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Free Tibet, wait, where is Tibet?

default Free Tibet, wait, where is Tibet?

An hour long academic conference call: China and Tibet: History, Current Situation, and Implications for US-China Relations Let’s have a geography class before you join the “Free Tibet” fashion Tibet, the ‘great game’ and the CIA By Richard M Bennett

Best Buy: Free Conference Calling Services

Best Buy: Free Conference Calling Services

Article by Nahshon DeMore

You get what you pay for.

There is much truth to this statement. If you buy a used watch on Ebay for , consider yourself lucky if it comes with a wristband- or hands. If you buy a jalopy for a hundred bucks from a used car salesman named Guido, cross your fingers before you turn that key. And how about that 6-day, 5-night getaway cruise to the Bahamas, for 0? It is probably nothing more than a ferry boat ride and a tour of roach motels. In one sense, you do get what you pay for. But there is also truth in the statement that “the best things in life are free.” Watching a sunset, receiving a compliment, or seeing your firstborn child take her first step are all priceless moments. Free conference calling services can be one of life’s priceless moments, too.

How It Works After singing up for free conference calling services, you get your own conference number. You can use this number for any conference calls within the United States, and sometimes around the world as well. Companies can afford to offer free conference calling services because they charge for other services. Nationwide long distance carriers cover the fees. Sometimes, however, extra charges are required to avail of special services, such as downloading files or adding more conference participants, the number of which exceeds the maximum presently allowed.

No Free Lunches These extra charges prove that nothing in life is really free, including “free” lunches. Someone pays for them. Likewise, free conference calling services are not totally free, and in the long term, traditional conferencing services could save your company more money. In fact, participants can avail of free conference calling services by paying the local or long distance charge to access the company’s service computer. The exception is only when the conference organizer pays a small fee per minute per caller, to provide truly toll-free calling service to the caller.

To Free Or Not to Free – That Is the Question! When choosing a conference calling service, find one that best meets your business’ needs. Factor in such considerations as budget, scope, and size. To begin with, determine if free conference calling services is what you really need. A “Fortune 500″ company that needs audio and web conferencing should go with a non-free conference call service provider. However, free conference calling services are generally ideal for small to medium-size businesses that can live without the extra services and features that full conference calling companies provide. Furthermore, if your company realizes that free conference services do not include toll-free calls and if they only need audio conferencing, then “free is key.”

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits When considering free conference calling services, it is wise to look at the features that may be included.

* No waiting and no reservations* Digital fiber-optic lines* Support for Voiceover Internet Protocol, or VOIP, services* Use of your conference number at any time and for an unlimited time* Participant capacity ranging from 100 to more * MP3 recording for archiving, sharing, and playback * Support of any calling device, such as a cellular phone, broadband phone, traditional phone, desktop softphone, and many others* Unlimited international conference calls using traditional calling tools, or VoIP* Computers are unnecessary for audio conferencing

Free conference calling services are not perfect for every company. Neither do they come completely for free. They have their uses, however, and when utilized well, they can prove to be the best deal of the year.

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Are free conference calling services truly for free? Visit now and learn more about audio conferencing services and flat rate conference calls.

Free Prayer Line – Religious Conference Call – Prayer line

Free Prayer Line – Religious Conference Call – Prayer line

Pulpitcalls® is not just an ordinary kind of conference call, rather it is a conference call that allows you to reach your targeted audience, whoever that audience may be.  Whether you are reaching out to people of the emerging generation who use their smart phones on the go, or retired people using landline telephones from the privacy of their retirement villas, or anyone in between, Pulpitcalls® will extend your reach and increase the effectiveness of your message.  In short: Pulpitcalls® now enables the busy pastor to stay more in touch with the congregation and with the leadership of his church.

By simply dialing their phone, people can be connected to your sermon, to a teaching, a daily devotion, discussion group, or prayer.  Teachers can follow up on  lessons with students and even set up family chats by using Pulpitcalls®.  In fact, it would be difficult to list all the possible uses this dynamic third millennium tool can be used for.  The limit lies with the user’s own imagination and ingenuity.

Pulpitcalls® is in operation twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.  It serves at your convenience. Call in with your personalized code at anytime of day or night and your conference call begins immediately.  Allow one or several moderators to service your conference line too.  Having multiple moderators will allow for a more full use of this fantastic tool.  Easy access to the conference service from any telephone allows people the opportunity, from anywhere in the country, to hear you speak or join you in a discussion.  No more excuses for missing group discussions.  Let family, friends, parishioners, or colleagues have the access code and begin working with Pulpitcalls® today.  Not only is Pulpitcalls® the state of the art in conference calling, it is being offered to you FREE of charge.  This allows you to not only reach the masses but it makes it affordable.  Whether your group is a small beginning ministry or among the largest established, you can afford Pulpitcalls®.


