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Meetings is the general term but Conference calls is a special term

Meetings is the general term but Conference calls is a special term

Article by swathi

A company is a group of people working together on a particular task and there should be regular means of communication or else it would result in improper working of the organization. If the people do not communicate with each other then no one will be knowing what the other person is doing and is that what the client requires. So there should be continuous contact between the people who are working on the same project.

For discussing these kind of issues the general answer which comes into any ones mind is having a meeting. There are various kinds of meetings and these can be used in what ever way we want. If the people are staying in the same place then face to face meetings is the best option and what if they are not staying nearby! If the company has multiple branches then there is a chance for the people to stay in different places. So in these kinds of situations if you go for a face to face meeting then it will be of huge cost and you have to waste so much of time which is a lot more valuable than money in travelling.If you are looking for an alternative method or the cheaper means of communication then the best option will be the conference calls. In conference calls there are many options like video conferencing, audio conferencing, web conferencing and so on. Among this the very good alternative of face to face meetings is audio conferencing. The reason why I told this is here there is no need of any special equipment and you can have conference calls with the basic telephone line connections that you are having.

In case of video conferencing or web conferencing you need the equipment to be installed and you have to stay near to the equipment for having the conference. If you are in the middle of a journey then you will not be able to participate in the conference as you cannot carry these equipments. Where as in audio conference calls, all you need is a basic telephone line connection either it might be a land line or mobile phone and you can participate in the conference regardless of where you are staying.

So it is always better to use audio conference calls instead of any other conference call services. With the help of these audio conference calls you can enjoy some of the benefits like this.

Cheap Conference Calls & Toll Free Numbers

Cheap Conference Calls & Toll Free Numbers

Article by Max Stephen

Many service providers in the market introduced cheap conference calls for the users, so as to maximize the customer-base by encouraging more and more people to opt for their services.

The reason behind offering cheap conference calls is that in most cases, the service providers are having their own networks for conference calling. That means the overheads or additional costs are not there, which otherwise are added in fees charged from the customers. Overall, it is a very good option for organization to use and gauge the performance of service providers, before the make final decision to choose the best fitting service provider.

The service of cheap conference calls is provided to the customers by giving a toll free number along with a dial-in number for the participants. The host is simply required to call on that toll-free number and can conduct the conference thereafter. Usually cheap conference calls are reservation-less type of conference calling, which means that there is no requirement of a reservation for the conference call and one can make a conference call anytime.

Cheap conference calls do not mean that the service providers will provide limited services to its users. There is nothing like this and service providers provide conference call management systems to ensure higher performance. However, such conference calls have an automated system, because it needs minimization of the cost factor; yet one can ask for operator assistance, if the requirement arises.

A cheap conference call can be the best option for business purposes, training institutions, and anyone interested in making a conference call. With such a conference call, one can be connected with two, three, or up to two hundred people, in general, at the same time for conversation. Also there is no need of any extra equipment to be installed except the telephone system, which is sufficient to enable the host to make a conference call.

Small businesses and other types of organizations who have just started their ventures look to cheap conference calls as beneficial, for, their budget arrangements and costs are not as big as for settled companies. To automate the system of communication, and still to avoid the cost of heavy equipments, travel, and space, conference calling facilities are best options. So, we can say that overall, cheap conference calls are beneficial, as they are nothing short in the technical aspects, but at the same time provide economical options for the users.

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The Popularity Of Free Phone Conference Calls

The Popularity Of Free Phone Conference Calls

Conference calls are an invaluable tool for any business who needs to remain in contact with several departments at once. Conference calls, especially international conference calls, used to cost a lot of money. Companies still paid these extravagant amounts because they had to; there was really no other way around it.

Today, however, free phone conference calls are becoming more popular. As phone companies are trying hard to remain competitive and relevant, more companies are offering free phone conference calls as well as free international conference calls. This means you can talk to as many departments as you want to, as many times as you want to, and it won’t cut into your business’s bottom line.

Why Conference Calling?

Conference calls are perfect for keeping a company’s satellite offices up to date on policies, sales figures, or to just compare notes. Many companies these days are spread out across the country and even across the world. When you need to contact satellite offices in Houston, St. Louis and Phoenix simultaneously, free phone conference calls are the way to go. Otherwise, you’d have to travel to each city individually which would be very expensive. With free phone conference calls, you can discuss things in real time with many different people and it won’t cost you or your company anything.


