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Leader® Audio Conferencing & Alerting – Services – Part 2

Heartbeat of America TV hosts William Shatner & Doug Llewellyn interview Michael McKibben, founder and chairman, Leader Technologies® and James Sobwick, chief operating officer, for the syndicated TV series that highlights American entrepreneurs. This interview is part of Shatner’s long-running Keeping America Strong series highlighting companies since 911 that are moving America business forward. Mr. McKibben describes Leader’s innovative services Leader Phone® audio conferencing and Leader Alert® as well as its new Web 2.0 audio conferencing and voice alerting services. This is segment 2 of 3 segments.
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Can’t Maintain Them Back – Non-Profit Organizations Use Video clip Conferencing to Overcome Difficulties

Can’t Maintain Them Back – Non-Profit Organizations Use Video clip Conferencing to Overcome Difficulties

Article by Eddie Hudson

Have you at any time just sat again on your laptop or computer chair and just stared at the good marvel and man-designed creation that all people calls the computer and the internet? If you haven’t then you surely will need to ponder the greatness of these two guy-created capabilities, for there are excellent factors that have already arrive out of them. Moreover, there are nevertheless terrific factors that are about to arrive forth. But 1 of all those technologies that have produced its debut just a brief time back is the teleconference. A teleconference is so excellent because it permits individuals on the opposite side of the globe to be related promptly through a piece of teleconferencing application! Teleconferencing program is good to use while connected to the web, and you’ll see why below! There are all kinds of tactics in which a teleconference can be applied and right here are some of those ways in which it is previously being used:Clubs and OrganizationsThere are all kinds of clubs and organizations that are in a position to use the teleconference software more than the online in buy to hold the really treasured meetings that they have every single week, month, or particular instances of the year. Even however the great majority of clubs and organizations have not yet tapped the energy of the internet informed teleconference club meetings, the ability is surely there. Take into account a four-H club, Boy Scouts, or even Girl Scouts that are in a position to maintain their club conferences around a teleconference. Moreover, consider significant non-revenue organizations, like the Red Cross, who routinely hold meetings at common buildings. This would not only minimize down on expenditures for non-profit organizations but it would also add to the creativity and ingenuity of the club!Stock Holder’s MeetingsIf you are a tiny-to-mid-size business then you could certainly advantage from using teleconference software in purchase to hold meetings for your stock holders. For example, teleconferences are at the moment utilized by these corporations in buy to disseminate details about the specific firm. Stock holders are often concerned about the make any difference of the corporation that they have invested in and teleconference meetings assist them to gain that information.Even so, a teleconference can also be executed over the net and lots of modest-to-mid-dimensions organizations have not nevertheless totally tapped into the teleconference software program that’s obtainable. Of program there is free of charge teleconference program, but there are also specialist-wanting apps that can be gotten a maintain of for small costs. The value of these items of program is definitely well worth it and companies are clever if they go forward and do just that!There are a great deal additional ways in which teleconferences are utilized throughout individuals’ lives.Even nevertheless the classic way to consider about a teleconference is a three-way get in touch with or a multi-way mobile phone contact with limitless members, a revolution on the world wide web has occurred with the introduction of teleconference calling through the world wide web. These kinds of teleconference introduce complete new abilities and are quite crucial to the firms men and women conduct on a daily foundation!The meteoric rise in the recognition of the World wide web has brought with it a host of technologies that leverage its infrastructure and protocols for their private reasons. One particular these kinds of technological know-how is world wide web conferencing.

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Leader® Audio Conferencing & Alerting – Origins – Part 1

Heartbeat of America TV hosts William Shatner & Doug Llewellyn interview Michael McKibben, founder and chairman, Leader Technologies® and James Sobwick, chief operating officer, for the syndicated TV series that highlights American entrepreneurs. This interview is part of Shatner’s long-running Keeping America Strong series highlighting companies since 911 that are moving America business forward. Mr. McKibben describes the origins of Leader’s innovations as well as its new Web 2.0 audio conferencing and voice alerting services. This is segment 1 of 3 segments.
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Seamless Conferencing With Lync Windows Phone 7 And The Windows 7 Slate

