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Why More Companies are Using Conference Call Services These Days

Why More Companies are Using Conference Call Services These Days

With so many technological and interactive advances made in recent years, it’s surprising that the humble conference call service has become even more popular than ever. Why is conference calling so popular? Why are more companies using older technologies such as a phone-based conference call services instead of videoconferencing or interactive chats?

The Reach of Conference Calling
One of the reasons for the upsurge in popularity of teleconferencing is due to its sheer reach. Long distance rates make it possible to hold affordable international conference calls with attendees joining from all corners of the globe. As more companies cut back on international travel in order to scale back expenses, they are also relying on international conference calls to fill the gap. All that’s needed is a reliable conference call service that supports international calling and the willingness to meet over the phone rather than in person.

The Convenience of Conference Calling
In addition to eliminating travel expenses by hosting international conference calls instead of traveling to attend meetings in person, many companies have realized that using a conference call service is much more convenient than other options such as teleconferencing. While it’s nice to see video images of participants, adding video to the mix requires adding specialized equipment to the mix. With traditional conference calling, participants need one piece of equipment: a telephone. There are no issues with compatibility, no need for scheduling time at a videoconferencing studio, and no need for participants to dress for the part. This is especially important when it comes to international conference calls due to time zone differences as well as video systems that vary from one country to another.


In addition, attendees are not limited to a certain type of phone nor do they need to be at a specific location in order to participate in the call. In fact, participants can call into the conference call service from cell phones, making a conference call one of the most convenient ways to meet in existence.

The Price of Conference Calling
Another reason for the popularity of conference calling is its price. In today’s business environment, expenses have been trimmed dramatically and companies have seen the value of making domestic and international conference calls as an alternative to business travel. Per minute rates have fallen as well, making using a conference call service even less expensive than before. Whether an employee needs to discuss a project with a few team members or a company wants to host a huge teleconference with hundreds of attendees, conference calling has become an attractive, affordable way to communicate with groups scattered around the globe.

More companies are using conference calling these days than ever before with both domestic and international conference calls becoming increasingly popular. Despite advances in other communications technologies, conference calling impresses with its wide reach, convenience, and low price. Calling plans come in many different forms suitable for a variety of situations including unlimited plans, pre-paid plans, plans with no contracts, and more. is a conference call service provider that offers complete conference call solutions including toll free, domestic, and international conference calls. With numerous plans such as pay-as-you-go, prepaid, and unlimited plans offered along with exceptional quality and affordable rates, you’re sure to find the right aitelephone conference calling solution for your company’s needs.

International Conference Calling Can Be More Favorable To Your Business Than Ever Before

International Conference Calling Can Be More Favorable To Your Business Than Ever Before

Article by John Frank

Communication is at the core of every company. It is the avenue where dialogues matter, by which ideas join, and where a constant transfer of information takes place. Keeping in touch with associates, customers and sales people is of highest importance, and possibly most imperative for those whose markets are branching out to the global arena. Businesses are always on the hunt for practical theories to support this essential objective with communication costs constantly rising. They have found ease in the accessability and savings of the conference call and are now using this method to conduct weekly meetings, scheduled correspondences, and quarterly trainings devoid of the complication of geographical gaps and physical distance.

Using tools like International conference calls have set the pace of companies towards the route of advancement and success. Needing customers stationed at different corners of the globe, imagine collaborating with them without having to leave the confines of your office, or the fundamentals of wasting precious time, resources, or the irritation of preparing for travel accommodations. You have the ability to use the resources of your business for more advantageous and goal-oriented means by utilizing the opportunities that conference calling provides you.

With the improvement of technology supplying better alternatives and augmented answers, conference calling has approach a simple and more exciting way to implement communication options in varying degrees, maximizing phone and internet aptitude. Unable to make their presence known through channels that were not accessable in decades passed, proprietors can now easily take advantage of the luxury of technologies that we currently have at our disposal. In the past, when e-mail was nonexistent, time zone differences were a problem and even with voicemail, getting in contact with your pursued associate was extremely more problematic than it is presently. Conference calls, the way they were, were irksome, but all that has evolved with the times and the evolution of communication technology.

Most businesses, more directly, international ones, entrust conference calling, implanting it into their common practices and utilizing it as their main means of mass communication. it is important that actions are as unified as possible and with resources like conference calls at your disposal, when information needs to be transferred in a timely fashion and tools are minimal, it makes it simple to communicate important information in the most efficient ways across any distance. There are even some resources available to aid those that might require transcripts for future reference and you can also opt to record the conversation and have the service provider transcribe them for you, ultimately saving you time and options that you most likely don

Learn More about Audio Conference Teleconferencing

Learn More about Audio Conference Teleconferencing

Article by Van Theodorou

Communication has certainly been revolutionized by the internet. WIth very minimal disruptions, people can now go online, chat or do web conference with people from other parts of the world.

Majority of people who have tried audio conference will attest that it is still the fastest and most effective communication system, even though there are various web conference services used today.

Traditionally, phone calls are only limited to two people holding a conversation in a single line. However, the use of teleconferencing service would allow more than two people to participate in one discussion. All participants can benefit from listening to one another.

Simultaneously, it is easier to debate and explore all concepts on a single topic.

And for businesses which operates globally, it even serves a better purpose because information can be transferred faster and more efficiently. Errors are minimized because decisions are made and clarified and everyone is in agreement.

An audio conference is just one of the many forms of teleconferencing used today. Video conferencing and computed conferencing are the other forms of teleconferencing services. These types have a unique method but can be incorporated with one another for a more dynamic and efficient system.

It is most effective to use a video teleconference with audio conference. This method allows members to hear and see each other while dicusssion and planning is taking place.

Sometimes, it’s easier for some people to exchange ideas when they see the person they are talking to. The use of telephone lines, local area networks or the use of internet are the various channels that can be used when setting up video conference. The Internet, however, is probably the most common mode of channel used by most companies.

Another form of teleconferencing is through computers. Connecting two or more computers at the same time is the process involved. This is also called synchronous computer conferencing.

In order for businesses to save both on time and travel expense budget, use Audio conference teleconferencing or any conference call in combination with other forms of teleconferencing services.

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The company we recommend is Copper Conferencing and learn more on <a href=”—Learning-the-ABCs-and-What-You-Need-to-Know-For-Your-Business&id=3011032.”. Audio Conference Teleconferencing.

More Advanced Telephone Conferencing to Cater to Your Diverse Communications Requirements

More Advanced Telephone Conferencing to Cater to Your Diverse Communications Requirements

Today’s innovation in the field of communications is conducting meeting over the telephone. This becomes a communication vehicle of choice for telecommuters, remote sales offices, freelancers and company vendors. However, this creates specific difficulties, primarily because participants are not talking face to face. Hence, services offer a set of features to address some of the problems of this business conferencing. These innovated features guarantee conference organizers flexible and manageable teleconference availing business consumers face to face – like transactions.

Conference management includes:

Call monitoring – this ensures that operator is available anytime during the conference. It allows participants to join in the middle of the discussion, or for other features to be accessed.
Faxing – this process allows the head to distribute relevant materials for the meeting. A group of relevant documents are faxed to participants according to the cue of the moderator.
Roll call – with this feature, the moderator as well as the rest of the conference participants know who is connected into the conference. An operator conducts roll call, asking each participant for his or her name.
Sub-conferencing – this allows designated participants to communicate privately within the call. Sub-conference attendees can later return to the main conference. In most cases, many sub-conferences can be established within any one call.


The service includes additional features such as translation services, call recording and call transcription. But these services typically carry additional per-costs per service.

Business conferencing services can handle participants ranging from 1 – 3,000 people, thus requiring an additional feature for orderly discussion. For this large conference with only few speaker to deliver the subject matter, these features are used:

Broadcasting – the action mutes the majority of the participants and only allows certain participants to speak to the rest. This relieves conferences of the inevitable background buzz coming from many participants.
Question and answer – creates an orderly exchange of information by allowing participants to signal via phone when they have questions. The operator then calls on specific participants for their input.
Polling – allows participants to vote on particular issues. By pushing a touch-tone button, participants can accept or reject proposals in the conference. The operator tallies votes in real time for the chairperson’s benefit. The result can also be provided in a printed summary if required.

One reason why telephone conferencing services got the broad scale adoption today is its quality. With all the clarity, phone conference has two most popular call services: (reservationless and operator-assisted)

Reservationless Conferencing—this goes for impromptu meetings. Invitees get a toll-free call-in number and an entry code to be connected to the call. They’re fully automated, inexpensive and offer tons of advanced features such as global dial out, record/playback, conference lock, group mute/unmute, roll call capabilities and more.
Operator-Assisted Phone conferencing—is for more formal meetings requiring additional services and a professional polish. Operator-assisted phone conferences are usually associated with “event calls”. They feature customized caller greetings, speaker introductions, operator-led Q&A, etc.

