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The Benefits Of Using Cheap Conference Calling Services

The Benefits Of Using Cheap Conference Calling Services

Article by Max Stephen

Making a conference call has proved to be a cost-effective solution in conducting business meetings and seminars. With this technology, you can connect to your staff or other business people with fewer hassles. That means that you can talk to your associates without leaving the country or your office. You need not go through the pain and expenses of traveling any longer.

How does call conferencing work? Conference calling usually involves three or more persons. It creates a seamless and simultaneous interaction between the people involved in the conference. This means that your staffs need not to be physically present in a specific place to gather up for a conference.

Three modes of call conferencing

A call conference basically has three modes of communication. It can either be an audio conference, a videoconference or a web based conference.

An audio conference would simple entail the presence of a working phone for each of the participants. A specific number is given out by the provider to be distributed to the rest of the people involved. Once dialed, the users would get in touch with the rest of the people involved in the conference.

Videoconferencing is another type of call conferencing where a camera and a television are involved. It works as similar as a call conference, but this time you would also see the person or persons you are talking to through the means of real time videos.

Web teleconferencing is another type of call conferencing. This method uses the power of Internet technology to connect to people. All you need for a web conference is your computer with web cam and headsets. Web conference gives you the speed and efficiency of Internet communication.

Advantages of call conferencing

* Cost-effective Virtual communication is the key in getting cheap conferences. Most providers do offer very affordable packages that would suit all your needs. Call conferencing would definitely allow your company to save up a lot because you can do away with buying airplane tickets, paying for hotel expenses and other travel expenditure.

* Saves timeUnlike traditional conferences, you do not need much of a preparation to conduct a call conference. This way, a lot of time can be saved. Call conferencing can also be your best option if you want to hold a meeting on a very short notice. It would also save a lot of time since you can get your message across a lot of people at a much faster pace.

* Builds a good office relationship Call conferencing may possibly create a friendlier working place. Since call conference is a cheaper way of getting in touch with your staff, you can now get more people invited in meetings. This would prevent the feeling of neglect that may be experienced by your employees.

* Accessible and simple to use The process of call conference is so simple and no technical skills or knowledge is really needed. Your provider would do all the set up for you. You just need to ensure that you and the other participants have a working land phone or a mobile phone. The host who would be heading the conference call can now communicate and interact with the participants via phone.

* Provision for visual presentation Audio conferencing is only restricted to verbal communication. But with video call conferencing, you are not only limited to audio interaction. Video conferencing would allow you to create presentations and transfer data via video. With video conferencing, you can use visual tools to get your message across more clearly and effectively.

* No need to travelDistance can be quite a problem when conducting seminars, conferences, meetings or other business gatherings. Distance can be one reason why some of your employees may not make it to a meeting. With a call conference, you do not need to travel outside the walls of your office and you can get more people involved because distance will no longer be an issue. You can even get in touch with the people you need to talk with even if they are at the comfort of their own home.

The advantages mentioned above only prove that call conference can be a real benefit for you and your company. You would not only save money, but you can also save a lot of time and hassle when conducting conferences.

About the Author

Max Stephen is the author of this Cheap Conference Call article and the webmaster of

A Brief History of Conference Calling

A Brief History of Conference Calling

Article by Kieron James

While call conferencing has now become a very popular tool to establish fast and efficient communication between people who need to keep in touch but are physically miles apart, the basic human need to connect within groups has always been a primal trait. If you think about it, the earliest conference calls were made using drum beats and smoke signals.

In layman’s terms, a conference call provides a platform for many people to connect to each other whenever there is need to discuss something. The earliest instance of a device used for phone conferencing may be the Jordanphone invented by Asen Yordanoff, a Bulgarian, in 1945. It was a wireless device that could transmit the voice on the regular phone to a loudspeaker so that many people could hear the person on the other side.

Bell Labs was the first to work on the concept of telephone conferencing around 1956. Then it was in early 1960s that American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) dabbled with teleconferencing. The device used was known as Picturephone and was publicly exhibited in 1964 at the New York World’s Fair. The visitors were allowed to speak to people with the help of this device. This device needed three phone lines to manage video and audio, with a picture appearing on a very small screen every 2 seconds. It was a very expensive and bulky device which did not find much support with corporate world. Then in early 70s relay chats or IRC was introduced. It was then developed into the Instant Messengers that are very popular today.