Communication is Key

Many companies prefer to stay in contact with each other and with other departments through email. However, email can be unreliable and sometimes the message isn’t correctly conveyed when it’s typed out on a screen. With free phone conference calls, you can be sure your message gets across correctly.

You can ask and answer questions in real time, and you can even compare notes and just increase morale, all with one phone call. It’s almost as if everyone is in the same board room sharing ideas. The only difference is that you may be miles and miles apart. The fact is, though, that communication is necessary for any business that wants to succeed and free phone conference calling is the way to accomplish that communication.

Once you have your free phone conference calls set up, you’ll see your productivity, your company morale and your profits soar. If you hope to remain current in today’s increasingly competitive business market, you should always have a free phone conference call service set up so that you can remain in contact with all your employees whenever you need to.

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Tango Free Video/Voice Calls Demo from GigaOm’s Mobilize Conference

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Toll Free 800 Conference Calls

Toll Free 800 Conference Calls

So you are looking for a toll free 800 conference call service to help you offer free conference calls to your customers, employees or business partners. Using a toll free number is a smart way to attract more people to your calls.

When you get a 800 number, you can host your call easily and people can join your call for free. This motivates many who might have been hesitant to attend your call.

This option is very popular for companies and businesses. It is easy and fast. The good news is, most good conference hosting companies offer you this option easily.


How to Choose the Best Toll Free Conference Call Service?

When you do a simple search in Google or your favorite search engine, you will see there are many different companies offering this solution. Each of them come with a set of various features and prices.

Most of the modern conference call companies now offer a web based solution for you to host and manage your call even more easily using the web and Internet technology.

You can record your conference calls, see who is connected, and monitor almost everything in your call. This comes very useful and gives you a powerful tool to host the perfect call.

The two factors you want to consider when choosing a service is the quality of the calls and how reliable the service is, and also the price of the investment you are going to make.

The good news, you can find the perfect solution by doing a bit of research. There are many affordable, low cost conference call hosting services with a top quality.

Simply do some simple research and compare the benefits they provide and see which one is the best you want to use.

Looking for easy-to-use Web Conference Call Services that offer you the highest quality and the best rates?

Check out this helpful guide to discover the top three Free Conference Call Services to find out which one is the best for you.

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Smart Tips on how to choose a good conference calls Solution

Smart Tips on how to choose a good conference calls Solution

Article by John Peterson

Conference calls can do wonders for your business, in more ways than one, and those who use this valuable tool, the benefits are worth the time it takes to find a good solution for conference calls. Not just any solution will do, although many providers that offer services that are not all equal. If you want to make conference calls to you, what it has done so many other hard-working business owners, then you have to pick and choose the right solution for your business and your business partners.

By now you’re probably wondering what the factors are a good solution for conference calls. True, there are several factors involved, and each of them should be taken into account and weighed exactly the same decision, conference calling provider for your business. Five factors in particular are extremely important if you want to be successful in conference calls and work to improve its business as it has so many others.

1st Is clearly one of the most important factors in any business decision-cost solution, as it should be worth the price you pay for your business. In many cases, the conference program for business customers, who pay a rate far. On the other hand, these companies have a 1-800 number, the conference can get pricey if you plan to use a feature often. If you do not have a long-range plan can still be useful to register before using the conference program.

2nd Another important feature is the ability to organize the demand for calls. Some of the services and / or plans will be offered only in regular conference calls, advanced services, but it is also important to be able to hold a conversation with little or no notice, as problems can be done. You need to be sure, conference calling solution that offers both options.

3rd Another choice you must make the choice of service is what medium you want to use. Many companies like to make audio calls, but others might call a strictly online discussions over instant messenger. In other cases, you can use a mixture of the two environments, allowing the sound does not download the audio call between the other members. Your choice depends on many things, including what type of business you are planning to make your calls.

4th Another important aspect of the conferences – to determine how many callers can support together. What kind of capacity you need depends on your business size and client base. It is obvious that more companies should select a service plan that can support many callers simultaneously.

