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Leeds Conference and Meeting Venues- Creating a Benchmark in the World of Business

Leeds Conference and Meeting Venues- Creating a Benchmark in the World of Business

Conferences and meetings are great way of interaction where one get the opportunity to share information and new ideas apart from chance of meeting new contacts. Due to their far effect and result they have become common among all the industry and are attended by the industry major players. Planning a conference or meeting is a mammoth task and there are many factors that have to be considered before selecting an ideal venue. Factors like timing, location, facilities, and style are quite vital in helping to decide a perfect conference and meeting venues. Especially in UK, where there are numerous meeting and conference venues, selection becomes more difficult and tedious. Everyone wants their event to run smoothly and deliver promises to delegates upon returning to work. Keeping all the above point in mind Leeds in UK can be considered as the ideal place as it has excellent facilities for such events and moreover it is easily accessible from air and road having wealth of accommodation.

Leeds offers some of the most perfect destination ideally required for conferences, meetings and events. Conference venues in Leeds offer all the conference facilities such as breakout rooms, meeting suites with flexible layouts, faxing and photocopying facilities, general secretarial services and internet access. These conference venues of Leeds are known to have state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities, data projectors, screen and laptop input and a wide range of banqueting services. Conference venues in Leeds are available in different sizes and can accommodate from one to over thousand. The quality and service of the conference venues of Leeds depends on the style and standard of the venue, which one can, chose according to his budget and requirements.

Leeds, UK’s favourite city is also supposed to have various meeting venues, which are designed on the International flavour and architecture. Apart from world-class meeting venues, Leeds is considered as an ideal place for holding meeting due to its stylish architecture, awesome club scene and superior shopping experience. Leeds is known for offering unparalleled setting for conferences and meeting of all levels from grand board room for high-level meetings to appointed rooms for smaller meetings, Leeds can successfully handle range of occasions. It is said to have a perfect blend of European energy and warm Yorkshire welcome. In essence Leeds conferences and meeting venues are well organized space for people to intelligently think, decide on vital agendas, derive positive results and burst into serious action. Leeds conference and meeting venues are considered as ideal due to excellent facilities provided by these venues of Leeds and also due to the fact that Leeds is easy accessible. is the ideal site for venues finders where you can find Leeds Conference Venues, meeting venues and wedding venues across the UK. You will find right Leeds Meeting Venues with all the modern facilities and services.

Organizing a Conference

Organizing a Conference

Conference call services are organized to meet the people without wasting much time and money. Calling conference services are organized at your place to communicate with the people at distant places with convenience. There are different types of conference call services available now days.
Audio conference call services
Video conference call services
Web conference call services

Audio conference call services

Audio conference call service is basically a service provided to user who wishes to talk more people at the same time. Audio conference call service is basically a telephone call in which maximum number of people can participate for communication purpose. The scenario of Audio conference call service is like a calling party calls a person and then the calling party again invites the other one to take participate in their conversation.

Video conference call services

Video conference call service is one of the starring techniques for the business organization to continue their trade and business at lower price with much convenience.
Video conference call service is the latest trend in the business for fast and result oriented activities. Its fame enabling it to change the definition of typical official meetings. Extensive popularity of Video conference call service supports a lot to those companies which have low budget but want to work hard to lead the business world.


Web conference call services

A web conference call service is the facility provided by the web conference call service providers. The purpose of web conference call for providing this service is to give the better quality of interaction with the people. With the help of web conference call you can easily have web meetings with the people at different location with a click only. You can easily use the web conference call in your daily business life. It is quite convenient and do not need any special arrangement.

These conference call services are provided by the conference call services service providers. Service providers charge for their service on the basis of per hour or per minute. When you will get the subscription of any service provider than a specific pin code is allotted to you and you should provide this pin code to all of the people you wish to be presented at your conference.
Whenever you can to organize a conference call services there would be some steps you need to follow.


First of all you should make schedule of you conference and then inform to all related people of yours. Then call the conference call services service provider and the subscription for your particular timings of conference. Do inform the people about your toll number and pin code for conference call services. You should also book your time duration for distortion free conference. According to schedule people dial a number and enter pin code to join your conference call services. After joining all people can communicate with each other like sitting face to face.
The person who have subscribed for the conference call services would manage the call and can terminate the call on his wish. If you want to share any data or display any presentation than you have to arrange the web calling conference services. Arrange conference call services which can also be recorded. This can help you in way, one you can use it for future need, and secondly, it can help you to calculate your billing by yourself to get the idea of payment.

