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Conference Call Service Flat Rate Services

Conference Call Service Flat Rate Services

Article by Dean Iggo

Search the Internet for a conference call provider, and you will quickly see that the fees charged can range from incredibly low to astronomically high. The stipulations that go along with some of these calling plans make the services un-economical. In order to make sure that you are getting a solid plan it is important to first review the types of services being offered, and then make sure that there is a conference call service flat rate that covers all of these services. Most conferencing rates are based on the number of people times the number of minutes times so much per person. Too keep things affordable, many conference calling services offer several services rolled into one package.

The most common way of keeping services affordable under a rate plan is by using a toll free phone number for all participants and attendees to dial into. From that point the attendee will either input their own pass code or will be connected to an operator who then verifies the identity of the caller and will place them directly into the conference call. The conference call service flat rate plans that do not use an operator to assist callers are almost always for most affordable especially when holding large conference calls. Another service that should be available when using flat rate services is the option to have an unlimited number of people dialing into the call without having to make any type of reservation with the conferencing call carrier.

Several calling options should be available for use during the call. Many companies have added new features like live polling and the option to record the conference call for later use. In most cases the option to make an outbound phone call during the conference should be available to host of the conference call. These services are very useful in making conference calls the ultimate form of collaboration between various parties. These services are included in a flat rate calling plan so that in the event it is decided to say record the call, there isn’t any penalty or additional fees that can pop up to make a conference call too expensive. Conference call service flat rate services represent the best available value for conferencing services available.

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Reservationlss flat rate conference calls for audio conferencing service with a free trial in INDIA

Reservationlss flat rate conference calls for audio conferencing service with a free trial in INDIA

Most of the people are using audio conferencing services for developing their business. Each and every person is aware of the uses of the conference calls and how they will help them in fastening up the things in the company. So the demand for the conference calls is growing even in the recession period. We can say that this is one of the industries in which the recession did not have a chance to show its effect.

Taking this as advantage, the service providers who are providing the conference call services are increasing their pricing and trying to make the most of the available resources. Even thought they might not have the capacity to handle so many customers but they are allotting lines for as many as they can so that they will get benefitted. But if they do like this then the quality of service decreases and that is what happening right now to the conference call industry.

If the service provider is having abridge which has 10000 ports in it and it can handle 10000 customers at a time but the service providers think that all the 10000 will not have the conference at the same time so they allot 15000 on that and they will say reservation less service. If everyone calls at the same time then how will all of them be able to access the bridge at the same time? And what about the cost of the conference service! For the sake of this many companies are investing a lot. If you do not want to spend much for you conference but like to enjoy all the features of the conference calls at cheaper price then you are at the right place. You can check here for the right package that suits for you and even a toll free number is also available.


Cheap conference calls – all about flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates and more

Cheap conference calls – all about flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates and more

Article by Oliver Turner

Cheap conference calls – as the first term suggests – is the relatively cheaper version of conference call services. For all those who want to perform an audio or web conference at a short notice, and that within a limited budget, this is the right choice. It does the balancing act between reliable service and cost per minute. In the following paragraphs, we’ll see the advantages and pricing of flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates, and how the company manages to offer such a concession in a realistic domain.

The biggest advantage with cheap conference calls is that the clients do not have to make advanced reservations. Instead, he/she can avail the service by calling a toll-free number and other participants can join the conversation using a secret entry code, which the organizer of the conference provides to the participants. Further, in order to make use of discounted conference calling rates, one need not have to own any costly infrastructure. But one can manage the entire session with a normal telephone with conference features, whatever is the strength of the conference. Then there is added advantage if the customer buys bulk minutes; the service provider charges only lesser cents per minute if the customer buys more minutes.

Flat rate conference calls, on the other hand, charges a flat rate per month irrespective of the number of minutes of used. Such a scheme is suitable for those customers who consistently spend over 5 (say) a month on conference calls. The more calls they make, more they save.

