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Free Prayer Line – Religious Conference Call – Prayer line

Free Prayer Line – Religious Conference Call – Prayer line

Pulpitcalls® is not just an ordinary kind of conference call, rather it is a conference call that allows you to reach your targeted audience, whoever that audience may be.  Whether you are reaching out to people of the emerging generation who use their smart phones on the go, or retired people using landline telephones from the privacy of their retirement villas, or anyone in between, Pulpitcalls® will extend your reach and increase the effectiveness of your message.  In short: Pulpitcalls® now enables the busy pastor to stay more in touch with the congregation and with the leadership of his church.

By simply dialing their phone, people can be connected to your sermon, to a teaching, a daily devotion, discussion group, or prayer.  Teachers can follow up on  lessons with students and even set up family chats by using Pulpitcalls®.  In fact, it would be difficult to list all the possible uses this dynamic third millennium tool can be used for.  The limit lies with the user’s own imagination and ingenuity.

Pulpitcalls® is in operation twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.  It serves at your convenience. Call in with your personalized code at anytime of day or night and your conference call begins immediately.  Allow one or several moderators to service your conference line too.  Having multiple moderators will allow for a more full use of this fantastic tool.  Easy access to the conference service from any telephone allows people the opportunity, from anywhere in the country, to hear you speak or join you in a discussion.  No more excuses for missing group discussions.  Let family, friends, parishioners, or colleagues have the access code and begin working with Pulpitcalls® today.  Not only is Pulpitcalls® the state of the art in conference calling, it is being offered to you FREE of charge.  This allows you to not only reach the masses but it makes it affordable.  Whether your group is a small beginning ministry or among the largest established, you can afford Pulpitcalls®.


We have made it easy to sign up for this service and you will find it is very simple to begin using the service.  Pulpitcalls® allows you to monitor your conference call via web controls or from the key pad on your telephone.  We believe you will say it is one of the most user-friendly tools in the high tech toolbox.  Why not visit us right now at  Just enter your name and email address and we will get you on the road to this frontier of communication.  Pulpitcalls® will take you from reaching the people in front of you to reaching people around the world.

In summary, we all know that the telephone is no longer the device hanging on the kitchen wall; used only to call relatives on the holidays.  Rather, it has become the life line of global communications for business, and the indispensible tool for staying in touch with people.  Our telephones bring the internet, calendars, games, and so much more, right to the palm of our hands.  We want to enable you to use this tool to its maximum effectiveness in getting your important message across.

With Pulpitcalls® you will have the ability to talk to two thousand people at once, using simple controls, a state-of-the-art conference bridge and high quality tech support.  It can begin today.  You can be on your way to filling the void in our fast paced modern society that has left in people’s lives by reducing the effects geographical separation using

Write to us at for free prayer line.

Free Prayer Line

Free Prayer Line


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In todays fast pace life, communication is the highway in which we send and receive messages. The internet, texting, and smart phones are all mass communication devices that are a large part of normal everyday life in America. is a free conference call service that complements any telephone and is one of the most useful mass communication tools available.  Weather the target is the emerging generation who steadily uses the smart phones or the retirement generation that uses the telephone from the privacy of the retirement villa, pulpit calls can reach your audience.  . If they have access to a telephone, they can connect to your personal prayer line to discuss, chat about, or listen to your messages. Your conference call can be used to preach a sermon, teach, pray, conduct meetings, family chats, and much more. The uses of Pulpitcalls are in the hands of those that operate the conference line.  Your imagination and ingenuity is the only limiting factor.

The telephone, in today’s society, is no longer the tool in the kitchen used only to call relatives on the holidays but is now the life line to the global communication of business and life. The telephone brings us the internet, calendars, and games to the palm of our hands so why not use that tool to get your message across to your congregation and leaders. With Pulpit calls you have your own personal conference line with the ability to talk to 2000 people at once.  Pulpit calls allows you to monitor your conference call with web controls and from the key pad on your telephone.  Pulpitcalls has easy to use controls, state of the art conference bridges, and tech support.  Using our service you will, in no time, be on your way to filling the void in people’s lives left by the fast paced lives we live. You can mute all callers, play music, record prayers, have a question and answer session, drop in calling, block uses, use shout cast, manage multiple conferences, broadcast live service, and much more.