Digital communications brought about a revolution in teleconferencing services. A voice conference is now much more than three or more people connected together on a single phone call. A conference bridge allows a number of people to dial independently to a teleconference. The earliest conference bridges carried analog signals and their processing capacity was limited. Modern conference bridges have nearly a thousand ports and allow a number of electronic conferences to be conducted simultaneously.

Modern conferencing solutions, along with web based software, have made it possible for service providers to provide their customers with a plethora of conferencing service options. Visual communication is possible with the help of computer screens and data files are shared via internet. Recording a conference, attendee polling etc are some of the additional benefits available while conducting training seminars, sales presentations or board meetings. There are free conference call services like Microsoft Net Meeting that come bundled with the Windows OS, but the security may not be good enough for business conferences.

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Kieron James is the CEO of 03talk which is a trading name of Zimo Communications Limited, a UK digital communications company established with quality of service as its principal objective. For more information please visit

A Quick View Of Conference Calling Service

A Quick View Of Conference Calling Service

Whether you own a start up business or run a successfully established business, making long distance calls to investors, associates, colleagues and clients becomes your compulsion. You can’t avoid getting in touch with these people regularly as they play crucial to your business growth and prospects. Even if you are facing fund crunch, the far superior technology of conference calling can make long distance call contacts happen for you at much reduced price. With high quality and effective conference calling service, you can manage day-to-day business contacts, hold urgent business meetings and ensure an increased business connectivity and productivity.

conference calling service is based on transfer of digital signal that allows multiple users to get connected to an audio call within seconds no matter how closely or distantly placed are they from the original call source. Corporate houses generally use conference call solutions to interact with overseas clients, associates and employees thereby giving them new updates in a smooth and effortless manner.


The conference calling facilitates online collaboration among two or more executives who are either working in the same corporate office or different branch offices. A business organization gets immediate access to the conference calling service after subscribing to a suitable call scheme on offer by a web conference agency or telecommunication company. When the host of a conference wants to hold a business meeting he decides a call schedule, prepares call etiquette and forwards them to each and every participant so that they can be on time and follow up the guidelines for better call accessibility. Depending on the call set up features, the interaction between the host and the called party can either be one way or two ways. It is entirely up to the host who decides whether to listen to the called party or only to be listened by them all.

If you have not used conference calling before then you might get confused with the variety of conferencing services that are available in today’s market. Just like most new services and products you would like to do thorough research and settle for the best service which is best for your business call needs and budget.

Before choosing for a specific conference calling program you will have to consider a lot of factors. First of all you need to ensure that the desirable number of participants can join the conference call without any precondition. The number should be somewhere in between 25 to 150 which is the normal user capacity of most of the conference call companies. Again, you need to take into account the call efficiency and suitability from every aspect of your business. Be it operator assisted, reservation less or web video conference calling service, you can’t think of choosing from them without reviewing your call compulsions and convenience.

Though there are prepaid conferencing and flat rate conferencing but running high on popularity is free conference calling service. It is simply because it allows users to enjoy call facility for free of charge except in few special cases when they have to pay for long distance charges as they are included in their arrears.

Hope Neel is an expert technician presently employed with a leading conference calling service provider in USA. With his vast expertise in conference calling service he wants to make long distance contact easy for users.

Fast and Convenient Verizon Conference Calling Set Up

Fast and Convenient Verizon Conference Calling Set Up

The world is expanding and so is the busy work schedule and responsibilities. This scenario especially is applicable to business, which are in an effort to progress and compete to survive in the market. Verizon conference calling connection could be a viable option in connecting with several individuals from any location at any time. By employing a set up for conference calling, you could save a lot of time as well as monetary resources. This is so as you would be required to pay only for the used minutes.

In fact, it is one of the most popular wireless network providers located within the US. This is primarily estimated by the statistics that reflect that several customers who make use of conference calling services go for Verizon.