We have made it easy to sign up for this service and you will find it is very simple to begin using the service.  Pulpitcalls® allows you to monitor your conference call via web controls or from the key pad on your telephone.  We believe you will say it is one of the most user-friendly tools in the high tech toolbox.  Why not visit us right now at  Just enter your name and email address and we will get you on the road to this frontier of communication.  Pulpitcalls® will take you from reaching the people in front of you to reaching people around the world.

In summary, we all know that the telephone is no longer the device hanging on the kitchen wall; used only to call relatives on the holidays.  Rather, it has become the life line of global communications for business, and the indispensible tool for staying in touch with people.  Our telephones bring the internet, calendars, games, and so much more, right to the palm of our hands.  We want to enable you to use this tool to its maximum effectiveness in getting your important message across.

With Pulpitcalls® you will have the ability to talk to two thousand people at once, using simple controls, a state-of-the-art conference bridge and high quality tech support.  It can begin today.  You can be on your way to filling the void in our fast paced modern society that has left in people’s lives by reducing the effects geographical separation using

Write to us at for free prayer line.

Call Center Tips- Free Interrelated Info For conference call center

Call Center Tips- Free Interrelated Info For conference call center

Article by pallavi

It is not invariably simple to take a choice to purchase your telemarketing needs outsourced to any call center unit. Telemarketing outsourcing may be an altogether different venture to of those companies which suffer been experiencing a cold calling from the very beginning. Furthermore, choosing an outsourcing service provider can exceedingly be tough at times. You need decisive whether you actually need to employ any local service or a center based mostly during US or to any other offshore call center. It’s solely on your own decision to step in or step out. However, this article aims to provide you really with few pointers on the way to choose a outsourcing service provider and the services put on supply.

With call centers becoming big business lately, an alternate business that is growing alongside because rapidly, if not fast, is that of decision center management services. In simpler conditions, they are the services needed to manage the operations and functionalist of a decision center.

One of the the majority significant aspects of a call center is training and presentation. Such decision center management services give assist in buying the most acceptable practices for such training, including studies of positioning, organizational aspects, technology difficulties, tool variety, people difficulties, and a process approach.

The virtual call center is comprised of a central facility where campaigns also are managed and a network of agents in numerous locations where the figure is performed.

Some virtual decision centers go beyond simply handling decisions to managing all buyer and prospect interactions, including answering email inquiries and engaging in live chat sessions, and are referred to as virtual contact centers.

Most of this software collects information through integration with contact center systems and analyzes to call distribution, trends, and seasonal patterns. Such software also has the capacity to make forecasts primarily based on past performance indicators. It even implies options to improve it so helping in the implementation.

These also are some of the initial training programs that decision center agents is going to surely benefit from. To learn more about the decision center industry.

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So here is chance to get your free tips on call center and in addition to that get basic information on saving money visit callcenter news

Free Prayer Line

Free Prayer Line


Press Release

Written by Staff

In todays fast pace life, communication is the highway in which we send and receive messages. The internet, texting, and smart phones are all mass communication devices that are a large part of normal everyday life in America. is a free conference call service that complements any telephone and is one of the most useful mass communication tools available.  Weather the target is the emerging generation who steadily uses the smart phones or the retirement generation that uses the telephone from the privacy of the retirement villa, pulpit calls can reach your audience.  . If they have access to a telephone, they can connect to your personal prayer line to discuss, chat about, or listen to your messages. Your conference call can be used to preach a sermon, teach, pray, conduct meetings, family chats, and much more. The uses of Pulpitcalls are in the hands of those that operate the conference line.  Your imagination and ingenuity is the only limiting factor.

The telephone, in today’s society, is no longer the tool in the kitchen used only to call relatives on the holidays but is now the life line to the global communication of business and life. The telephone brings us the internet, calendars, and games to the palm of our hands so why not use that tool to get your message across to your congregation and leaders. With Pulpit calls you have your own personal conference line with the ability to talk to 2000 people at once.  Pulpit calls allows you to monitor your conference call with web controls and from the key pad on your telephone.  Pulpitcalls has easy to use controls, state of the art conference bridges, and tech support.  Using our service you will, in no time, be on your way to filling the void in people’s lives left by the fast paced lives we live. You can mute all callers, play music, record prayers, have a question and answer session, drop in calling, block uses, use shout cast, manage multiple conferences, broadcast live service, and much more.