Pulpit calls is a 24hr lines that removes the limits of time.  The service is available to everyone.  Just go to and sign up.  Once an account has been established just call in with you personalized code and begin your conference calling immediately.  Pulpitcalls is a not your ordinary conference call, rather it is a conference call that allows you to reach the target audience while maintaining control of the call.  The service allows one or more moderators to service the line as people get the chance, from any were in the country, to hear you. It lets groups like your family, friends, parishioners, colleges and colleagues to have access to each other.  Just give them the phone number and code to begin using your personal conference line today.  Not only is Pulpitcalls the state of the art conferencing service but it is being offered to you FREE of charge. This allows the ministry, not only to reach small or large groups but makes it affordable in a tight budget economy.  It is simple to sign up and simple to start using. Just visit us at and enter your name and email to experience the connectivity of our unique conferencing service.  Pulpitcalls will take you from reaching only the people that can reach you to reaching out to the masses and build your following.  There is nothing ordinary about the conferencing call.

Just visit us at and enter your name and email to experience the connectivity of our unique conferencing service.  Pulpitcalls will take you from reaching only the people that can reach you to reaching out to the masses and build your following.  There is nothing ordinary about the conferencing call.

Line2 Demo: App that adds a second line to your iPhone

Line2 adds an easy to manage second line for business to your iPhone with great contact management and a web-based control panel for routing calls, setting up dialing rules, auto-attendants, call forwarding, conference calls and more. You can also place calls (including conference calls) over 3G VOIP.
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Cheap Toll Free Conference Call Line

Cheap Toll Free Conference Call Line

Increased competition and lower conference calling rates make it possible to get a cheap conference call line. However, despite rock bottom prices, not all conference calling plans are created equally. To get the most value for your money, it pays to compare plans and features and then pick the best conference call line for your needs. This doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily pay more because conference calling rates are indeed competitive; it does mean that if you choose wisely, you’ll have a calling plan that delivers real value.

Toll Free Conference Call Line Features
As you consider a conference calling plan, take the time to learn about toll free conference plan features. For example, some toll free plans offer extensive support for international countries while others do not. If you need international support, then you’ll want to focus on plans that provide support for the countries your participants are from.

Another important feature involves call quality. Find out the conference calling provider’s position on call quality. For instance, is call quality guaranteed? What type of bridges are used?


Many other features are offered such as call recording, online account management consoles, leader dial out features for attendees who failed to call in, name announcements, conference call muting, dedicated conference rooms with no scheduling required, and more. Naturally, features vary from one provider to the next. Before considering price, carefully consider which features are most important to you and which are nice to have but not a must. By doing so, you’ll be better able to select a conference call line that best meets your needs.

Compare Conference Calling Plans
Once you’ve learned about common toll free conference call line features and have a solid idea of which features are the most important for you, you can begin comparing conference calling plans. Pay attention to the terms of each plan before narrowing down your choices based on features offered and price. For example, some plans may charge a minimum monthly fee even if you don’t use the conference call line at all while others offer “pay as you go” plans with no contracts. Ask yourself which type of plan is best for you.

Once you decide on a contract or no contract plan, look at several providers offering conference calling plans of that type and begin comparing features against your own list of must-have conference call line features. You’ll soon have a list of providers offering the type of calling plan you prefer along with the valuable features that will benefit your business. From there, you should be able to find a competitively priced conference call line that fully meets your needs.

Is this more work than simply picking a cheap conference calling plan? Absolutely, it takes time to save money. While you could go with the cheapest plan you find, taking the time to shop for the best deal for your toll free conference call needs is the better choice. In the end, you’ll still end up with a good price. Best of all, you’ll end up with a plan that delivers value as well as price.

American International Telephonics’ best conference call line service is both inexpensive and easy for moderators and participants alike. If you’re looking for a cheap conference calling solution, you’ll love AIT’s low rates and pay-as-you-go plans offered on a no contract basis.