Mobile workers are often challenged with situations that interrupt important conference. In this episode of Productivity Pundits Michael and Brent show how seamless conferencing can be achieved using Lync, Windows Phone 7, and the Windows 7 slate. First posted to
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Merits of Web Video Conferencing

Merits of Web Video Conferencing

Web Conferencing Company helps you to arrange a business meeting with your business partners from various places. Now you may wonder, while you can arrange a meeting at your place with a web-cam and head set purchasing from any computer shop, then what will be the point to deal with a web conferencing company! In fact the web conferencing company only comes into play when you mean to arrange a large meeting involving many people across the country or around the world. Thus the traditional business policy and way of client interaction is getting changed with web video conferencing services. Now according to specific business needs you can search for specific web conferencing features from the service providers.

With these service providers you can avail audio video and many other communicative features without purchasing expensive equipments. With desktop video conferencing the concerning body of a business around the globe, can seat together to have a mutual discussion. Besides business interactions, web video conferencing services also make it possible for the students and corporate people to get education and trainings world wide. With audio, visual, graphical and desktop video conferencing people can get involved in direct interaction at any point of time.

Spending a little amount for web video conferencing can actually bring the most commendable result in terms of clearly audible sound and clear desktop image of your fellow participants of the conference. With constant technical development the jumps and snags of the picture and delayed sound delivery have reduced considerably and now you can experience a real time flawless service with consistent desktop video conferencing. There are numerous features of video conferencing services available today that offer services like direct phone call, event conference call, webinar, web presentation and file sharing with power point, word or excel documents.

When web video conferencing just appeared to the market it was solely the culture of large business strategy; but with the gradual development of video conferencing service, it is becoming popular to every field of distant communication irrespective of their purpose and importance. Now technically modernized web video conferencing service providers create a virtual conference field implementing upgraded techniques to carry on a smooth progress of the meeting. Depending on your specific business needs and concern a video conference get planned and scheduled accordingly. Forming a virtual office you can share your desktop with your business partners or colleagues. The web video conferencing service providers are competing towards the development of entire conferencing information system.

With web video conferencing you can maximize your conferencing potential with considerable reduction of your expenditure. Some of the customized features offered by these companies include conference calling, event management, multiple host control etc. within your budget. Some of these companies also employ event coordinators to manage each and every phases of your meeting. They also guide you to make optimum use of their technologies from getting registered to sending invitations to your fellow participants. They constantly make you updated about their upcoming soft wares and technologies and keep you tuned up with entire web video conferencing services. To avail all these benefits you need to tie up with a web conferencing company that will ensure a quality conferencing service solely tailored to meet your business purpose.

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video conferencing etiquette checklist

video conferencing etiquette checklist

The use of video conferencing services in business is increasing.  There has been a large upsurge especially after the trend of outsourcing business processes started.  They have been used avidly to conduct long distance meetings,  long distance training programs and to communicate with offshore clients.  With passing time,  the cost of video conferencing services has been decreasing and at the same time the technology used in video conference has been improving.  As a result,  the practice of conferencing using video aids is increasing. Though the usage of video conference is simple and generally casual,  there is a certain level decorum that has to be maintained in video conferencing especially in a business scenario.  Here are some tips for video conference call etiquette-

Choose a suitable place to hold the conference and make sure all the participants are present at the location on time.  Do not begin the conference tell all participants assemble. Check the devices a day prior to the conference.  If the devices are not in working conditions,  you can either replace them with good ones or reschedule the meeting. It is a good idea to appoint a person to preside over the conference so that he/she makes sure it goes on smoothly.  This way,  you can avoid instances where two or more people are talking at a time and the like. Do not dress very casually for a video conference meeting.  Dress as you would for a face-to face meeting. When you start participating in the meeting and it is your turn to speak up, don’t forget to introduce yourself. Use mute button on the remote control when another person is talking.

I work as a web developer in conference call service provider company that provides various conferencing services including audio conferencing services, video conferencing services and web conferencing services.