Pulpit calls is a 24hr lines that removes the limits of time.  The service is available to everyone.  Just go to and sign up.  Once an account has been established just call in with you personalized code and begin your conference calling immediately.  Pulpitcalls is a not your ordinary conference call, rather it is a conference call that allows you to reach the target audience while maintaining control of the call.  The service allows one or more moderators to service the line as people get the chance, from any were in the country, to hear you. It lets groups like your family, friends, parishioners, colleges and colleagues to have access to each other.  Just give them the phone number and code to begin using your personal conference line today.  Not only is Pulpitcalls the state of the art conferencing service but it is being offered to you FREE of charge. This allows the ministry, not only to reach small or large groups but makes it affordable in a tight budget economy.  It is simple to sign up and simple to start using. Just visit us at and enter your name and email to experience the connectivity of our unique conferencing service.  Pulpitcalls will take you from reaching only the people that can reach you to reaching out to the masses and build your following.  There is nothing ordinary about the conferencing call.

Just visit us at and enter your name and email to experience the connectivity of our unique conferencing service.  Pulpitcalls will take you from reaching only the people that can reach you to reaching out to the masses and build your following.  There is nothing ordinary about the conferencing call.

conference call recording services, on-line meeting, operator assisted toll free conference call, conference call recording, low cost calls, conferenc

conference call recording services, on-line meeting, operator assisted toll free conference call, conference call recording, low cost calls, conferenc

“Conferencing service”- this means that more than two persons are interacting for a specific reason. It might be for anything. They might be joining for the sake of resolving any issue or meeting for having a friendly chat with each other. Conferencing service is a flexible one and it can be used in any way we want. If you are aware of the way where you can make use of it then definitely you will use it a lot more than what you are making use right now.

Conferencing service is used by most of the companies as it is helping them a lot for the development of the company. Among the different types of services available audio conferencing service is the most used one as in this there is no need of any equipment and the conference can happen with the help of the normal land line or the mobile phone connections that they are having. This is the benefit of the audio conference calls as people can participate in conference even if they are in the middle of the journey.

The conferencing service came late into the Indian market but after its arrival it did not take long time to grow. The pricing of the conferencing service was also very high when it came but right now it is very low. The conferencing service is available for 500 per month also. That is a flat rate package. Check out with any of the service providers for more information on the conference call services.


Can This Guy REALLY Get $147900 in Google Adwords For Free? (The Free Google Adwords Myth)

There are programs out there that claim you can get Google Adwords for free. Is this for real? I explain my thoughts on this program and then show you what I think are the real ways to get Google Adwords for free. www.trafficgeek.infoThere are a lot of great ways to drive FREE traffic to your website, and we want to share these great techniques with you today! Make sure to visit our site for your 2 free eBooks and your free mini course. We even have free weekly conference calls, and we would love to have you on one of those calls!
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Toll Free Numbers ? Made Stronger with Google Voice

Toll Free Numbers ? Made Stronger with Google Voice

Everyone knows how strong a marketing campaign can be with toll free numbers. There are many benefits – image, company stability, branding the company, reaching out to customers and even insider benefits such as coded lines, answering machines and easier way to handle customer services. Other companies even hire call centers to make sure that their customer service department is handled by professionals and the benefits of toll free numbers would not go to waste.
Another business technique for companies with a need for high technology, Google Voice presents a Skype like experience. With many features that can help in making business easier and cutting company expenses, along with toll free numbers, Google Voice presents as an appropriate partner for the toll free number.
A toll free number is a powerful marketing technique that allows the caller to dial the company’s number and contact the staff without having to spend anything in the process. One of the common techniques to attracting customers, toll free numbers work along well with vanity numbers and call centers for the ultimate customer service experience.
Google Voice, on the other hand, is described as the enhanced version of Skype, a phone system embedded with business tools and features like an emailed voicemail, low cost international calls, customizable voicemail greetings, conference calling, call recording, call screening and call blocking and can also act as an mobile phone that can send, receive and store SMS messages.
Combined, both Google Voice and toll free numbers can provide an all in one system for customer service and business relations. Unfortunately, because Google Voice is still in the testing period and requires an invitation to experience its features as well as it does not offer a direct line to a custom toll free number, the only way to it is to be invited through Google’s website and possibly use a private direct line connecting to a toll free number and Google Voice.
For businesses looking to cut back costs, make risks to be competitive with an updated technological system and find an easier way to increase profits and ROI, raise response rates and at the same time, brand the company and build credibility, toll free numbers and Google Voice can be your medium. While toll free numbers build a strong brand for your company, Google Voice will ease the way through communication between company and customer whether online or international.

Log on for further information.

Custom Toll Free is the national leader in the field of consumer awareness and marketing by way of vanity toll free telephone numbers.Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, machines and contracts could easily be liquidated for little return, but the toll free number would maintain strong value in the market. The toll free telephone number is clearly the vital link between a company and its customers.

How Does Toll Free Number Work?

How Does Toll Free Number Work?

