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First of all you should make it confirm that you will be getting good quality of customer service for conference call service. It may be possible that you may need the help of operator at any time during conference so there should be an operator available all the time for your conference call service activity who can assist you for any inconvenience during conference call service. It will help you to continue your conference call service without any interruption. Secondly, you concentrate on the type of service of conference call service the particular vendor is offering. The package should be affording and latest. You should take care of quality of service they are providing for conference call service. There should be no sacrifice over the service of VoIP. VoIP is one of the latest technologies which provide the video conferencing quite is more preferable than the previously used audio conference call service.Price is not the deciding element, but it should be noticed that the conference call service vendor should not overcharged you. On the other hand you should not compromise over the quality. It may possible that cheap rate service provider may not be able to give you desired service of conference call service.One main thing to consider is, should select the package providing you good time limit for conferencing call service. If the time limit over than conference call service activity disconnected automatically without considering your meeting need. So choose the package which gives you unlimited time package with the charging amount on monthly basis along with the internet service. It will be quite comfortable for you to continue your conference call service smoothly.In the last, you must have good relationship with your conference call service provider. While dealing with any conference call service provider you should discuss about the usage of conferencing call equipment. If you do not have any previous experience of using conference call service equipment than inform the service provider. These conference call service providers will arrange the training for you to utilize the conference call service equipment perfectly. Conference call service equipment may damage or does not perform well if the equipments are not treated in proper manner.

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free conference call

Are free conference calling services really free?

Are free conference calling services really free?

Article by Kieron James

Communication is something that you cannot ignore if you are really serious about the success of your business. Businessmen and professionals have always travelled to discuss proposals, make sales presentations and share financial results, face to face. But with conference calls, you can communicate with any number of people even if they are not physically present with you in the same room. Business travel is not only time consuming, but also very expensive. You must also factor in the cost of accommodation. There are many free conference call solutions available that smart companies make use of to reduce costs and still maintain the smooth running of the business.

Both personal and business communication can be made easy by conference calling. Many conferencing services provide inexpensive and easily accessible conferencing solutions that will suit any type of business. If your teleconferencing requirements are at a basic level, free conference call services may be enough for you.

All that telephone conferencing requires is a normal telephone line. A telephone number and pass code is provided to the participant by the teleconferencing service provider. You dial into the conference bridge and key in the pass code to get connected to the teleconference. Voice conference calls through usual channels are usually free for most participants because it is one person, typically the host, who bears the cost of phone conferencing. Others pay just the cost of a long distance telephone call without any other surcharges.

With the advent of internet, teleconferencing is often advertised as “absolutely free”. Many websites offer call conferencing services that let you connect with any number of people absolutely free of charge. The reality is that you are no longer paying the company which hosts the conference bridge on a per-conference, per-delegate or pence-per-minute basis. Rather, you are paying to access the bridge as a charge from your fixed or mobile operator.

Many so called “free conference call services” are hosted on special rate numbers – typicall 0871 or 0844. These are more expensive to dial than 01, 02 or 03 numbers – particularly if you are calling from a mobile.

An alternative exists with 03TALK which operates its service on 03 numbers. Calls to 03 numbers are included in your bundled minutes, meaning that there is no incremental cost in a conference call made to 03TALK. If you have minutes available with your contract at the time of making the call, 03TALK is free to use. If you don’t, the call costs the same as a call to an 01 or 02 number. This is irrespective of whether you are dialling from a fixed or mobile network.

In short, calls to 03TALK really are free. Calls to most conference service providers are operated on more expensive 08 numbers.

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Kieron James is the CEO of 03talk which is a trading name of Zimo Communications Limited, a UK digital communications company established with quality of service as its principal objective. For more information please visit

Cheap Conference Calls & Toll Free Numbers

Cheap Conference Calls & Toll Free Numbers

Article by Max Stephen

Many service providers in the market introduced cheap conference calls for the users, so as to maximize the customer-base by encouraging more and more people to opt for their services.