Teleconferencing: cheaper conferencing option

Teleconferencing: cheaper conferencing option

Article by Hope Dever

Teleconferencing allows you to communicate both internally and externally in your business without having to incur any extra-cost. You do not have to spend heaps of money to communicate with people who are located internationally or in other states. With the help of conferencing over telephone you have to spend the same amount of money for both the clients. Hence, you do not have to invest anything extra to keep contact with clients from foreign locations.

Teleconferencing used to be a mode of communication between two people, with no scope of interaction with others. Now, it has various features, mainly multiple users conferencing facility. Primarily, telephone conference offers broadcast service and question & answer service.

In broadcast service the audience of the conference has no chance of interacting with others or with the presenter of the conference. They can only hear whatever the host has to say. It is beneficial, as there is no wastage of time, as no one can refute or disagree with what is being said by the presenter. Also, one can reach out to many people at the same time, transcending the boundaries and time.

Question and answer service is much more interactive in nature. As the name suggests, the participants can voice their views and simultaneously put across any point or question in relation to the presentation or otherwise. In teleconferencing the participants can not only interact with the presenter but also with the other attendees of the conference.

Telephone conferencing is no longer limited to audio conferencing only. Now, with the help of phone video conferencing, presentations can be made. Data, statistics and even streamed videos can be shown among the participants in the conference. It is easier to retain the concentration and establish one’s view-points or objectives more clearly.

However, you need to go through the various online teleconferencing vendors that offer their service. Know the offers and select according to your requirements.

Service required: Would you want limited accessibility (that is, participants joining only by invitation) or automated one? Depending on that you might select operator’s help. The operator would assist you in screening the participants who would join the conference. A list of the participants would be handed over to the operator, prior to the conference. Recording facility is also available. It is up to the client to decide who is to record the conference. If there is presentation of data, statistics, graphs, a customer can select phone video conferencing.

Using of VOIP: One of the cheapest way to conduct telephone conference is through the usage of VOIP. Through this, data can be shared online among the attendees of the conference.

Reservation: Many online conferencing service providers hold conference both without reservation and with reservation. If you are a regular conference holder with long duration then it is advisable to go for reservation conference facility. It will not only allow you high quality and clear communication but also cheap rate in comparison to conferences held without reservations.

Affordability: There are many conferencing service providers that offer free teleconferencing facility. However, often it possess limited number of people who can join the conference along with a small duration. Also, the free service provider does not ensure good sound quality. Usually, the connectivity is also not up-to-the-mark. Therefore, once again it is beneficial to select a payable yet cheap telephone conferencing service provider.

Also check the billing options and the various plans available before conducting a teleconference.

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Affordable & World Class Video conferencing Systems

Affordable & World Class Video conferencing Systems

Article by Nancy Emma

Teleconferencing has become one of the most effective and reliable forms of business communication around the world. The promptness and cost-effectiveness of the service has made it the most sought after option by the companies around the world.

The Video conferencing Systems are based on the concept of communication over internet between several user interfaces. Such services are widely preferred for their cost effectiveness and ease of use for interacting over large distances. Many companies are resorting to these services to cut down on the costs incurred on travelling.

Available in a variety of forms, teleconferencing can be done with or without a video. The Video conferencing Systems based teleconferencing services are mostly used for conducting across the table meetings between the corporate offices of an organization. The life-like appeal of such a conference negates the necessity to commute large distances for meetings.

To ensure smooth operations, the services are offered on reservation basis to avoid any overlapping and discrepancies. Confidentiality and dicretion of the converations are also maintained to safeguard the interest and trades of the customers.

The advanced technology support behind the Web Conferencing phone Solutions ensures high picture quality and clarity. The Conference Call Services and VoIP Conference Call services also have provisions for recording conversations and maintenance of a log, which can be supervised by the user. Additionally, the conferencing solutions also have file sharing facilities between multiple users.

Easy access of these services enables the companies to avail them without prior reservations. The customer care executives and moderators handling the teleconferencing event ensure that the process occurs in a smooth manner. Any distortion or break in communication is quickly fixed by the technical staff operating at various levels.

These teleconferencing services have proved to be a blessing for the dynamicaly growing economy by saving precious time and money for the companies. Owing to its cost-effectiveness and economical pricing, these services are progressively gaining popularity in all parts of the world.