Source: More Advanced Telephone Conferencing to Cater to Your Diverse Communications Requirements

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More Obama Stupidity = Obama Seeks Health Care Push From Pulpit! (via secret conference call)

default More Obama Stupidity = Obama Seeks Health Care Push From Pulpit! (via secret conference call)

My thots on another stupid obama ploy Here is the news link about this OFF THE RECORD plea from obama for pastors & rabbis to push his health care reform… What happened to transparency? Why was this ‘off the record” and kept a secret from everyone? Apparently ‘transparency’ is only for us and not obama. ———————– Obama made a ‘off the record’ call to about 140000 people of faith in a conference call and webcast Wednesday evening. He and a White House official discussed the moral dimension of health care, telling the mostly Christian audience that “this debate over health care goes to the heart of who we are as a people.” But earlier that day, Obama went much further, asking about 1000 rabbis to preach his political agenda in their sermons on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year — one of the holiest days of the year. The conversation was supposed to be off the record but was captured on the Twitter feeds and blogs of some rabbis who took part in the call, which was organized by the Union of Reform Judaism and included rabbis from other denominations. “I am going to need your help in accomplishing necessary reform,” Obama said, according to Rabbi Jack Moline of Virginia, whose Twitter feed has since been scrubbed of the information. Obama told the rabbis that “we are God’s partners in matters of life and death” and asked them to “tell the stories of health care dilemmas to illustrate what is a stake” in their sermons, Moline wrote. Critics say
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Call Conference Services Can Put More Money In Your Pocket

Call Conference Services Can Put More Money In Your Pocket

Article by Dean

It is quite easy to set up a conference call. And many people use it, not just businesses. Here are some examples of somebody may want to use this method of calling:

- You are part of a group of friends living in different cities and want to talk together

- You are a product provider in Europe and want to tell about your products to clients in different locations in the US

- You are a project manager in a multi-national company with your team distributed across different geographies and you want to discuss the project progress with your team

- You are a trainer of a software technology company and want to train hundreds of people across the globe simultaneously

The conventional methods of communication like one-to-one calls, chatting, emailing, etc. would not work in all the above cases. You will have to use a special method of communication that is known as a conference call or teleconference or group call.

Why is it useful?

Unlike other methods of communication, which may have limitations that you can not use voice and can only write or you can only talk with one person at a time or you cannot have a live communication or you cannot talk to people that are at different physical locations, a conference call overcomes all these limitations by providing you the opportunity of talking to multiple geographically distributed people simultaneously where each member of the call can contribute to talking equally in the conference. The advantages and uses of such type of communication are unlimited and the above provided examples are some of the possible scenarios where one is used.

How to organize conference calls?

There are various options available regarding the type of conference call, modes of setting one up, type of involvement of members in the conference and additional features other than just voice.

Let’s discuss in detail the various available options and how to conference call.

o Hardware-based Conference Call – Normal phones are designed to place only one-to-one calls and mostly don’t provide facilities for conference call. However, there are specialized phones that are capable of handling these types of calls. In such phones, the caller calls one party first and while the call is being placed or has connected, the caller dials numbers of other parties and adds them to the conference. In such a system, only the caller is required to have this special phone and other called parties can use their normal landline phones or mobile phones. There may be limitations on how many called parties can be added to the conference based on the type of phone. Cisco phones are the most commonly used conference call enabled phones in majority of company offices.

o Calling on Conference Bridge – There is specialized conference-call-service providing companies, which allow setting up of conference calls. Such companies utilize special equipments called conference bridges, which are used to connect multiple calls. In such a system, it is required to register a schedule of a conference providing details such as the start time, duration, possible number of members etc. Based on the provided information, the service provider will set up a conference bridge for the required duration and will provide details such as a single call-in number; administrator or members pass codes (if required) etc. At the time of the call, either each member party can independently call the provided number or an administrator can call the parties to set up a conference. Such type of services provide numerous options like sending invites to the members, call recording services, reminder services, allocating specific involvement in the call such as providing only listening rights or providing talking rights as well or assigning administration rights to one or more members. The service providing companies provide both free and paid options depending upon the facilities provided.

These are very easy and useful methods that can be used for establishing and using a conference call for business purposes.

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Why More Companies are Hosting International Conference Calls

Why More Companies are Hosting International Conference Calls

Thanks to technologies such as the Internet, email, instant messaging, webinars, and videoconferencing, today’s business professionals are able to communicate electronically like never before. Despite the availability of these communications tools, international conference calls continue to be a popular choice.

Advantages of International Conference Calls
International conference calls offer many advantages over other communications tools. For example, while holding a webinar participants to see each other using webcams, most webinars require the installation of software. For technically savvy participants, this doesn’t pose much of a problem. However, for others, it’s a big obstacle.

With teleconferencing, all you need to do is contact a conference call provider, reserve a “room,” and share the phone number and access code with your participants. Your participants simply dial the phone number and enter the access code at the scheduled time. In short, international conference calls are extremely easy.

Teleconferences can usually be recorded, which is terrific if you plan on sharing the discussion with others after the fact. For example, you could hold a training session over the phone and record it for future employees. Many businesses also repurpose “tele-seminars” into informational products that they sell to others.


Most importantly, you can connect with your clients, associates, or vendors located in disparate global locations over the phone and take advantage of today’s low long distance rates. You can even find a conference call provider with “pay as you go” plans which are perfect for companies that hold conference calls sporadically and do not want to commit to a long-term contract.