The reason behind offering cheap conference calls is that in most cases, the service providers are having their own networks for conference calling. That means the overheads or additional costs are not there, which otherwise are added in fees charged from the customers. Overall, it is a very good option for organization to use and gauge the performance of service providers, before the make final decision to choose the best fitting service provider.

The service of cheap conference calls is provided to the customers by giving a toll free number along with a dial-in number for the participants. The host is simply required to call on that toll-free number and can conduct the conference thereafter. Usually cheap conference calls are reservation-less type of conference calling, which means that there is no requirement of a reservation for the conference call and one can make a conference call anytime.

Cheap conference calls do not mean that the service providers will provide limited services to its users. There is nothing like this and service providers provide conference call management systems to ensure higher performance. However, such conference calls have an automated system, because it needs minimization of the cost factor; yet one can ask for operator assistance, if the requirement arises.

A cheap conference call can be the best option for business purposes, training institutions, and anyone interested in making a conference call. With such a conference call, one can be connected with two, three, or up to two hundred people, in general, at the same time for conversation. Also there is no need of any extra equipment to be installed except the telephone system, which is sufficient to enable the host to make a conference call.

Small businesses and other types of organizations who have just started their ventures look to cheap conference calls as beneficial, for, their budget arrangements and costs are not as big as for settled companies. To automate the system of communication, and still to avoid the cost of heavy equipments, travel, and space, conference calling facilities are best options. So, we can say that overall, cheap conference calls are beneficial, as they are nothing short in the technical aspects, but at the same time provide economical options for the users.

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The Popularity Of Free Phone Conference Calls

The Popularity Of Free Phone Conference Calls

Conference calls are an invaluable tool for any business who needs to remain in contact with several departments at once. Conference calls, especially international conference calls, used to cost a lot of money. Companies still paid these extravagant amounts because they had to; there was really no other way around it.

Today, however, free phone conference calls are becoming more popular. As phone companies are trying hard to remain competitive and relevant, more companies are offering free phone conference calls as well as free international conference calls. This means you can talk to as many departments as you want to, as many times as you want to, and it won’t cut into your business’s bottom line.

Why Conference Calling?

Conference calls are perfect for keeping a company’s satellite offices up to date on policies, sales figures, or to just compare notes. Many companies these days are spread out across the country and even across the world. When you need to contact satellite offices in Houston, St. Louis and Phoenix simultaneously, free phone conference calls are the way to go. Otherwise, you’d have to travel to each city individually which would be very expensive. With free phone conference calls, you can discuss things in real time with many different people and it won’t cost you or your company anything.


Communication is Key

Many companies prefer to stay in contact with each other and with other departments through email. However, email can be unreliable and sometimes the message isn’t correctly conveyed when it’s typed out on a screen. With free phone conference calls, you can be sure your message gets across correctly.

You can ask and answer questions in real time, and you can even compare notes and just increase morale, all with one phone call. It’s almost as if everyone is in the same board room sharing ideas. The only difference is that you may be miles and miles apart. The fact is, though, that communication is necessary for any business that wants to succeed and free phone conference calling is the way to accomplish that communication.

Once you have your free phone conference calls set up, you’ll see your productivity, your company morale and your profits soar. If you hope to remain current in today’s increasingly competitive business market, you should always have a free phone conference call service set up so that you can remain in contact with all your employees whenever you need to.

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Tango Free Video/Voice Calls Demo from GigaOm’s Mobilize Conference

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Toll Free 800 Conference Calls

Toll Free 800 Conference Calls

So you are looking for a toll free 800 conference call service to help you offer free conference calls to your customers, employees or business partners. Using a toll free number is a smart way to attract more people to your calls.

When you get a 800 number, you can host your call easily and people can join your call for free. This motivates many who might have been hesitant to attend your call.

This option is very popular for companies and businesses. It is easy and fast. The good news is, most good conference hosting companies offer you this option easily.


How to Choose the Best Toll Free Conference Call Service?

When you do a simple search in Google or your favorite search engine, you will see there are many different companies offering this solution. Each of them come with a set of various features and prices.