The Benefits Of Using Cheap Conference Calling Services

The Benefits Of Using Cheap Conference Calling Services

Article by Max Stephen

Making a conference call has proved to be a cost-effective solution in conducting business meetings and seminars. With this technology, you can connect to your staff or other business people with fewer hassles. That means that you can talk to your associates without leaving the country or your office. You need not go through the pain and expenses of traveling any longer.

How does call conferencing work? Conference calling usually involves three or more persons. It creates a seamless and simultaneous interaction between the people involved in the conference. This means that your staffs need not to be physically present in a specific place to gather up for a conference.

Three modes of call conferencing

A call conference basically has three modes of communication. It can either be an audio conference, a videoconference or a web based conference.

An audio conference would simple entail the presence of a working phone for each of the participants. A specific number is given out by the provider to be distributed to the rest of the people involved. Once dialed, the users would get in touch with the rest of the people involved in the conference.

Videoconferencing is another type of call conferencing where a camera and a television are involved. It works as similar as a call conference, but this time you would also see the person or persons you are talking to through the means of real time videos.

Web teleconferencing is another type of call conferencing. This method uses the power of Internet technology to connect to people. All you need for a web conference is your computer with web cam and headsets. Web conference gives you the speed and efficiency of Internet communication.

Advantages of call conferencing

* Cost-effective Virtual communication is the key in getting cheap conferences. Most providers do offer very affordable packages that would suit all your needs. Call conferencing would definitely allow your company to save up a lot because you can do away with buying airplane tickets, paying for hotel expenses and other travel expenditure.

* Saves timeUnlike traditional conferences, you do not need much of a preparation to conduct a call conference. This way, a lot of time can be saved. Call conferencing can also be your best option if you want to hold a meeting on a very short notice. It would also save a lot of time since you can get your message across a lot of people at a much faster pace.

* Builds a good office relationship Call conferencing may possibly create a friendlier working place. Since call conference is a cheaper way of getting in touch with your staff, you can now get more people invited in meetings. This would prevent the feeling of neglect that may be experienced by your employees.

* Accessible and simple to use The process of call conference is so simple and no technical skills or knowledge is really needed. Your provider would do all the set up for you. You just need to ensure that you and the other participants have a working land phone or a mobile phone. The host who would be heading the conference call can now communicate and interact with the participants via phone.

* Provision for visual presentation Audio conferencing is only restricted to verbal communication. But with video call conferencing, you are not only limited to audio interaction. Video conferencing would allow you to create presentations and transfer data via video. With video conferencing, you can use visual tools to get your message across more clearly and effectively.

* No need to travelDistance can be quite a problem when conducting seminars, conferences, meetings or other business gatherings. Distance can be one reason why some of your employees may not make it to a meeting. With a call conference, you do not need to travel outside the walls of your office and you can get more people involved because distance will no longer be an issue. You can even get in touch with the people you need to talk with even if they are at the comfort of their own home.

The advantages mentioned above only prove that call conference can be a real benefit for you and your company. You would not only save money, but you can also save a lot of time and hassle when conducting conferences.

About the Author

Max Stephen is the author of this Cheap Conference Call article and the webmaster of

Meetings is the general term but Conference calls is a special term

Meetings is the general term but Conference calls is a special term

Article by swathi

A company is a group of people working together on a particular task and there should be regular means of communication or else it would result in improper working of the organization. If the people do not communicate with each other then no one will be knowing what the other person is doing and is that what the client requires. So there should be continuous contact between the people who are working on the same project.

For discussing these kind of issues the general answer which comes into any ones mind is having a meeting. There are various kinds of meetings and these can be used in what ever way we want. If the people are staying in the same place then face to face meetings is the best option and what if they are not staying nearby! If the company has multiple branches then there is a chance for the people to stay in different places. So in these kinds of situations if you go for a face to face meeting then it will be of huge cost and you have to waste so much of time which is a lot more valuable than money in travelling.If you are looking for an alternative method or the cheaper means of communication then the best option will be the conference calls. In conference calls there are many options like video conferencing, audio conferencing, web conferencing and so on. Among this the very good alternative of face to face meetings is audio conferencing. The reason why I told this is here there is no need of any special equipment and you can have conference calls with the basic telephone line connections that you are having.

In case of video conferencing or web conferencing you need the equipment to be installed and you have to stay near to the equipment for having the conference. If you are in the middle of a journey then you will not be able to participate in the conference as you cannot carry these equipments. Where as in audio conference calls, all you need is a basic telephone line connection either it might be a land line or mobile phone and you can participate in the conference regardless of where you are staying.

So it is always better to use audio conference calls instead of any other conference call services. With the help of these audio conference calls you can enjoy some of the benefits like this.

