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Mitsubishi Exhibition Beijing International Radio, Film And Television Equipment Exhibition

Mitsubishi Exhibition Beijing International Radio, Film And Television Equipment Exhibition

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2008 11 5 -8 day, the 17th Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV2008) at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center, Mitsubishi Motor Air Imaging Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as an exhibitor, radio and television work in the field of strategic Cooperation Core partners century re appearance of Cologne. This is the second since last year’s successful exhibition, Mitsubishi Electric as a field of well-known companies broadcast second time exhibitors, over the same period, the two still in the Royal Hotel, Beijing held a “video display technology breakthroughs – Core century hand Mitsubishi Imaging Products Division conference” .

Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV) is China’s most prestigious film and television professional equipment comprehensive exhibition. Since our inception in the last two decades, the number of exhibitors, exhibits the advanced level, the total exhibition area, visit the audience the extent of the number and professional exhibitions in China can be said ahead of the same type.

As important in this show exhibitors, the Mitsubishi large-screen display a variety of excellent products, including LED displays, DLP mosaic walls and professional LCD display. Which, DiamondVisionLED series screen for the critically acclaimed abroad of products, now introduced domestic, divided into two types of outdoor type and interior type.


As this show a Mitsubishi DiamondVision series, IDT6BP is an Lease With a 6mm pixel pitch of the LED display. Its advantage is unparalleled image quality and rock-solid stability. As a professional broadcast television industry, determine its LED display system for the demanding requirements, which is exactly IDT6BP advantage. Another key exhibit

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Electric LED display is the newest flagship products: Resolia. Resolia true smd 4.0mm pixel pitch surface mount type LED products. Mitsubishi DiamondVision it not only has all the advantages of products, but also by the avant-garde 16:9 widescreen design, screen thickness of only 150mm, fully demonstrates the amazing humanity of Mitsubishi design ideas and exquisite processing technology!

On display in the variety of Mitsubishi DLP display wall, the focus is a new exhibition launched an interactive 100-inch full HD display products. The product follows the outstanding mosaic wall Mitsubishi DLP products unique digital CSC circuit, with dynamic brightness balancing, intelligent light bulbs, smart color separation wheel, no image burn etc; The product also uses the industry-leading optical touch, can all high angle anti-glare and have durable, long-life characteristics. This paragraph can be widely used to help build a studio environment for easy, flexible interactive studio environment.

New addition to this, the Mitsubishi 67-inch, 80 inch screen is its reliable quality products and excellent picture performance capabilities to serve the total control, broadcast control and other specialized control room environments and critically acclaimed.

As the industry’s few integrated imaging systems solution provider, Mitsubishi Electric’s products cover a large screen image mosaic wall, LCD professional monitors, LED displays, projectors, printers and many other fields, this attack BIRTV2008, its extensive industry experience and a reliable product quality achieved the industry’s unanimous approval, but they display the rich product range, product functions are undoubtedly fully demonstrated the strong Mitsubishi Electric display device in the field as a leader manufacturer of powerful strength!

Welcome to the Mitsubishi Electric booth with Century Arrow Division, Booth: 8B15.

About Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Electric is a leading integrated global market, mechanical and electrical manufacturers, has been the forefront of the Fortune 500, its products across the commercial, industrial systems and equipment products and electromechanical products and many other fields.

In the field of imaging equipment, especially the display device, the Mitsubishi Electric is one of the leaders of the global market, Mitsubishi Electric’s imaging products cover a large screen display in public places, indoor large screen display, office space, desktop, health and photos printing and other imaging products Use.

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Twenty-second International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition in Beijing grand opening – medical, instrumentation – Medical Devices

Twenty-second International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition in Beijing grand opening – medical, instrumentation – Medical Devices

Certified International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition, the twenty-second International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as ChinaMed2010) will be held March 26, 2010, at the grand opening of the Beijing National Convention Centre.

Since 1989, the Ministry of Health by the People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department, China International Trade Center Co., Ltd., Hui Tong Industrial International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Messe Düsseldorf (China) Co., Ltd. jointly organized The International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition (ChinaMed) has been successfully held 21 sessions. 21 years, the show expanded year by year, exhibitors increased, much industry attention and favor. Show attracts tens of thousands of hospital procurement managers and dealers at home and abroad come to visit. The most recent year show turnover in more than 180 million U.S. dollars, becoming the largest domestic and international impact of the high level of professional exhibition.

ChinaMed2010 attracted more than 500 exhibitors, displaying a total area of 30,000 square meters, is expected to attract 20,000 visitors to visit the military and local hospitals were buyers at the show site group Tender Procurement. This exhibition brought together experts from China, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Korea, Netherlands, Canada, Czech Republic, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Britain, Hong Kong SAR and China Taiwan 20 countries and regions, the latest medical products and technologies. Exhibition will showcase its leading corporate site forefront of the most high-end innovative products! Germany, Japan, Korea, the United States will be the national delegations to the event; the debut exhibition of military medical equipment, will be the crowning touch to the international medical equipment exhibition!


One-stop medical equipment procurement through train

For the full show, as specified by the military health care system, medical equipment for the military across the country head of the tender selection of platform functionality, the organizers will be invited to buy the special needs of specific military and medical professional buyers group exhibition will, centralized purchasing, and communication and negotiation with the exhibitors on-site procurement, set up access to business opportunities for both the trading platform.

Alongside Medical Imaging , In vitro diagnostics, medical information, medical supplies, orthopedic, building six area hospitals, but also opened a “display area of military medical equipment”, the area of indoor exhibition area (600 square meters) and the exhibition field (800 square meters) two parts. Indoor exhibition area of the exhibit to foreign products, including advanced medical equipment, mainly information technology, simulation training, “three” test, Surgery / Medical technology security, first aid / video equipment areas such as composition 6. The main display area of field equipment, a large mobile medical platform for active duty military equipment or new research-based. This exhibition will fully demonstrate the high-tech medical industry and products of war at home and abroad and non-warfare military action to protect the great role played by.

Conference held at the same high-end, rapid introduction of new products and technology

ChinaMed Academic Council is the only academic to both the army’s Special Committee and the Chinese Medical Association support the academic session. The exhibit will hold “The Second Medical Imaging Equipment Forum”, “The First Forum of Ultrasound in Medicine,” “the first modern technological advances of nuclear medicine clinics Forum”, “The Second Technical Progress of modern radiotherapy academic forum”, “2010 promoting public hospital reform “,” Biomedical Engineering Center for Modern Hospital (Equipment Division) building cum head of the National Hospital Equipment (second session) General Assembly “,” the third annual conference of orthopedic trauma, “” The Second Seminar of Laboratory Medicine class “,” First National Cardiovascular Imaging diagnosis and clinical treatment of disease progress “, more than 20 high-end market of academic conferences, inviting international famous enterprises, and foreign medical academics, on the medical imaging equipment, medical and clinical technology project launched depth. Academic exchanges have become a major feature of CHINAMED, and equipment display and purchase complementary.

ChinaMed into the industry benchmark

In under the influence of the global financial crisis, the international mainstream medical equipment market has shrunk, while the number of medical industry of good policies were introduced to the great strides the Chinese medical industry has laid a solid foundation, especially the new medical reform program the official launch of the next three years to implement and can be seen 850 billion health care reform on China’s determination for the medical device market offers great business opportunities.

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