You may wonder how the vendors are able to offer conference facilities at such cheaper rates. But the thing is that not all vendors are offering such services. Only those who have their own conference call bridges and phone infrastructure provides discounted conference calling rates and flat rate conference calls, and they could manage it as they do not have to pay for any over head, which is generally charged over the customer bill by most non-discount players.

Cheap conference calls are comparatively cheaper. But it is advisable to check the exact rates and conditions with the service provider before start availing the facility. The rates may vary from one vendor to another.

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The Flat Rate Conference Call Provider

The Flat Rate Conference Call Provider

If you make a lot of conference calls and are not concerned about offering participants toll free conference calls, going with a flat rate plan may be an excellent choice. Rather than paying by the minute, per each caller, you’ll pay a flat monthly fee for the calls that you make. For example, you might pay per month for a plan. During that month, you can make as many conference calls as necessary within the plan’s participation limits. If you tend to use conference calling extensively, a flat rate plan could save you a lot of money. However, “flat rate” doesn’t necessarily mean “unlimited” and there are a few things you should know before you sign up.

Understanding “Unlimited” Conference Calls
Your flat rate conference call provider most likely offers unlimited conference calls within predefined limits. As long as you understand what these limits are and pick a plan that meets your needs, you should be fine. For example, your flat rate conference call provider likely offers different rates for unlimited calls based on the number of participants involved in your calls. If you hold a lot of conference calls between just a few senior staff members, you might choose an unlimited plan for five participants for about a month. Under a plan like this, you can certainly hold an unlimited number of conference calls, but only with five participants at a time. If you need to include additional people, you’ll need to change to a plan that accommodates your numbers (and pay a higher rate).


Understanding the Type of Calls offered by Your Flat Rate Conference Call Provider
Another important thing to know about is the type of conference calls offered. If you prefer to offer toll free conference calls, a flat rate plan isn’t the right choice. If toll free conference calls aren’t a priority, then a flat rate plan could be perfect! With a US flat rate conference call, USA callers dial a standard phone number, not a toll free one, and each caller pays his own individual tolls for connecting to the conference. For example, if your call has a San Diego phone number, your local participants may not pay any tolls. Those outside the phone number’s local calling area will be subject to toll charges.

If you want to hold a global conference call, flat rate plans can work if your international participants are comfortable dialing outside of their countries and paying international long distance fees. One workaround to this challenge is to use a flat rate conference call provider that also offers international conference calling plans on an “as needed” basis.

Understanding Conference Calling Features
The features offered with flat rate plans may be slightly different than other conference calling plans offered by the same provider. A good example of this involves the “dial out” feature. Dial out is a common feature with toll free conference calls that allows the moderator to call participants directly. Because flat rate participants must dial in and pay their own tolls, your conference call provider most likely restricts dial out.

Another concern with flat rate plans involves ultra cheap or free plans. These low budget and free plans may skimp on features and quality or subsidize the cost of the service through advertising.

By understanding the flat rate conference calling limits, you’ll be in a better position to pick the right plan and the best flat rate conference call provider for your needs.

American International Telephonics offers high quality flat rate conference calling solutions. With dozens of unlimited plans designed for calling groups of all sizes, month-to-month plans, and a full menu of useful features, you’ll find that AIT is one of the best flat rate conference call providers available.

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What is Flat Rate Toll Free: Conference Calls Unlimited What is Flat Rate Toll Free: Conference Calls Unlimited In this short video Conference Calls Unlimited explains what flat rate toll free is. Transcription: Is usually for heavy conference call users. This means you pay one flat rate for bulk minute packages. It is more cost effective to purchase flat rate bulk packages than to pay as you go.
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Flat Rate Conference Calling Tips – Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong conference plan or provider, this mistake happens to often and will cost you and or your business a lot of money and time. Learn how to choose a Flat rate conference calling plan and avoid costly hidden fee’s. For more info visit: