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How To Make An International Conference Call

How To Make An International Conference Call

A lot of technological advancements in communication and broadcasting have paved the way for bringing people from across the globe closer through an international conference call. However, people have been calling internationally without so much the thought of doing it the right way to save costs. If not, each month, their telephone bill could come to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

On the brighter side, thanks to technology and the modern times, there are many international calling options that exist today than there did several years ago. The modest telephone is not anymore the only way to call someone half a world away, but there is now a new way that counts on new technology like VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP makes phone calls over the Internet possible rather than traditional long distance calls.


Effectively calling other people across the globe without making a hole in your pocket is quite easy. Just like making a regular conference call, an international conference call abides by the same vital tenets: (1) participants dial in to a conference call access number, (2) they enter the access code or PIN for their conference, and (3) they join the conference.

International conference calling is unique in a way that international participants need special access numbers to avoid paying costly international call rates. You might get an international toll-free number to get into the conference if you go to the larger conference call services provider. Other providers establish local access numbers in countries where their clients typically contact.

For instance, you’re located in the United States and you want to hold a conference call with clients in England, Japan, and Canada. All you need to do is dial either an international toll-free access number or a local access number. Those who use the local access number are immediately connected to the central conference bridge through a global IP network.

Another economical way of making international conference calls is making use of a dial-out system instead of a dial-in system. In a dial-out system, the conference call moderator (especially if he has access to cheap international calls) dials out to each participant individually, thus absorbing the costs of each international call.

As you can see, international conference calls are clearly going to be growing in the near future.

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