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Johann Hari speaks at the Progressive London Conference 2010

Journalist Johann Hari talks about the dangers of a Conservative election victory: David Cameron’s policy of prioritising deficit reduction and steep cuts in public services will be a disaster for the UK. Labour should campaign on a policy of massive investment in a Green New Deal, which will stimulate the economy as well as combat climate change.
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20 Responses to Johann Hari speaks at the Progressive London Conference 2010

  • Maino88 says:

    What a fucking cunt.

  • racingeye says:

    the smug being preached to by the even smugger.

  • OurWorldReport says:

    @Mickmars90 You’re kidding right? Johann avoid debate??!! You must be thinking of someone else.

  • Dendiol says:

    Hari is a top bloke. I met him recently, really interesting guy.

  • SummerHerald says:

    I never realised how cogent a public speaker hari was.

  • LCStreetPhotographer says:

    @Mickmars90 Says you…Provide definitive proof?????

    Speaking as a Royal Marine…..who joined when the CONservatives were still in i can speak from first hand that the KIT WAS SHIT when they were in..Labour gave us the best kit available and in plentiful supply…..contrary to what the lying british gutter press may say…..theres FACTS from a serving MARINE FOR YA… i’ve YOU…provide Definitive PROOF to back up your claims about Johan Hari?? Ddidnt think so troll

  • MrYoungIndependence says:

    There is notthing progressive about big government and this is exactly what the coalition is promoting at the moment. In that respect, Johan Hari shares common ground with the government and therefore has no right to be opposing them.

  • gingerbeer1982 says:

    @adecentusername Bull Shit! That is all.

  • adecentusername says:

    @Mickmars90 you seem to be airing opinions about Johann Hari which are pretty much entirely disconnected from anything in the video you’re commenting on. Which is all very nice, but… I mean, don’t you have a blog of your own you can do that on, where it would make a bit more sense in context?

    Mind you, baldly stating your beliefs as truth, when they’re just claims that Hari, er, assumes his beliefs are “the truth,” probably contains too many layers of irony for the blog format to cope with.

  • Mickmars90 says:

    Hari is a modern day Gnostic. He assumes his beliefs are ‘the truth,’ and those who deviate from this sacred creed are to be demonised. Debate is avoided at all cost because they know they are intellectually inferior. For a relativist, Hari assumes that certain political and moral codes must be right.

  • flamered24 says:

    He’s exactly right about the Irish economy. Every one is suffering except the banks who have swallowed our money yet refuse to give loans. 12% Pay cuts for those whose salary is below 35 K per annum and 9% to those who earn a higher amount. No jobs for the first generation in the State’s history to be promised we wouldn’t have to emigrate en masse. What a joke

  • Experiment47 says:

    @keypointist I don’t except your assertion that married couple are less dependent on welfare, I’d need to see some actual evidence. But even it were true, bribing people to get married not only goes against the zeitgeist but will probably fracture families more as they’d be getting married for money rather than love. You can’t engineer a happy family.

    I agree with social liberalism, but only if it makes things better. Yanking funding from social services is a great way to make life shitter.

  • keypointist says:

    I support any measure that aims to reduce dependency on government. The statistical fact is that married couples have a lower dependancy on welfare than unmarried couples or single mothers. Social liberalism without personal responsibility forces governments to step in to avert social breakdown and the power of the state grows. I don’t care about the private choices people make as long as they don’t expect the taxpayer to pay for their choices.

  • Experiment47 says:

    @keypointist Con’d

    I also consider myself a libertarian, more specifically a social anarchist. But voting for the Tories is not a way to achive this, they’ll yank funding for social services while at the same time bribing you to get married and have children.

    All you’ll do is replace one kind intrusion with another, political parties by their vary nature do not give up their power.

  • Experiment47 says:

    @keypointist Thatcher was no conservative, Thatcherism was more like “classical liberalism”, with individual liberty, free markets and limited government. In fact she was hatted by many traditional conservatives.

    I don’t like the terms “left” and “right wing”, they date back to the French Revolution and have little relevance today other than for propaganda uses.

    Hari makes sense in some things he says, but I too hate the society Labour have thrusted upon us.

  • keypointist says:

    Well then, by that simple definition of conservative Margaret Thatcher was not a conservative prime minister. Her government was radically reforming in an economically liberal sense. Johann Hari was talking about “The Right” and he doesn’t understand that libertarians like me are on the right too. To me it’s the left which is oppressive of liberty and the Labour party’s creation of the surveillance society illustrates this.

  • Experiment47 says:

    @keypointist Conservative’s can’t be progressive, it’s an oxymoron. Conservatism by it’s very definition is to not change, to stay the same, to conserve our current traditions.

  • keypointist says:

    Johann Hari does not understand the new Conservative party. The new “Right” is more progressive than the Labour party – the party that brought Sharia civil law to Britain.

  • richie26uk says:

    Fat socialist weasel…

  • Bezwaar123 says:

    This guy is nuts. Keynesian economics is what causes all our problems. Spending hundreds of billions merely devalues the currency, hurts the poorest most, increases debt which future generations have to pay off and results in corruption and mal-investment which, eventually, leads to the next financial bubble.

    The banks didn’t cause the mortgage crisis – it was the Federal Reserves ability to print money, which lowered interest rates, giving banks and businesses the false sense of real money.

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