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How to get the best out of your bank

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with your bank then you’re not alone. A recent study by mission critical communications provider Cable&Wireless Worldwide, who has long-term relationships with most of the world’s leading banks, has revealed that most of us are unsatisfied with the service we receive; with many of us claiming that our banks don’t even meet our most basic expectations. For more than half of us, online banking is the most important aspect of our bank’s service. And, with the banking industry embracing mobile technology, social media and video conferencing, is it time we started to communicate with our banks differently to get what we want from them? How can you make sure your money is working for you and your bank is working for your money? Log on to our web TV show to find out more about the level of service your bank should be giving you, and how to communicate with your bank to make sure you’re getting the most out of the relationship and the best products and services to boot. Financial expert Lawrence Gold, Director of Banking & Financial Services at Cable&Wireless Michelle Metcalfe and Financial Consultant at YouGov Gary Giddings join us live online at on Wednesday 24th August at 3pm

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