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Seriously Cheap Rates on Toll Free Conference Calls

Seriously Cheap Rates on Toll Free Conference Calls

The days of pricey 800 conference calls are over and seriously cheap rates are now a reality. In fact, you can find rates as low as 3.9 cents per minute. At less than a nickel a minute, toll free conference calls have a place in businesses of all sizes. Whether your company is a small business or a Fortune 500 corporation, if you need to host a toll free conference call, you now have affordable options.

As you likely know, 800 conference calls allow attendees to access the conference call without having to pay local toll charges. As the conference call’s host, your company pays for the toll free access. Since your company pays per attendee, per minute, low per minute rates are essential. Otherwise, the cost of your toll free conference calls can quickly add up.

Let’s look at a 60-minute toll free conference call involving 20 attendees at different per minute rates. Let’s start with ten cents per minute. Now, let’s do the math: 60 minutes times ten cents per minute equals 0. Next, what if you could make that same toll free conference call at a seriously cheap rate of just 3.9 cents per minute? Your total cost for all 20 attendees would be just .80.


In addition to being able to host inexpensive 800 conference calls, low rates lessen the financial burden of calls that exceed their allotted time periods. For example, if that 60-minute call ended up lasting 70-minutes, those extra ten minutes would cost at the higher rate and .80 at the lower rate. Clearly, shopping for low rates makes financial sense.

The greater the number of participants, the more important it is to find the cheapest toll free conference call rates possible. What if your 60-minute teleconference attracted 100 attendees instead of 20? Your total cost at ten cents per minute would be 0 whereas it would be just 4 at 3.9 cents per minute.

While inexpensive per minute rates lead to less expensive toll free conference calls, not all services offering cheap 800 conference calls are created equally. Some services use VoIP technology while others use traditional phone bridge and land line technologies. Some services cut corners or features in order to offer low rates while others do not. Because of the differences, and because these differences could adversely affect your experience, it’s important to look beyond price.

If possible, participate in a live demonstration of the services you are considering and ask yourself the following questions:
•    Is the sound quality of the toll free conference calls acceptable? Is the sound clear? Does the sound cut in and out? Is the sound distorted? Do you hear echoes?
•    Does the service offer the conference call features that you want such as call recordings or the ability to dial out?
•    Do you have to commit to a long term agreement?
•    Are there minimum monthly usage requirements?
•    Are there any additional fees?

As you examine your options for 800 conference calls, you will find that some service providers offering low rates aren’t the right providers for you. You will also find that the toll free conference call business is highly competitive and that it is indeed possible to find service providers offering exceptional call quality and loads of desirable features at incredibly low prices. If you thought that toll free conference calls were beyond your means, think again! offers seriously toll free conference calls, as low as 3.9 cents per minute, with no contracts, no hidden fees, and no minimum usage requirements. Pay as you go and enjoy incredibly low 800 Conference Call rate.


Cheap conference calls – all about flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates and more

Cheap conference calls – all about flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates and more

Article by Oliver Turner

Cheap conference calls – as the first term suggests – is the relatively cheaper version of conference call services. For all those who want to perform an audio or web conference at a short notice, and that within a limited budget, this is the right choice. It does the balancing act between reliable service and cost per minute. In the following paragraphs, we’ll see the advantages and pricing of flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates, and how the company manages to offer such a concession in a realistic domain.

The biggest advantage with cheap conference calls is that the clients do not have to make advanced reservations. Instead, he/she can avail the service by calling a toll-free number and other participants can join the conversation using a secret entry code, which the organizer of the conference provides to the participants. Further, in order to make use of discounted conference calling rates, one need not have to own any costly infrastructure. But one can manage the entire session with a normal telephone with conference features, whatever is the strength of the conference. Then there is added advantage if the customer buys bulk minutes; the service provider charges only lesser cents per minute if the customer buys more minutes.

Flat rate conference calls, on the other hand, charges a flat rate per month irrespective of the number of minutes of used. Such a scheme is suitable for those customers who consistently spend over 5 (say) a month on conference calls. The more calls they make, more they save.

You may wonder how the vendors are able to offer conference facilities at such cheaper rates. But the thing is that not all vendors are offering such services. Only those who have their own conference call bridges and phone infrastructure provides discounted conference calling rates and flat rate conference calls, and they could manage it as they do not have to pay for any over head, which is generally charged over the customer bill by most non-discount players.

Cheap conference calls are comparatively cheaper. But it is advisable to check the exact rates and conditions with the service provider before start availing the facility. The rates may vary from one vendor to another.

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Toll Free Conference Call USA – Lowest Rates

Toll Free Conference Call USA – Lowest Rates

Looking for an inexpensive conference call (USA, Canada, and beyond) option? Do you want the lowest conference calling rates possible? The telecommunications industry has become extremely competitive in the United States, making it possible to find a calling plan with low rates as well as exceptional quality and value.

Conference Call USA – How Low Can You Go?
Conference calling plans take many forms with some offering rates as low as 3.9 cents per minute – or even free for that matter. If you’re looking for inexpensive toll free conference calls, expect to pay a small per minute fee, per participant. For example, with toll free conference calls, you, the host, pay for the cost of each incoming phone call. Your attendees will not pay because they will use an 800 number to dial in.

If you need to minimize your own costs for a conference call, USA long distance rates are low enough that many attendees won’t mind picking up the cost of their portion of the call. If this is the case, consider a conference calling plan that uses local access numbers rather than toll free conference calls. With this strategy, callers pay their own way. Rather than the host paying one larger fee, all participants pay a smaller portion.


Conference Call USA – Value
Because conference calling plans come in all shapes and sizes, getting the lowest rates isn’t always the best deal. Evaluate plans with an eye toward value as well as on rates. For example, if you plan on hosting toll free conference calls on a regular basis, a plan that enables you to effectively manage and schedule your calls may be better than a free plan that is difficult to use. If you use conference calling intermittently, a pay-as-you-go plan may be a better value than a monthly unlimited plan that you won’t necessarily use despite the recurring fees.

Because there are so many variables involved, it’s not easy to determine the best conference call USA value. Start by evaluating your conference calling usage patterns, countries involved in the call, and specific needs. Then match your needs with a service provider that offers the type of conference calling plans and toll free conference calls that you need. Look for additional value such as audio quality, automatic dial out, and unassisted scheduling along with low rates.

Conference Call USA – Low Rates Plus Value Equal Conference Calling Success
While it may be somewhat tedious to evaluate your calling patterns and compare calling plans, taking the time to do so enables you to find low rates and value. Once you do this, you’re likely to find a provider that offers the toll free conference calls you want at a low rate and with the features you need. In short: conference calling success!

AI Telephone makes it easy and inexpensive to host a conference call USA (and many other countries). With low conference calling rates and exceptional call quality as well as toll free conference call and a variety of no-contract plans, you can’t go wrong with