NDP conference call clips

Clips from a secret NDP conference call where negotiations with the Bloc Quebecois are discussed regarding replacing the government

A Brief History of Conference Calling

A Brief History of Conference Calling

Article by Kieron James

While call conferencing has now become a very popular tool to establish fast and efficient communication between people who need to keep in touch but are physically miles apart, the basic human need to connect within groups has always been a primal trait. If you think about it, the earliest conference calls were made using drum beats and smoke signals.

In layman’s terms, a conference call provides a platform for many people to connect to each other whenever there is need to discuss something. The earliest instance of a device used for phone conferencing may be the Jordanphone invented by Asen Yordanoff, a Bulgarian, in 1945. It was a wireless device that could transmit the voice on the regular phone to a loudspeaker so that many people could hear the person on the other side.

Bell Labs was the first to work on the concept of telephone conferencing around 1956. Then it was in early 1960s that American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) dabbled with teleconferencing. The device used was known as Picturephone and was publicly exhibited in 1964 at the New York World’s Fair. The visitors were allowed to speak to people with the help of this device. This device needed three phone lines to manage video and audio, with a picture appearing on a very small screen every 2 seconds. It was a very expensive and bulky device which did not find much support with corporate world. Then in early 70s relay chats or IRC was introduced. It was then developed into the Instant Messengers that are very popular today.

Digital communications brought about a revolution in teleconferencing services. A voice conference is now much more than three or more people connected together on a single phone call. A conference bridge allows a number of people to dial independently to a teleconference. The earliest conference bridges carried analog signals and their processing capacity was limited. Modern conference bridges have nearly a thousand ports and allow a number of electronic conferences to be conducted simultaneously.

Modern conferencing solutions, along with web based software, have made it possible for service providers to provide their customers with a plethora of conferencing service options. Visual communication is possible with the help of computer screens and data files are shared via internet. Recording a conference, attendee polling etc are some of the additional benefits available while conducting training seminars, sales presentations or board meetings. There are free conference call services like Microsoft Net Meeting that come bundled with the Windows OS, but the security may not be good enough for business conferences.

About the Author

Kieron James is the CEO of 03talk which is a trading name of Zimo Communications Limited, a UK digital communications company established with quality of service as its principal objective. For more information please visit

GVO Conference software and PowerPoint sharing

GVO Conference software and PowerPoint sharing

Everybody is familiar with PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a product from Microsoft designed to put together business presentations using, text, audio, images and video. In fact PowerPoint has developed over the years and you can now do almost anything with it to deliver a fantastic engaging experience.


PowerPoint sharing is a function which comes with some online video conference packages. Not all providers support this feature but many have recognised the potential and importance of including this. In fact it will eventually be a standard tool across the board if a conference provider intends to compete.


Video conferencing is big right now and there is plenty of providers and packages to choose from. Before I talk about PowerPoint sharing further I just want to give you quick rundown of the kind of functions and tools you should expect. First of all you should look for a provider which charges per room and not per attendee. Per attendee can work out expensive, even though its cheaper than conducting an offline meeting, it can still cost you a lot of money once your conference attendees number increases. Secondly find a provider which does not require you to download and install software or applications. This would apply to you and your attendees and can become messy and cause OS compatibility issues. Very embarrassing if your attendees cant enter the conference room. The kind of tools and functions you can expect along with PowerPoint sharing are, file sharing, browser sharing, video sharing, whiteboard sharing, full way video chart, full way text chat, multiple moderators, record function, and more.



PowerPoint sharing is by far one of the best functions. If your provider includes PowerPoint sharing as a function then you are able to share a presentation directly from the conference room interface. This would work exactly the same as conducting an offline presentation in an office meeting except you can share it globally. Once the PowerPoint function is toggled on you simply access your presentation on your system and conduct it in the same fashion you would normally. Every attendee can watch and listen to you simultaneously.


The reason PowerPoint presentations work well, are because like I said earlier, everybody is familiar with this tool and you can do almost anything with it. A good presentation can be put together by anyone using this software and because the average conference software is so user friendly you will find it extremely easy to put together a fantastic presentation and present it with great ease. When you have finished the PowerPoint presentation you can even slip it into the file sharing drawer  in the conference room where all attendees can access it and save it to their own system.


PowerPoint is a great way to engage with your audience and combine it with conferencing software and you have an amazing powerful tool.


All functions and tools in your conference software package can be easily toggled on and off whenever you choose. This makes for a smooth streamlined experience when holding your online conference. PowerPoint is a very professional piece of software and you will be more than happy with the results.

