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The Flat Rate Conference Call Provider

The Flat Rate Conference Call Provider

If you make a lot of conference calls and are not concerned about offering participants toll free conference calls, going with a flat rate plan may be an excellent choice. Rather than paying by the minute, per each caller, you’ll pay a flat monthly fee for the calls that you make. For example, you might pay per month for a plan. During that month, you can make as many conference calls as necessary within the plan’s participation limits. If you tend to use conference calling extensively, a flat rate plan could save you a lot of money. However, “flat rate” doesn’t necessarily mean “unlimited” and there are a few things you should know before you sign up.

Understanding “Unlimited” Conference Calls
Your flat rate conference call provider most likely offers unlimited conference calls within predefined limits. As long as you understand what these limits are and pick a plan that meets your needs, you should be fine. For example, your flat rate conference call provider likely offers different rates for unlimited calls based on the number of participants involved in your calls. If you hold a lot of conference calls between just a few senior staff members, you might choose an unlimited plan for five participants for about a month. Under a plan like this, you can certainly hold an unlimited number of conference calls, but only with five participants at a time. If you need to include additional people, you’ll need to change to a plan that accommodates your numbers (and pay a higher rate).


Understanding the Type of Calls offered by Your Flat Rate Conference Call Provider
Another important thing to know about is the type of conference calls offered. If you prefer to offer toll free conference calls, a flat rate plan isn’t the right choice. If toll free conference calls aren’t a priority, then a flat rate plan could be perfect! With a US flat rate conference call, USA callers dial a standard phone number, not a toll free one, and each caller pays his own individual tolls for connecting to the conference. For example, if your call has a San Diego phone number, your local participants may not pay any tolls. Those outside the phone number’s local calling area will be subject to toll charges.

If you want to hold a global conference call, flat rate plans can work if your international participants are comfortable dialing outside of their countries and paying international long distance fees. One workaround to this challenge is to use a flat rate conference call provider that also offers international conference calling plans on an “as needed” basis.

Understanding Conference Calling Features
The features offered with flat rate plans may be slightly different than other conference calling plans offered by the same provider. A good example of this involves the “dial out” feature. Dial out is a common feature with toll free conference calls that allows the moderator to call participants directly. Because flat rate participants must dial in and pay their own tolls, your conference call provider most likely restricts dial out.

Another concern with flat rate plans involves ultra cheap or free plans. These low budget and free plans may skimp on features and quality or subsidize the cost of the service through advertising.

By understanding the flat rate conference calling limits, you’ll be in a better position to pick the right plan and the best flat rate conference call provider for your needs.

American International Telephonics offers high quality flat rate conference calling solutions. With dozens of unlimited plans designed for calling groups of all sizes, month-to-month plans, and a full menu of useful features, you’ll find that AIT is one of the best flat rate conference call providers available.

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