Set up for this particular wireless network provider for conference calling is convenient and fast. It is basically all about knowing where to find the right kind of knowledge. To begin with you can pick and choose any of the online Verizon conference calling services providers. After the set up has been installed, you are started to communicate with a whole lot of individuals with ease. Depending upon your specific requirement you can opt for the plan that matches your requirement in the most appropriate manner.


To gain more information about this particular wireless network provider for conference calling set up, you can browse through the internet. Usage of internet can give you a convenient approach to locate the appropriate conference calling plans and tariffs to help you out in order to communicate with others.

Emergence of several online Verizon conference calling services providers has created a wider choice of options for you to get a bigger picture of the plans and schemes that you can opt for. Compare the options and have a thorough look before you reach upon a decision.

With Verizon conference calling set up you pay for only what you use. The plans are divided into minutes, depending upon the minutes you would require for conference calling. Every minute that exceeds the package is charged at a minimal rate that can be ascertained depending upon your choice of service. This is to say that audio- based charged differ from that of web-based. In accordance to your convenience and requirement you can make a choice of the service you may like to opt for.

Oswin Slater works as a technical advisor in Conference Callings. He has years of experience behind him in the domain of conference calling and related products. To know more about conference calling services, audio conferencing, verizon conference calling, web conferencing, conference calling plans, conference calling visit

Shakespeare on Conference Calling (Chapter 2)

Shakespeare on Conference Calling (Chapter 2)

Article by Andre Vanier

When it comes to conference calling, a lot of people in the business management environment experience some level of uncertainty about the correct protocol. When should you speak? How much should you say? When should you keep quiet and wait your turn?

Naturally, the most productive conference calls are the result of good teamwork, and organization. But how do folks achieve this? How can we learn to apply the principles of teamwork in the context of a teleconference, or any other type of call handled through a conference bridge?

This article seeks to provide answers by considering a few apt quotes from the famous playwright, Shakespeare. Some of the many notable Shakespearean quotes speak directly, and poignantly to the question of correct form in this format of communication.

“Modest doubt is called the beacon of the wise.”The professional environment can be unnerving, especially in situations like conference calls, where not all callers may not be experienced. A great rule to bear in mind is not to get ahead of yourself.

Remain calm and centered. Try not to get into a competition with yourself or with anyone else, because that will subvert the flow of the conversation quicker than anything else. One of the best ways to achieve this balance is to maintain a healthy dose of modest doubt.

“Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear.”There is no substitute for sound preparation; planning in advance with care is the best preparation for any phone conference. Strong research is the only foundation for insightful analysis; and your role in the conference call might frequently only be as productive as the level of good research you have put into the effort beforehand.

This is often a hard thing to accomplish. And yes, the key to eliminating fear is the salve of careful planning. If you are ready for the conference call, the experience will be pleasantly different than if you had arrived unprepared and with your mind on other things.

“Most dangerous is that temptation that doth goad us on.”Remember, a phone conference is not about having all the answers. It should be about knowing what you need to do, so that everyone can be impressed with how all-together you are. In this way, the conferencing services to achieve a larger goal in the development of better teamwork.

So resist the temptation to defend your ground at all cost. Don’t be afraid of not knowing, or of being willing to express an openness to reconsider a position or a willingness to more fully understand the other side’s point of view. Those who enter into the phone conferencing environment without heeding this principle will throw others off their game!

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”Throughout this exploration of group communication, we keep returning to the principle of teamwork. A conference call bridges together multiple parties and typically, the conference bridges multiple perspectives as well.

So when you borrow from the ideas of other, make sure they get full credit. The key to success in a conference call is to let each player fulfill his or her own part in the call.

About the Author

Andre D. Vanier is the CEO of Rondee’s conference bridge service. Vanier has written a variety of articles on phone conference services and other systems designed to improve organizational effectiveness.

Conference Calling Evolved

Conference Calling Evolved

Article by Richard Keir

Copyright 2005 Richard Keir

Originally the conference call was limited to businesses paying exorbitant fees to the telcos. For business, it still made sense economically because the costs were less than the travel costs involved in bringing the people together. Additionally, significant time savings are involved, both in terms of travel time and in being able to communicate fairly rapidly to an extended group.

