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Make Cheap Conference Calls Through Audio Conference Method

Make Cheap Conference Calls Through Audio Conference Method

Is your business communication cost going beyond the estimated budget and forcing you to look for a suitable alternative? If yes, audio conference method will bring you relaxation thereby adding to your communication efforts and reducing the call costs invariably. Most of the business organizations have been able to increase their productivity and efficiency with cheap audio conferencing services. Just try out this conferencing method and see a fall in your business communication and travel expenses.

Though the concept of phone conference is not new but some of us would still like to have more details on it so that we can use it in the interest of our company or business. We are going to discuss the fundamentals of audio conferencing services, its work procedure and application in the organizational model for a guaranteed reduction in operational cost.

A Brief Idea on Audio Conference
Audio conferencing has made communication possible among people in different parts of the world at an affordable price. With it, more than two people have been able to communicate easily in spite of being positioned in different locations. Also widely popular as voice conferencing or teleconferencing, this simple and easy communication method allows people to get connected over a secured and private phone line. It finds maximum application in business, education and domestic life where physical presence is a must for interaction.


How Different Is Audio Conference From Regular Call
An audio conference involves two or more people. The conference callers are generally connected to a server called conference bridge through which communication is facilitated. Traditional teleconferencing is based on circuit switch method. In this type, call signal passes through a set of switches interconnected to each other and finally arrives at the conference bridge. Thereafter, bridge makes connection between multiple callers.

It is the network for teleconferencing that decides which technology is to be put in use. Whenever the call sphere is limited to one building or organization a small telephone network is preferred. That’s why private branch exchange (PBX) is used and callers get connected to it in order to enjoy the call almost immediately. However, such type of connection line remains open till the call continues and only one caller can speak at a time.

Another kind of audio conference method is there that uses VoIP technology rather than standard telephone line. Here, audio signal is analog in nature but it is converted to digital type before getting transmitted via internet to facilitate web audio conferencing.

Phone conferencing has become a cheaper communication method for professionals, non profit organizations, business organizations and family owners to organize tutorials, seminars, presentations, meetings and casual interaction without even physically present at the location.


This cost-efficient communication method assures to bring down the business operation costs involving expenditure for business tours and also enables distant employees to keep in touch with their corporate branch or higher authority through telecommunication.

Equipments Needed

For internet audio conferencing, you need few equipments such as high speed internet connection (DSL or cable), computer, specialized software for conference bridge and Java enhanced browser. However, the internet connection rate should be equal to or more than 56kbps.

Hope Neel is working as a technician in an audio conference call company for more than a decade. With his wide scale knowledge in audio conferencing, he has been solving the conference related problems of people promptly.

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