5th Finally, it is important to determine whether international users will be able to dial the same number for domestic consumers, to collect. In cases where the same number is used, it causes less confusion and may be less expensive for those international calls.

That was able to organize its employees, customers and associates, including conference calls, can completely change your business destiny. Choosing a good program is essential if you want to conference calls for multiple benefits, it has so many others.

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Free Conference Call – Free Conference Calls

Free Conference CallFree Conference Calls

“Nocostconference” the pioneer name in teleconference service since 2006, with 20 million plus minutes each month & still counting, 24/7 reservation less service, system uptime of 99.9%, No setup charges,  No hidden costs, Free recording’s, Call history, Free Web control access & lots more…. does it get better than this? I doubt not…. I am sure NO.

Nocostconference is primarily a US based conference service that operates with in the free parameters based on the US telecom structure, allowing callers from all around the world call into their dial in number paying extremely competitive international call charges, callers calling in from within US only pay the long distance call charges applicable to be on a conference call with up to 250 callers on a single conference call & if necessary up to a 1000 callers on a single conference call with prior notice.

Conference calling options ranging from basic phone to phone conference calls where in conference call’s  take place on regular telephone lines – no computer or internet access required, to complete Web controlled conference calling experience where the moderator has complete control over the conference call from Muting participants, Recording the call, viewing caller dial in numbers & lots more. Then there is the “No advert Subscription” where in paying .99USD per month you get a generic dial in number, calling which people hear ad free welcome message giving your conference a more professional touch. Then there is the Toll Free option where in you as the host can buy minutes from us & set up your Toll Free conference call number calling this dial in number the call will be free for all callers.

What makes nocostconference stand apart in the crowd? This service provider offers state-of-the-art fiber optic connectivity for its communication and data services for crystal clear conferencing experience all the way, online chat support team eager to assist customers 6 am to 8 pm EST.

To set up your conference call please visit or email us at for more queries.

International Conference Calls – Collaborate Worldwide

International Conference Calls – Collaborate Worldwide

Businesses that are based in one country but have clients, associates or reasons to collaborate with others abroad are using international conference calls more than ever. International conference calls are becoming a necessary business tool. The obvious benefit is that all parties can communicate by phone no matter their geographic location.  Ancillary benefits of the international conference call are a combination of the economies of international conference calling and the ‘green’ side affect of participants not needing to travel, rent a car, pay for food or lodging or leave their base to collaborate internationally and, of course, there’s no jet lag.

International conference calls enable phone collaboration between geographically diverse participants
International conference calls, while often used to coordinate with associates and update status on projects, global conference calls are important in creating a synergy amongst teams, groups and clients even if they are on the other side of the world.

International conference calling is easier than ever, with numerous possibilities. From holding conferences and workshops to building international teams and communicating with geographically diverse customers, connecting worldwide attendees over the phone lines makes virtually anything possible by phone.


No matter where you or your conference call attendees are located, you can connect internationally and host conference call you’re your associates.  It is a simple task to collaborate with associates, clients or groups even if they may are located in geographically diverse locations.

You’re conferees can be located in the USA or any of 60+ other countries where an International Toll Free access number is available.  International Toll Free Access Service or commonly known as ITFS, enables participants to dial-in at no cost to them and access your conference call from their country.

For example to host an international conference call with attendees in Brazil, India, Hong Kong, China, Canada and the USA, you will need a conference call service that offers Toll Free lines or local access numbers in those countries.

Using a ‘dial-out’ feature that permits the moderator to connect to participants without the attendees needing to dial-in.  This feature is called leader dial-out.  It’s important if your international conference calling company offers only Toll Free access numbers, they must also provide the dial-out feature for your international conference calls.

Examine and research a conference call company that provides both Toll Free international lines and the leader dial-out feature.  In addition to what to look for in a provider of international conference call service, because of time zone issues typically associated with international conference calls, it can be very important to have access to 24 hour customer support and operator assistance just in case it’s needed.

24 hour operator assistance can be important for many reasons, for example if one or more participants need to be brought into your conference call because there is no Toll Free service available in their country, or a participant needs assistance because of a local connection issue in his/her country, operator assistance can provide the instant solution and fix the problem.