I used GVO Conference. To get a free demo account, visit my site

Media conference – Update Daniel Morcombe search

default Media conference   Update Daniel Morcombe search

Further details have been confirmed in relation to human remains in the form of three bones that were found at the site which police and SES have been searching in Beerwah. DNA testing has confirmed these human remains to be Daniel Morcombe. The Morcombe family has been advised of these results, and the Queensland Police Service extends its condolences to them during this difficult time. The bones were located near where two shoes were found in the primary search site off Kings Road. Forensic testing of the shoes is ongoing. The search of the site continues. Anyone with information which could assist police with their investigations should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day. Crime Stoppers is a charitable community volunteer organisation working in partnership with the Queensland Police Service.
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Conference Call Services for Small-Scale Businesses

Conference Call Services for Small-Scale Businesses

Even small business enterprises can benefit from signing up for a reliable conference call service. Like all other types of businesses, small firms are not outside the governance of natural limitations such as time and distance. When one of your business partners is out of town at a crucial moment where issues need to be discussed and resolved immediately, you can do the next best thing – call him up and invite him to join your scheduled phone conference.

Obtaining the ability to conduct telephone conferences is not as complicated as it may seem. A number of reliable teleconferencing providers allow interested consumers to apply for their services online, requiring little more than some personal information and a working credit card.

Setting up a conference call works much like setting up a face-to-face meeting. One proposes a specific date and time when everyone convenes in a certain location where the meeting will take place. With conference calls, the date and time is also proposed beforehand and the meeting location is through an invisible audio digital interface. The difference here is that everyone has to know the number to call, and in some cases, a security access code to be able to join the telephone conference properly.


So the next time one of your business partners is going to be out of town at an untimely moment, you don’t need to wring your fingers and wish helplessly that he would come back immediately. Just make sure he gets the memo about the scheduled phone conference and that he has memorized your toll-free conference calling number and access code.

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As the leading provider of conference call services, Free Conferencing Corporation offers high quality collaborative communication solutions for businesses, communities, and non-corporate organizations. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has garnered over one million registered users who rely on its user-friendly audio conferencing program to maintain correspondences with their associates. To learn more about the company and its products and services, visit or call 877-482-5838.

Jeff Paul is a writer and copy editor who likes to share information on many different topics.

A Quick View Of Conference Calling Service

A Quick View Of Conference Calling Service

Whether you own a start up business or run a successfully established business, making long distance calls to investors, associates, colleagues and clients becomes your compulsion. You can’t avoid getting in touch with these people regularly as they play crucial to your business growth and prospects. Even if you are facing fund crunch, the far superior technology of conference calling can make long distance call contacts happen for you at much reduced price. With high quality and effective conference calling service, you can manage day-to-day business contacts, hold urgent business meetings and ensure an increased business connectivity and productivity.

conference calling service is based on transfer of digital signal that allows multiple users to get connected to an audio call within seconds no matter how closely or distantly placed are they from the original call source. Corporate houses generally use conference call solutions to interact with overseas clients, associates and employees thereby giving them new updates in a smooth and effortless manner.


The conference calling facilitates online collaboration among two or more executives who are either working in the same corporate office or different branch offices. A business organization gets immediate access to the conference calling service after subscribing to a suitable call scheme on offer by a web conference agency or telecommunication company. When the host of a conference wants to hold a business meeting he decides a call schedule, prepares call etiquette and forwards them to each and every participant so that they can be on time and follow up the guidelines for better call accessibility. Depending on the call set up features, the interaction between the host and the called party can either be one way or two ways. It is entirely up to the host who decides whether to listen to the called party or only to be listened by them all.

If you have not used conference calling before then you might get confused with the variety of conferencing services that are available in today’s market. Just like most new services and products you would like to do thorough research and settle for the best service which is best for your business call needs and budget.

Before choosing for a specific conference calling program you will have to consider a lot of factors. First of all you need to ensure that the desirable number of participants can join the conference call without any precondition. The number should be somewhere in between 25 to 150 which is the normal user capacity of most of the conference call companies. Again, you need to take into account the call efficiency and suitability from every aspect of your business. Be it operator assisted, reservation less or web video conference calling service, you can’t think of choosing from them without reviewing your call compulsions and convenience.

Though there are prepaid conferencing and flat rate conferencing but running high on popularity is free conference calling service. It is simply because it allows users to enjoy call facility for free of charge except in few special cases when they have to pay for long distance charges as they are included in their arrears.

Hope Neel is an expert technician presently employed with a leading conference calling service provider in USA. With his vast expertise in conference calling service he wants to make long distance contact easy for users.