam footage on top smaller than the gameplay footage underneath and drag it to the corner as I do in the video. Alternatively this can all be done by recording with a standard video camera and pointing at your face and then import the footage on your computer and do the same with it as if it were webcam files. Sorry I didn’t mention this in the video lol, it sort of never came over my mind. But video camera would work just as well as webcam as long as you remember to start and stop recording just like you would with the webcam. So yeah, hope you guys

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