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Reselling Web Conferencing Services: How To Profit From The Coming Boom In Web & Video Conferencing

Reselling Web Conferencing Services: How To Profit From The Coming Boom In Web & Video Conferencing

Article by Dan Richmond

If you want to make money in an online business, then you need to find a product or service that is fresh, up-to-date and that hasn’t been beaten to death with hundreds of copy-cat affiliates. Web and video conferencing are relatively new applications, and becoming a reseller of online conferencing services could be a good way to start up or add to an already existing online business. Let’s take a look at the prospects for this type of online enterprise.

First of all, web and video conferencing is an up-and-coming field of activity. Business is becoming increasingly globalized and many companies now have staff or clients located in distant locations, sometimes in other countries or on other continents. Online meetings are being used by some of the leading enterprises, but there are many more organizations that have not even begun to take advantage of web or video conferencing.

This is a huge market waiting to be tapped, and with the increasing penetration of broadband use both in the workplace and at home, the market grows larger with each passing month.

Just as there are relatively few companies using web and video conferencing, there are comparatively few resellers or affiliate sellers of these services to compete with. If you would like to get into this business then you should do an online search for web conferencing resellers or affiliates, and choose a program that you can effectively handle.

Typically, affiliate programs for these kinds of services are easy to enter. In many cases all you have to do is sign up and get an affiliate code or url and paste it onto your website and you are in business. However, if you want to be an effective affiliate for web and video conferencing, or for that matter, any other product or service, the best way to sell it is by using it yourself and really knowing what it is all about. Only then can you truly recommend the product in a convincing way.

A step above an affiliate is to become a reseller. Usually this requires a comprehensive training in the web and video conferencing system and there may also be an entry fee attached to becoming a reseller. Whereas affiliates simply refer potential clients to the conferencing service, Resellers are responsible for signing up the clients themselves. The advantage though, is that a reseller is likely to get a higher percentage of the signup and monthly subscription fees paid to the conferencing service by his or her referred clients.

If you are successful as a reseller then you will earn a residual income for as long as the people signed-up by you subscribe to the conferencing service.

Whether you decide to become an affiliate or a reseller, the key to cashing in on the coming boom in online conferencing is to study the market, know the product thoroughly and then place it before your web visitors or mailing list audience in a compelling and convincing manner. Another key factor to success is to make a timely move, a product or service that is “new” today will be commonplace tomorrow.

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Effective investor relations management with audio, video and web conferencing services

Effective investor relations management with audio, video and web conferencing services

Article by Vikas S

Of handling finance, keeping in touch with top notch people in the industry and clear communication to the public, sure the investor relations is not an easy thing to handle. Communication is central to the execution of the multiple activities involved with investor relations.

Officers involved with it should be on toes with the current and upcoming issues of various departments in an organization. This sparks the necessity to interact with people from various sections of the organization including financial officers, legal advisor and even the Chairman or President of the company. Moreover, the communication is not a single day’s affair. Constant and timely communication is involved in meeting the demands of investor relations most effectively.

When so many people, that too of such high merit are to be involved in a conversation, the meetings need to be crisp and clear. Face to face meetings under such circumstances is highly impossible since it will eat up a lot of time and energy of all parties involved.

Meetings through audio and video conferencing services work most effectively in a situation like this. With conference call meetings, the time involved in preparation can be avoided and the information can be exchanged at the earliest. Video and audio aids should be able to accomplish the communication required to be made in this case. These audio and visual aids can also be used effectively for intra organization communication. For example, imminent release of quarterly corporate earnings can be best propagated through audio, video and web conferencing services, in this case web being the best mode.

Investor relations also involve broadcasting of a company’s data to a certain public audience. Of late, businesses around the world vouch for audio and video conferencing services in doing so. Moreover, the calls can be recorded and used whenever necessary. This flexibility makes these services most apt for a situation such as this.

Business houses use conference calls to deal with many business matters including mergers, acquisitions, stock splits or reverse splits, or relevant political or economic developments. The support these services offer in investor relations is indeed remarkable.

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