Connecting with International Participants
When you have participants located in different countries, you do have a few challenges to overcome. Fortunately, your conference call provider likely has solutions. Since each country has its own unique country code and dialing conventions, you’ll need to find a conference call provider that offers local phone numbers for each country involved in your international conference calls. For example, if you have participants from USA, China, and South Africa, your conference call provider should offer support for each of those countries. That way, your American participants can dial a toll free USA phone number; your Chinese participants can dial a local Chinese number; and your South African participants can dial a local South African phone number. End result: each participant dials a local phone number, yet connects to the same teleconference.

If your conference call provider does not offer full support for international conference calls, another option is to use the calling plan’s “dial out” feature to dial individual attendees. If you only have a few participants requiring dial out, this is a satisfactory compromise. However, if many are involved and the dial out feature is not automated, this could be problematic. If support for your international conference calls and dial out features are not offered, look for a different conference call provider.

Convenience, call recording, cost advantages, and the ability to connect with others from around the world easily are but a few of the many reasons that international companies are embracing old-fashioned international conference calls. All you need is a reliable conference call provider, a phone line, and a reason to connect!

American International Telephonics is a conference call provider that offers low-cost international conference call services on a pay-as-you-go basis with no long-term contracts. With toll free access numbers from over 60 countries, exceptional line quality, a dial out feature, and low international calling rates, AIT offers affordable international conference calling solutions.

Cheap conference calls – all about flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates and more

Cheap conference calls – all about flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates and more

Article by Oliver Turner

Cheap conference calls – as the first term suggests – is the relatively cheaper version of conference call services. For all those who want to perform an audio or web conference at a short notice, and that within a limited budget, this is the right choice. It does the balancing act between reliable service and cost per minute. In the following paragraphs, we’ll see the advantages and pricing of flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates, and how the company manages to offer such a concession in a realistic domain.

The biggest advantage with cheap conference calls is that the clients do not have to make advanced reservations. Instead, he/she can avail the service by calling a toll-free number and other participants can join the conversation using a secret entry code, which the organizer of the conference provides to the participants. Further, in order to make use of discounted conference calling rates, one need not have to own any costly infrastructure. But one can manage the entire session with a normal telephone with conference features, whatever is the strength of the conference. Then there is added advantage if the customer buys bulk minutes; the service provider charges only lesser cents per minute if the customer buys more minutes.

Flat rate conference calls, on the other hand, charges a flat rate per month irrespective of the number of minutes of used. Such a scheme is suitable for those customers who consistently spend over 5 (say) a month on conference calls. The more calls they make, more they save.

You may wonder how the vendors are able to offer conference facilities at such cheaper rates. But the thing is that not all vendors are offering such services. Only those who have their own conference call bridges and phone infrastructure provides discounted conference calling rates and flat rate conference calls, and they could manage it as they do not have to pay for any over head, which is generally charged over the customer bill by most non-discount players.

Cheap conference calls are comparatively cheaper. But it is advisable to check the exact rates and conditions with the service provider before start availing the facility. The rates may vary from one vendor to another.

About the Author

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Know More About Free Web Conference Calling

Know More About Free Web Conference Calling

The advancement of the Internet has brought a drastic change in the communication world. Free web conference calling facility is another boon of the revolution. No matter whether you want to make conference calling for the sake of your business or for personal purposes, free web conference calling will let you contact anyone across the globe.

Briefly, it can be said that web conference calling is the means of arranging a group meeting or presentation over the internet. With such a facility, individuals from various locations can involve in a meeting or discussion at the same time. These days, various companies, families and educational institutions are opting for this mode of communication.


A free web conference calling facility is depended on a few types of software. Yes, installing such software is necessary for making a free web conference call. With the software, users can get various facilities including PowerPoint, slide presentation, spreadsheet and file share, text message, voice conference, polls, survey etc.

Now let’s highlight how it works. Usually, VoIP or voice over Internet protocol system operates web conference calling. Such a telecom system enables computer cables to convey sound in data packets forms. Since, these forms follow other routes; hence, they minimize long distance fees.

How can you avail free web conference calling facility? Very easy it is. First opt for the subscription of a VOIP service. Many service providers offer their service over the internet. So, by clicking the mouse, one can get information about that. Do a bit comparison; it will enable you to choose the best conference calling service. Once you will avail the service, you will get web conference calling software that you need to install in order to access VOIP service.

So, opt for free web conference calling service and enjoy conference calling at a minimal rate.

Oswin Slater works as a technical advisor in Conference Callings. He has years of experience behind him in the domain of conference calling and related products. To know more about Conference calling, Toll free conference calling, Web conference calling, Telephone conferencing, Best conference calling service visit

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