Most of the modern conference call companies now offer a web based solution for you to host and manage your call even more easily using the web and Internet technology.

You can record your conference calls, see who is connected, and monitor almost everything in your call. This comes very useful and gives you a powerful tool to host the perfect call.

The two factors you want to consider when choosing a service is the quality of the calls and how reliable the service is, and also the price of the investment you are going to make.

The good news, you can find the perfect solution by doing a bit of research. There are many affordable, low cost conference call hosting services with a top quality.

Simply do some simple research and compare the benefits they provide and see which one is the best you want to use.

Looking for easy-to-use Web Conference Call Services that offer you the highest quality and the best rates?

Check out this helpful guide to discover the top three Free Conference Call Services to find out which one is the best for you.

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Toll Free Conference Call: Present Facilitation within Connection

Toll Free Conference Call: Present Facilitation within Connection

Article by Douglas M. Parks

If you are running any kind of business, it is an important for you to keep in touch with your employees because it will help you to know that they do the right jobs for your needs. Besides for employees, it is also better to keep your relationship with your clients so you can ensure that your business still run well. To help you in keeping in touch, you are advised for you to consider the presence of conference call that is really great for your needs.

This kind of conference call will support you in doing seminar or meeting so your clients will get the proper information although they do not come. In fact, this thing is seen as a good innovation that has a good influence for your business so you can use it as the right help for your needs.

If you need the use of this thing, it is better for you to choose toll free conference call because it is really functional and it will be great for your needs. It has the ability to connect callers from various national and international locations into meetings at no cost to the individual callers and at a minimal cost to the host. In this case, you can be sure that it is a good solution that will be great for your needs and business.

This kind of call could be set up with the help of operator that will allow the users for dialing into an assigned toll free number and connecting through a live operator. In this case, you will know that the operator will do asking each user for a pass code upon connection to the line. Here, you can see that its presence will be a good idea for your needs since it is really great in supporting your business.

While talking about this toll free conference call, you need to consider that it does not need a reservation for 7.9 cents a minute for an unlimited number of callers. In this case, you can be sure that it is really easier to do so it will be a good thing you must understand very well. This kind of service is able to get by paying 29 cents a minute for a maximum of 125 participants or callers. Thus, it is an important for you to choose this kind of service so you will be able to take benefits from it.

If you are running a large corporation, you can open multiple accounts with this conference call so you will be able to enjoy large price discounts. To help you in getting the best deal for your needs, it is your time to contact your technology department so you will be able to get it with setting up a toll free number through your company.

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Now, it is your time to find the best service of toll free conference call for your needs. Here, you can see that international conference call will be a good help for you and your company.

How To Take Advantage Of A Free Conference Call

How To Take Advantage Of A Free Conference Call

Article by Robert Workman

Some conference providers are bold enough to offer a full service conference call. With the entry of too many of them in the market today, the competition is getting tighter by the minute. The companies who choose to conduct free conference calling may be offering it as a lure for possible customers with the aim to make them become regular customers instead.

Take advantage of a good free web conference calling promotion. This can be a good move, especially if you are not familiar with how conference calls work. Using a free conference call can give you the opportunity to learn how everything works and how you can benefit from, without the associated charges.

A good free conference call should have the following features:

1. Allowance for a large number of callers. One free conference call provider can accommodate up to a hundred callers at the same time. This is a very large number of callers. Especially if the people you intend to talk to are prospective buyers. For a typical company meeting, a provider offering 20 to 25 participants should be sufficient.

2. Availability for the call length you want. Estimate how long your conference call would take. If less than an hour will do for you, then a free service should be adequate. However, if you expect the meeting to last a couple of hours, you should look for a free service that can cover you for a three hours time span. This allows for time for questions and feedback in addition to the main content of the call.

3. A toll-free dial-in number. Some free services are generous enough to allow you to use their toll-free number for your conference participants to use. Else, they might be giving you a local number where long-distance telephone charges apply. Check out what the free conference call number is. They might be adding other charges to the participant’s telephone bill without you knowing about it.