As most of us know, toll-free numbers begin with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, or 866. However, it is important to know that although 800, 888, 877, and 866 are all toll-free codes, they are not interchangeable. Toll-free numbers allow callers to contact others without being charged for the call. As a matter of fact, the charge is paid by the called party (the toll-free subscriber) instead of the caller. Toll-free numbers have been in vogue for long and have proved immensely helpful by many businesses for developing customer relationships.

Toll free numbers are easy to set up and come with multiple features including audio conferences, professional voice announcement feature, call screening, call recording, call forwarding, auto attendant, and more. More significantly, having a toll free number is an assured means of staying in touch with customers.

Before learning how to obtain toll-free numbers, we must know that there are toll-free service providers called “Responsible Organizations” or “RespOrgs”. The RespOrgs may not be telephone companies but they have access to the SMS/800 database, which contains information regarding the status of all toll-free numbers. RespOrgs are certified by the SMS/800 database administrator, and authorized to manage the toll-free service.


Persons wanting a toll-free number must contact a RespOrg or other toll-free service provider, who in turn, will access the database and reserve a number for the subscriber. This may not be difficult as there are several hundred RespOrgs and toll-free service providers in the United States.

There are subscribers, particularly business owners who are keen on getting what are called “vanity numbers”. A vanity number is an alphanumeric toll-free telephone number that also spells a person’s or company’s name or spells a word or acronym that is chosen by the subscriber. Thus vanity numbers can help customers remember your business and your contact information. One has to ascertain from any RespOrg or toll-free service provider whether a specific “vanity” number is available.

As stated earlier, a toll-free number is referred to as an 800, 888, 877, and 866 by the area code phone number. With a toll-free number, you will receive incoming calls on your existing phone line at no charge to the caller. Please note there is no installation required. You will be able to identify the caller before you answer the call, if you have caller ID enabled on your Ring-to number. You can add on voicemail or you can use existing voicemail box if there is one.

Another question many ask is – How many calls can I get at one time? Please know your toll free number can accept as many calls as your ring-to number can handle. If your ring-to number has call waiting facility, then you will be able to accept more than one call at a time. If you don’t have call waiting facility, excess calls may go into your voicemail. There are also a few service providers that allow toll-free to cellular phone calls. Further, you can have as many toll free numbers as you want to ring into one line.

Obviously, customers love toll free numbers because they will not be required to spend to get information about your goods and services. It is an established fact that having a toll-free phone number for your business increases sales and brings customers closer to your business. There are many different ways business owners can exploit toll free number to increase profits. In all printed stationery, business cards, pamphlets, brochures, and catalogs, make sure the toll free number is prominently displayed. People should be reassured by the fact that the phone call to your business will cost them nothing.

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Are free conference calling services really free?

Are free conference calling services really free?

Communication is something that you cannot ignore if you are really serious about the success of your business. Businessmen and professionals have always travelled to discuss proposals, make sales presentations and share financial results, face to face. But with conference calls, you can communicate with any number of people even if they are not physically present with you in the same room. Business travel is not only time consuming, but also very expensive. You must also factor in the cost of accommodation. There are many free conference call solutions available that smart companies make use of to reduce costs and still maintain the smooth running of the business.

Both personal and business communication can be made easy by conference calling. Many conferencing services provide inexpensive and easily accessible conferencing solutions that will suit any type of business. If your teleconferencing requirements are at a basic level, free conference call services may be enough for you.


All that telephone conferencing requires is a normal telephone line. A telephone number and pass code is provided to the participant by the teleconferencing service provider. You dial into the conference bridge and key in the pass code to get connected to the teleconference. Voice conference calls through usual channels are usually free for most participants because it is one person, typically the host, who bears the cost of phone conferencing. Others pay just the cost of a long distance telephone call without any other surcharges.

With the advent of internet, teleconferencing  is often advertised as “absolutely free”. Many websites offer call conferencing services that let you connect with any number of people absolutely free of charge. The reality is that you are no longer paying the company which hosts the conference bridge on a per-conference, per-delegate or pence-per-minute basis. Rather, you are paying to access the bridge as a charge from your fixed or mobile operator.

Many so called “free conference call services” are hosted on special rate numbers – typicall 0871 or 0844. These are more expensive to dial than 01, 02 or 03 numbers – particularly if you are calling from a mobile.

An alternative exists with 03TALK which operates its service on 03 numbers. Calls to 03 numbers are included in your bundled minutes, meaning that there is no incremental cost in a conference call made to 03TALK. If you have minutes available with your contract at the time of making the call, 03TALK is free to use. If you don’t, the call costs the same as a call to an 01 or 02 number. This is irrespective of whether you are dialling from a fixed or mobile network.

In short, calls to 03TALK really are free. Calls to most conference service providers are operated on more expensive 08 numbers.

Kieron James is the managing director of Zimo Communications, a Network Operator providing number translation services on a wide range of geographic and non-geographic number ranges.