Telcos then extended their market by providing conference calling services to home consumers for an added fee. For some, it made sense to be able to bring a family or group with common interests together easily, usually to plan some physical event.

With the expansion of the internet, and in particular, the increasing availability and decreasing pricing for high speed internet access, conference calling has expanded far beyond its original uses.

For business, it remains a vital tool and has, actually, become far more useful as prices fall and the ease of use increases. Real time audio/video conferencing is already in use (and in some organizations has been for quite some time). As the cost of bandwidth decreases and the technology underlying audio-video transmission over networks improves, true real-time video conferencing will increase dramatically.

With the growing sophistication of the typical surfer and the expansion of internet marketing, audio and video have become hot items. Within the internet marketing community, conference calls – usually known as teleseminars, have become a standard feature. Offering the opportunity to reach a large group of interested prospects in a relatively simple and inexpensive format, teleseminars also offer the marketer an opportunity to create an instant product. A recording of a teleseminar can either be sold as a stand-alone product or used as a marketing tool for back-end products.

Marketers are using both free and paid teleseminars. Generally there is a higher level of injected sales content in free teleseminars, but it does vary a great deal.

Solutions available now range from the rather expensive to essentially free. Your choice is going to depend on exactly what level of service you require. There are a number of providers which offer an introductory pricing scheme (I’ve seen it as low as a for the first month), which gives you the opportunity to see firsthand how their service works at a very modest cost. You do need to make sure you understand just how your users will access the conference. Solutions which use telephone call-ins are generally more restrictive and/or expensive than those utilizing an internet connection or VoIP softphone connections.

True real-time audio/video conferencing hasn’t arrived yet for most. The bandwidth requirements remain excessive and the quality of the video, in particular, is fairly low. If you ever done live chat with audio and a web camera, you’ve seen the limitations.

Most online presentations which involve both audio and video generally use static images which change either rarely or slowly, such as charts, website images, topic outlines and so on. This can be extremely useful for teleseminars, of course, because it makes it easier to demonstrate certain points and provides a visual as well as an audio focus for participants.

The combination of audio and visual elements is particularly useful in training situations where one can reinforce the other. Plus, you have the advantage of reaching those who learn better through visual means, as well as those partial to audio.

For those of you doing eCommerce the evolved conference call can be an incredible tool. Consider how much impact regular teleseminars about your area of expertise could have on future sales. You can provide buyers with instructional teleseminars. You can introduce new products. And in each instance you’ll be generating recordings which you can either sell or make available on your sites, or use as added viral marketing tools.

With the increasing sophistication and usability of the tools for conference calling, the possibilities are virtually unlimited and well within the reach of every entrepreneur. You’ll be hard pressed to find another tool that offers you the impact and potential of the conference call.

About the Author

Richard writes, teaches, trains and consults on business and professional presentations and eCommerce related matters. For more on conference calling, web conferencing and related subjects visit – for wireless and cellular subjects see and for networking and security check

Are free conference calling services really free?

Are free conference calling services really free?

Article by Kieron James

Communication is something that you cannot ignore if you are really serious about the success of your business. Businessmen and professionals have always travelled to discuss proposals, make sales presentations and share financial results, face to face. But with conference calls, you can communicate with any number of people even if they are not physically present with you in the same room. Business travel is not only time consuming, but also very expensive. You must also factor in the cost of accommodation. There are many free conference call solutions available that smart companies make use of to reduce costs and still maintain the smooth running of the business.

Both personal and business communication can be made easy by conference calling. Many conferencing services provide inexpensive and easily accessible conferencing solutions that will suit any type of business. If your teleconferencing requirements are at a basic level, free conference call services may be enough for you.

All that telephone conferencing requires is a normal telephone line. A telephone number and pass code is provided to the participant by the teleconferencing service provider. You dial into the conference bridge and key in the pass code to get connected to the teleconference. Voice conference calls through usual channels are usually free for most participants because it is one person, typically the host, who bears the cost of phone conferencing. Others pay just the cost of a long distance telephone call without any other surcharges.

With the advent of internet, teleconferencing is often advertised as “absolutely free”. Many websites offer call conferencing services that let you connect with any number of people absolutely free of charge. The reality is that you are no longer paying the company which hosts the conference bridge on a per-conference, per-delegate or pence-per-minute basis. Rather, you are paying to access the bridge as a charge from your fixed or mobile operator.

Many so called “free conference call services” are hosted on special rate numbers – typicall 0871 or 0844. These are more expensive to dial than 01, 02 or 03 numbers – particularly if you are calling from a mobile.

An alternative exists with 03TALK which operates its service on 03 numbers. Calls to 03 numbers are included in your bundled minutes, meaning that there is no incremental cost in a conference call made to 03TALK. If you have minutes available with your contract at the time of making the call, 03TALK is free to use. If you don’t, the call costs the same as a call to an 01 or 02 number. This is irrespective of whether you are dialling from a fixed or mobile network.

In short, calls to 03TALK really are free. Calls to most conference service providers are operated on more expensive 08 numbers.

About the Author

Kieron James is the CEO of 03talk which is a trading name of Zimo Communications Limited, a UK digital communications company established with quality of service as its principal objective. For more information please visit

How does Conference Calling Work?

How does Conference Calling Work?

Conference calling is one of the fastest growing ways of communicating with people who are spread over different parts of the world. Normal calling rates are high and thus conferencing tools like VoIP systems are a boon and the costs are only a fraction of what you would end up normally spending.

Why choose Conference Calling?

The purpose of conference calling is that it makes communicating with people a lot easier and cheaper than your traditional telephone calling. It is an efficient way for a group of people to carry on an audio conference. The callers or participants as they are known agree to call at a set time which is convenient for all and then everyone calls one particular number and they are connected through a conference call.

How does it Work?

All the conference call participants are provided with a common number that they have to dial to get connected as well as a bridge number. Before the conference call is about to begin the moderator dials in the conference call number and keys in the bridge number as well and after this he types in the moderator’s personally identification number (PIN). Then the moderator opens the call and the rest of the participants can join in. The participants dial the conference number and then key in the bridge number which is provided to them before hand and the other participants hear a chime whenever a new person joins the conversation. If you are interested in obtaining teleconferencing services for your company then you could contact Redback Conferencing at


Etiquettes of Conference Calling

It is imperative that participants of the conference call in on the pre set time. Being late is as rude as someone walking in late in a meeting. It is simple courtesy that before the conference call begins the participants introduce themselves so that everyone involved knows exactly whose on the other side. Until the participants don’t start recognising the voices of the callers, it is advisable that you introduce yourself every time before speaking so that callers are aware of who is speaking.

What are the costs?

Most conference calling service providers charge a certain fee, though there are some that even provide these services for free. Conference calling service providers that charge a fee will generally offer a toll-free number which the participants dial which results the call being made without costing as much as long distance calls. Free calling services will require the callers to incur long distance calling charges for the joined call.

Are there any risks involved?

In conference calls, as you cannot see the person with whom you are speaking there are chances that unknown people might join the conversation and eavesdrop as well. Yes there is a chime that sounds whenever a person joins the conversation, but it can go unheard at times and if the person mutes his phone, then you will not be able to make out there is someone extra on the line.

Linda Breim is a Telecommunications Engineer with an experience of 10 years in the field. He specialises in latest conferencing technologies.

Conference Calling: The Easy Way to Communicate

Conference Calling: The Easy Way to Communicate

Article by Kieron James

The world today is highly advanced when it comes to communication. Many companies use video and audio conferencing solutions to a great extent to regularly keep in touch with business partners, colleagues and customers spread across the globe and also to save their time and money.

It might not be feasible for you to keep travelling to different places to connect with business contacts, friends or family. In this situation, conference call services prove to be the ideal solution. Through regular conference calls you can connect with any number of people located anywhere in the world.

Voice conference calling enables you to resolve several issues related to frequent business travel such as expenses, waste of travel time and even fatigue. Through the advanced conferencing services offered by many reputed players in the market, you can connect to more than one business location and discuss important matters. You can start teleconferencing at a moment’s notice. Compare this against how long it takes to arrange a face to face meeting between people situated in different parts of the globe.

The main advantage of telephone conferencing is that you need just an ordinary telephone line to join the call. Teleconferencing service providers host something called a conference bridge which is basically a server that has the capability to answer multiple telephone calls at the same time. Participants who wish to join a teleconference dial into the bridge and key in the access code provided by the vendor.

Call conferencing involves just the cost of a telephone and that of a long distance call. If you want to avail of more sophisticated phone conferencing facilities that include features such as call recording, participant surveys and polls, you may need to subscribe to a plan offered by any of the reputed service providers. These packages are quite affordable and businesses of any size or nature can find call conference solutions that suits their needs and budget.

If you have a permanent dial in number, conference code and a PIN, you and your colleagues can start conferencing any time you desire. There are even facilities such as toll free dial in for international participants and operator assistance if required. Conference calling is an effective means of communication for business and non business purposes.

Even taking down minutes is made easy with the call recording facility. Previously recorded calls can also be played back at any time.

With these advantages, it is no doubt that teleconferencing has become the preferred way of communication for businesses all over the world.

About the Author

Kieron James is the CEO of 03talk which is a trading name of Zimo Communications Limited, a UK digital communications company established with quality of service as its principal objective. For more information please visit

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Conference Calling with Hosted VoIP Telecoms Services

Conference Calling with Hosted VoIP Telecoms Services

Hosted VoIP services have become a routine communication tool for businesses as they provide extensive features and benefits, one of which is conference calling. Conference calling has become an integral feature leading to improved business communications. Bridging the gap between offices in different locations, conference calling allows businesses to increase productivity, function at an optimal level and ultimately achieve better returns. Who knew better business communication could propel a company from ordinary to exemplary?

Some VoIP providers have begun to offer a carrier grade conference bridge service. The product is a step upward from normal conference calling as it is a scalable and resilient service but also leads to a huge reduction in conference calling costs. VoIP conference call services are incredibly beneficial to business operations and are another example of how hosted VoIP services have led to better business performance.

Convenience and high usability
Employees often travel on business to different time zones, making the task of conference calling difficult when service providers place restrictions on possible calling times. Similarly, many businesses, especially call centers run their offices according shifts and emergency meetings are always possible at times which are out of office hours. Hosted VoIP conference calling facilities allow for calls without time constraints because the facilities are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that differing time zones, shift work and emergency meetings will not disrupt conference call opportunities.


Existing VoIP clients can upgrade their system with ease due to the versatility and high usability of VoIP telephony services. The user friendliness means that lines can be added and subtracted with ease and the system is fully scalable, allowing from one to 20 people to participate in one conference call. There is no need for high technical maintenance, time consuming training or operator assistance. The system is programmed and ready to use and guides the call members according to voice prompts.

Lower costs
With a recession in full swing, saving money is at the top of every businesses priority list. Conference calling on a hosted VoIP network is a money saving tool, not only in call and operation costs, but in the general functioning of a company.

Money is also saved because conference calling saves company time. Through the easy user features and lack of a need for training or technicians, a business using hosted VoIP services is able to function at an optimal level, completing tasks at a much faster rate than normal.

A decrease in business travel is also a money-saver. Conference calls can remove the need to travel to some locations because the same results of a trip can be achieved through making conference calls. Meetings and conferences can be held in multiple locations without the travel costs or time consuming commutes.

Better features
Conversations can be saved and sent as emails, which is another time saving feature. Saved conversations eradicate the need for note-taking and also allow for participation in conference calls when on the move for example when driving or at the gym.

A hosted VoIP conference call provider should offer their conference service in packages depending on hours at a flat rate. For example, a 20 hour package for a specific amount which is then paid each month, with the business knowing that they have 20 hours of conference calls available to them and will not overspend on their communication budget. If more call time is required, the balance can be topped up.

Conference call facilities on a hosted VoIP network have become an integral part of improved business communications. Telecoms providers offer advanced features with easy usability and lower call costs, saving companies a large amount of their communication budget through increased efficiency. Ultimately, increased business output and performance means a better professional image and reputation in a business’ respective field.

Inclarity is a low cost carrier offering hosted VoIP services in the UK which include VoIP conferencing.