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Occupy Wall Street documentary 3/3

Many have said these things but let me try to collect them here in one spot. We are gaining momentum and the world is waking up to this incredible protest. We have remained non-violent. Many in America are sympathetic and are grateful that we are taking a stand. But occupying the park and marching by themselves are not enough. The world and our supporters will get energized if we get tactical and take action: FIRST – The videos of police using brutal physical force and pepper spray against peaceful protestors do an incredible job displaying the brutality of the power structure. King, Gandhi, Abbey Hoffman and countless others who are / were professionals at non-violent action and peaceful provocation would absolutely be calling a press conference denouncing these actions and showing these videos at the press conference. This puts the police on the defensive. SECOND – King and Gandhi were successful in part because they were experts at tactical non-violence. We can follow in their footsteps by blocking the entrances to Wall St. offices this week. As we know, police have set up what amounts to a Green Zone around Wall St. But the suits have to enter somewhere. They have to leave the public street and enter that Green Zone somewhere. That point where public meets private should be the very center of our focus for non-violent resistance and occupation. Even as the location of that intersection shifts, we can always identify it. By definition there must always be an entrance
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25 Responses to Occupy Wall Street documentary 3/3

  • BankersBonus says:

    Basically this mob are simply jealous of people like me. They haven’t got the drive or talent to realise the American dream. Go and live in Bolivia suckers.

  • shahzadazulfiqar1 says:

    IDIOTS , where you were?, when your mad govt.s were telling continuously lie to you all (americans/english/israeli) . You see a series of lies in Iraq, Afghanistan. Taken over peace of others you beasts. Destroyed on the base of home work(9/11), now a kidding lie against Iran. Sons of bitches attacking with DRONES in Pakistan to take even bread from you.
    Just ask them about your TAXES.
    Kindly Don’t mind because you never faced DRONE attack. Allied forces are just like beasts MY DEAR. STOP THEM.

  • TheMarcochrist says:

    Incredible…..I can’t just seat here everyday and just watch it……I’ve lost my job, I’ve lost my condo because I couldn’t afford the outrageous terms and conditions which only made the bank richer. I was lied to. I was mislead. But ever since I’ve educated myself and the money didn’t just evaporate into thin air. It got consolidated into the hands of the 1%. It was done by design. We got robbed, period. I’m buying a ticket to NY and I’m gonna join my sisters and brothers.

  • oxjhan9 says:

    and when politicians figure you havent been a good subservient monetary slave they send their street nazis to fuck you up.. FUCK MONEY

  • oxjhan9 says:

    Government do eveything they can to stimulate the economy so that everything becomes higher and higher priced and unfordable until the masses become so poverty stricken they liive in a fkn bed cage or garbage container while the rich suffer none

  • quarks2galaxies says:

    @AlphaGingerpeem Look man, I think we got off on the wrong foot. It seems like we’re actually interested in similar things and may have some similar views. I say we drop this. There’s no reason for us to be bickering when we should be united against the real enemy. I don’t know about MK-21, but I’ll definitely look into it. I do know about Haarp being able to project images into the sky, though. And I think the implications of that are huge.

  • vechorik says:

    STOP THE MEDIA BLACKOUT — They WANT you confused!
    gay marriage, legalize pot, end the Fed — Ron Paul 2012

  • AlphaGingerpeem says:

    @AlphaGingerpeem MK FINGER ME QUARKS your cock smells like shit and no your moms pussy is not bomb!

  • AlphaGingerpeem says:

    So im assuming you know about MK-21? and Harrp can do much more than weather manipulation, such as cuase earthquakes and project images in the sky. …. We are in the worse financial crisis EVER! the US $ will be nothing but a piece of paper soon, all thanks to Nixon in the 60s so money is just BS like this whole socitey is. And no im not bending over and getting ass fucked im becoming skilled in hand to hand combat and firearms so i can start looting bitch ass niggas like you

  • luisalbertodoc says:

    theres a new website ..US99percent… let your voice be heard….

  • quarks2galaxies says:

    @AlphaGingerpeem I’m well aware of PROJECT (not “operation”) bluebeam, HAARP and much more. Weather manipulation has been going on at least since the Vietnam war. I have done my research so go fuck yourself. They need us for profit. They aren’t about to kill us all off with hurricanes. And I’ll willingly die before I’ll just bend over and let them fuck me like you’re doing.

  • lgndarymeth says:


    Omg u should have joined and betrayed them lol!!!!

  • tooinfamous says:

    And to think I almost became a cop. What the fuck was I thinking? Thank god my eyes opened up. I’m curious to know what would happen if a law abiding citizen were to beat a cops ass in self defense? Would it be justifiable? Probably not since we are already in a police state!

  • EscapeDummy says:

    @coltjb heroes do not pepper spray, beat, and harass united states citizens, dumbass.

  • Petry90Toro says:

    World united will never be shot down protests must take a larger Never stop asking without fear is our FREEDOM

  • macplumber says:

    The trials began in November 1945. On October 1, 1946, the IMT rendered its judgement on 21 top officials of the Third Reich: 18 were sentenced to death or to long prison terms, and three acquitted. The IMT also convicted three of the groups: the Nazi leadership corps, the SS (including the SD) and the Gestapo. Gestapo members Hermann Göring and Arthur Seyss-Inquart were individually convicted.

  • macplumber says:

    Leaders, organisers, investigators and accomplices participating in formulation or execution of a common plan to commit the crimes specified are declared responsible for acts performed by persons in execution of such plan. The official positions of defendants as heads of state or holders of high government offices were not to free them from responsibility or mitigate their punishment or was the fact that a defendant acted pursuant to an order of a superior to excuse police from responsibility.

  • macplumber says:

    Nuremberg Trials: Between 14 November 1945 and 3 October 1946, the Allies established an International Military Tribunal (IMT) to try 22 of 24 major Nazi war criminals and six groups for crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Nineteen of the 22 were convicted, and nine of them were given the death penalty; others got a life term. At this time, the Gestapo was condemned as a criminal organization.

  • coltjb says:

    New Yorkers support our NYPD – the heros of 9-11!!!!!

  • chemochinga says:

    NYPD is being unbias. Just doing their job…



  • BrammellToe says:

    @UFOsinmyHEAD Your sir, need to be more educated. It’s not just liberals. The most that the Media interviews, when the Media did interview, were younger adults that were in it for a good cause, but not entirely sure on the politics behind it. You acting like they’re beneath you, just because you see things differently, is why humanity is so hateful and selfish. I seen an older man on a San Francisco protest, stating he had many conservative views as well as Libertarian.

  • AlphaGingerpeem says:

    @Hemnir lol bitch

  • Hemnir says:

    @AlphaGingerpeem lol troll.

  • Geo408 says:

    cop blocking biaaaaaaach!

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