4. The availability of access codes. The provider may indicate that you can have a hundred participants, but provide less conference pass codes than that. Read the fine print–you should be able to identify this in the planning stages.

You might wonder if there is a catch with a conference call that is being given away free? The truth is that there could really be one. Therefore, it is up to you, the customer, to find out what the catches are. While some provide truly free service, some free services have numerous conditions that must be met in order to obtain the free service. Be wary of those.

For those companies that claim to give out their service free, may only be doing so for a limited time. If you are really on the lookout for a free service, you should evaluate first the level of service you will obtain, as well as continued availability of the service. You do not want your business impacted by poor choices of free conference service provider.

The bottom line here is that audio conference calls are offered free. It is just a matter of finding and choosing the best provider with which to host your call. You want to ensure that your conference call will go as intended. Remember that if your call is important enough, you may want to go with a paid service, as the level of service and features may be more in line with your needs.

About the Author

Robert Workman is the technology editor for, where you’ll find information about internet, web and audio conference calls.

Free Conference Call – Free Conference Calls

Free Conference CallFree Conference Calls

“Nocostconference” the pioneer name in teleconference service since 2006, with 20 million plus minutes each month & still counting, 24/7 reservation less service, system uptime of 99.9%, No setup charges,  No hidden costs, Free recording’s, Call history, Free Web control access & lots more…. does it get better than this? I doubt not…. I am sure NO.

Nocostconference is primarily a US based conference service that operates with in the free parameters based on the US telecom structure, allowing callers from all around the world call into their dial in number paying extremely competitive international call charges, callers calling in from within US only pay the long distance call charges applicable to be on a conference call with up to 250 callers on a single conference call & if necessary up to a 1000 callers on a single conference call with prior notice.

Conference calling options ranging from basic phone to phone conference calls where in conference call’s  take place on regular telephone lines – no computer or internet access required, to complete Web controlled conference calling experience where the moderator has complete control over the conference call from Muting participants, Recording the call, viewing caller dial in numbers & lots more. Then there is the “No advert Subscription” where in paying .99USD per month you get a generic dial in number, calling which people hear ad free welcome message giving your conference a more professional touch. Then there is the Toll Free option where in you as the host can buy minutes from us & set up your Toll Free conference call number calling this dial in number the call will be free for all callers.

What makes nocostconference stand apart in the crowd? This service provider offers state-of-the-art fiber optic connectivity for its communication and data services for crystal clear conferencing experience all the way, online chat support team eager to assist customers 6 am to 8 pm EST.

To set up your conference call please visit or email us at for more queries.

Free Audio Conference Call Recording

Free Audio Conference Call Recording

So how much do you know about free audio conference call recording services? When you are hosting or attending a web conference call, you may want to record the audio content to review later. So how can you do that?

The good news is, you are going to find out an easy way to record conference calls easily and for free. You will also find out how to make the audio quality better so you can enjoy a nice and clear voice.

An important note is that this guide is about online calls, not the ones made using regular phones. Because to record using a normal phone, you will need special tools and wires. But recording a web conference is much easier and faster.

Free Conference Call Recording – How to Do It Easily?


There are generally two ways to do it…

1. Recording the call directly using your computer
2. Available audio recording services available by the conference host

If you would like to record any audio from your computer, you can do it by using a recording software. You can use a free one like the simple Sound Recorder available in Windows. You can also use premium applications with extra features.

Simply click the record button when the web conference calls starts. After it is finished, you can simply save the recording anywhere on your computer to listen to later.

The other way is using the easy conference call recording services available by some companies. You can ask about it from the online conference service you are going to use, to make sure this helpful option is available to your audience.

This is easier because many of your audience may not be technical professional, so providing them with an easy option to record the call saves them and you lots of time.

Just make sure the conference service you choose offers this option to record calls for free.

Did You Know? Choosing a reliable Conference Call Service is very important, because it helps you ensure your conference will be high quality and easy to manage.

So check out this Free Web Conference guide to help you discover the best services you can trust.