American International Telephonics offers international conference calling plans that provide international conferees, including those in any country, with the ability to collaborate on conference calls no matter where they may be located. If you need to set up international conference calling, AIT offers an easy solution. Global Conference Calls are now possible on a pay-as-you-go basis with no monthly fees or long term contracts.

How Can Conference Calls Save Your Business Money

How Can Conference Calls Save Your Business Money

Running a business with multiple offices in different locations is now much easier than what it was a few years back, thanks to conferencing services. Employees at different places can be given instructions, reports can be received and performances evaluated with the help of teleconferencing services. Coordination between different offices is a necessity and can be achieved with the help of conference calls quite easily.

Call conferencing provides a cost effective solution to businesses where travel is a necessity for supervising the operations of different branches. Traveling expenses can be almost eliminated once a proper set up for teleconferencing is in use. Conferencing solutions come with varied features and tariffs that are designed to suit every business requirement. All you need to do is get in touch with a reliable conference call service provider and look for a provider that offers a FREE conference call service.


Conference calls allow many people to be connected to each other at the same time. This needs a conference bridge which is a server allowing multiple phone lines to be connected to each other simultaneously. All participants can be connected by a host or may connect independently with a toll free access code and a personal identification number.

Some planning might be required before a teleconference is conducted. Usually conference call service providers do this for their customers. They also provide call recording services sometimes. This comes in handy when different people required for phone conferencing are in different time zones. A moderator can handle the proceedings of the conference call just as in a real meeting.

An in-person conference will require invitations to be sent, conference venues to be booked, accompanying snacks and lunch to be planned and paid for, and traveling expenses above all. A simple set up for telephone conferencing is surely far less expensive and more efficient in the long run. In matters needing urgent attention, it is always better to opt for teleconferencing than travel unnecessarily.

Voice conference can be great for training too. All trainees can be connected and given instructions along with visual aids, if you use advanced video conferencing facilities. Sales presentations, client meetings and internal support communication can all be conducted with a teleconferencing facility.

Depending upon the requirement of any business, the service provider can offer monthly or per call plans. Monthly plans suit businesses which need call conferencing almost everyday and per call plans are better for businesses which need conferencing just a couple of times a month.

Kieron James is the managing director of Zimo Communications, a Network Operator providing number translation services on a wide range of geographic and non-geographic number ranges.

Meet-Me Conference Calls

Meet-Me Conference Calls

Article by Sam Schwartz

With international culture picking up and companies opening offices in every country, it’s becoming more difficult to arrange meetings. This problem has been solved to an extent by conference calling services. In a conference call, three or more participants interact via telephones, video and Web. But this service can impose a huge financial burden on the company. PhoneFusion’s Meet Me Conferencing surpasses any other service.

The Free Conferencing calling system is a 24X7 service and operates on any kind of calling device: traditional phone, desktop softphone, cell phones and broadband phones. Free reservation less conferencing is also very popular. Conference services are free as they charge for voice center messaging, toll-free reservation and operator assistance. The Free Conferencing calling service can add to the services provided by entitling the user to download a softphone patron and connecting to any conference call.

PhoneFusion Meet-Me conference numbers are allotted on a one-time basis with a confirmation number to make sure a conference bridge is retained only for the particular party for a specific time slot. Meet-Me conference calls can house from three to 150 participants. The starting caller or the meeting organizer retains a Meet-Me conference bridge. This system was designed for small and medium businesses.

In a PhoneFusion Meet-Me conference call, each party is given an exclusive meeting identification number for the conference call. The party then calls the teleconference bridge at the predetermined meeting time.

The working mechanism of Phonefusion Meet-Me Conferencing is simple. The originator has to call from a PhoneFusion phone number. He will continue to hear the ring until the next caller joins the system and the other callers are connected to the conference.

The Meet-Me Conferencing service of PhoneFusion lets one to improve alliances by setting up conference calls easily. This system is a digital, fully integrated, easy to use, password secure audio conference bridge which lets several people in different locations establish communication channels with each other without accruing the cost of other systems. It provides a secure and easy way to enterprises to conduct the conferences without any obstruction and as an annex to their already strong VoIP systems.

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